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APEXi Exhaust for Nissan GT-R – Coming Soon

October 3, 2009


APEXi have been quiet on the Nissan GT-R scene since launch with barely a peep that they were in development. Recently however, they’ve been throwing around a few sneak peek pixelated images so we were eagerly anticipating their take on the exhaust system for the GT-R.

They didn’t dissapoint, they managed to craft a unique design that is both logical and attractive. The theory is that splitting the exhaust flow from 1 into 2 and then 4 again as most manufacturers are doing it creates more turbulence in the gas flow. The APEXi exhaust only splits the flow in one location, 1 into 4.

That’s the theory anyhow, the sound is also obviously going to be a lot sportier with these smaller resonators. Something that tops the list of reasons people upgrade the GT-Rs exhaust.

Finally, the APEXi exhaust is a good looker being finished in high quality polished stainless steel with attractive looking burnt titanium tips.

Expect this to be out on sale later in the month and sell for around the 285,000 yen mark.

Link: APEXi Official Website