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Best Motoring 2009 May Preview: SpecV at Tsukuba Issue

March 25, 2009

Well we must admit to being the instigator of a rather big controversy earlier this year when we published the story on the SpecV being slower than the base Series II Nissan GT-R at Tsukuba Circuit. Both tests were conducted by Best Motoring DVD and the information we had from a source close to Best Motoring was that the conditions were fine for both tests.


After the story was published we had the owner of the SpecV in question comment to say the conditions were completely different in both tests which pretty much invalidates the results.

Youch! So much for our source!

So we will soon be able to judge for ourselves because the issue is due in stores soon with the announcement of this issue’s release today.

Also on this DVD is a test of the Nismo 370z S-Tune vs the 370z ST model vs the Porsche Cayman and 911 PDK. Should be an interesting match up.

We’ll have an update when you can buy this when it hits the online stores in a few days.

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