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ATTKD Suspension and Tuning

May 20, 2008

Autech Tsukada (ATTKD) have been in the GT-R tuning business for a long time now and they have recently begun their foray into development of parts for circuit R35 GT-Rs. One of the first items on the agenda was the R35’s suspension. Like many tuning houses in Japan, ATTKD was not immediately pleased with the standard suspension and opted to replace it with their own specification of what is now known as Endless Zeal suspension.

Utilising the Function-A aluminium construction dampers saves weight and gains full damper and height adjustability. ATTKD chose to pair the Function-A dampers with some Endless X-Coils springs. Front spring rates are 12kg/mm and rear are 8kg/mm with a 1.5kg/mm helper spring.

Already this suspension has made it’s racing debut in the Australian Targa Tasmania in April 2008 having been installed in the Donut King R35 GT-R that we’ve seen many times on here before. The suspension is still undergoing development in both Japan and Australia.

ATTKD have also been working on some brake pad upgrades – ATTKD original Fuji brake pads for circuit use.

Source: Option Magazine – June 2008

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