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BBS LM ACQ Update for Nissan GT-R

March 16, 2009

BBS Red Center Caps and Red Lug Nuts

BBS USA have handed us another update regarding the anticipated US release of the BBS LM ACQ wheels. The wheels will be available in LM-DBK (Diamond Black) colour which is, as you can see above, a metallic gunmetal grey, Diamond Silver and Gold.

The LM-DBK wheels will come standard with BBS red center caps and have the red McGard lug nuts as an option which really stand out.

All colours feature the same sizing, weight, and pricing which we are finally able to reveal to you:

Wheel Price Size Weight
Front LM-ACQ (all colours) $1,475 each 20″x9.5+40 11.8 kg
Rear LM-ACQ (all colours) $1,550 each 20″x10.5+20 11.9 kg
Red McGard Lug Nuts $250 full set GT-R  

The BBS LM-ACQ wheels will be ready to ship on Monday 16th of March 2009.

Thanks to BBS USA for the update.

Link: BBS USA Website
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