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Auction Watch: Japanese Used Car Auctions

December 16, 2007

Japanese used car auctions are some of the busiest in the world. As they should be I guess since Japan is also the leader in used car exports. This snap was taken last week at one such auction and shows just how many people are trying to flip their new R35 GT-R’s for a profit.

Update: More pics from the auctions.

Very hot.

Next up we have: GT-R Empty Box and Son of empty Box

Quite what the deal is with these auctions I don’t know but an empty black box with GT-R stuck on it isn’t exactly my idea of an ideal Xmas gift but here it is anyway.

And just to prove it contains nothing they’re kind enough to give you the open box shot. How nice. 1,300 yen and it has a bidder so you better hurry up only 1 day left.

Next we have something actually worthwhile. Hand crafted in copper solid wire we have a model R35 GT-R. It’s going cheap so while it may not be AutoArt attention to detail it is quite original so it may make a nice gift this festive season.

That’s it unfortunately for this week’s Auction Watch. As always if you have a hot auction for us to watch, submit it!


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