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Best Motoring: October 2008 Out Now – Preview

August 28, 2008

Best Motoring 2008 Volume 10 is out now and what an issue it promises to be for Nissan GT-R fans! First we have a Porsche 911 GT2 vs Nissan GT-R Super Battle at Tsukuba circuit. Tsukuba is a tight short circuit, is it a match for the Porsche’s lighter weight and superior horsepower?!

Next is a circuit performance check by Tsuchiya comparing the Porsche with the GT-R and his own NSX-R. This is followed by a report from the recent Nissan driving performance meeting for new GT-R owners.

Last but not least is another Super Battle. This time AWD vs RWD with GT3RS, Ferrari F360 Modena, NSX-R challenging the GT2 and the Nissan GT-R.

This DVD is currently on sale at a discounted price of 1,500 yen off RRP so check it out. Also there’s few more still photos after the jump. Don’t forget our guide on how to use Amazon.co.jp in English which is also linked below.

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