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AutoSelect Tweaked GT-R in Dubai

August 13, 2008

The owner of this red R35 GT-R hails from Dubai, he’s been keen on the Auto Select front lip since he first heard about it from Ben Linney over at GTC. He’s fitted up the AutoSelect carbon front lip, front grille and canards to give the front end a huge facelift.

This GT-R also has a Power House Amuse titanium exhaust, straight pipes and dump pipes on the way as well as Power House Amuse rear wing, Zele sideskirts and Zele rear underspoiler to complete the cosmetics.

As for ECU, he’s elected to go with the COBB Tuning AccessPORT just as soon as it’s available from August 18th.

This is certainly going to be one of the best privately owned R35’s going around outside Japan shortly. Thanks to Saeed for sending these pics in of his new ride.