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Buddy Club P-1 Racing Suspension for Nissan GT-R

October 13, 2009


Well known Japanese motorsports part manufacturer Buddy Club has revealed a new range of suspension specifically for the Nissan GT-R under the P-1 Racing Damper brand. The suspension is available in a range of applications from street to circuit and features height and damper adjustability. The dampers come fitted with sleeved Eibach primary and helper springs to keep the ride smooth and controlled. Aluminium top mounts also contribute to keeping the weight down.

Probably one of the most interesting point to note about this suspension is it is perhaps the first aftermarket coilover set that is compatible with the GT-R’s in dash damper adjustment switch.

This direct fit suspension is due to be for sale soon via at Jotech Motorsports. Final pricing still to come at time of writing.

Link: Buddy Club US Website
Source: Jotech via NAGTROC Forums