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Best Motoring: March 2009 Featuring SpecV Debut Out Now

January 31, 2009

Best Motoring DVD Volume 3 for March 2009 is out now. One of the main feature this month is the SpecV debut and Special Time Attack at Sendai Highland Raceway. Driven by tame Nissan racing driver Toshio Suzuki, the SpecV shows off it’s superior handling and braking to beat the standard GT-Rs time.

I wont spoil just how much it beats it by you’ll have to buy the DVD to find out but watching the lap with Suzuki-san flat out with ultimate commitment is worth it alone.

Also for GT-R fans is a suspension and stability control comparison between the Lexus IS-F, BMW M3 DCT, Porsche 911 GT2 and the Nissan GT-R (base model). Surely the base model GT-R won’t beat the ultimate Porsche in a handling competition…

Preview below but follow the “Buy” link below to get your copy express mailed to you from Amazon Japan.

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