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Animal House Racing GT-R Thermal Intake Gasket Kit

October 18, 2008

Everyone knows heat is a big problem when making power. Especially in a turbocharged engine which runs as hot as the VR38 does. Reducing heat in the intake air with the intercoolers is good but the intake plenum itself can put some of that heat straight back in before it reaches the combustion chamber.

Thermal intake gaskets reduce intake plenum temperatures by reducing heat transfer between the hot engine and the intake. Animal House Racing has completed their kit for the Nissan GT-R. The kit comes with 5 gaskets total to thermally isolate the intake.

These will be available soon from SpeedForSale on their online store at the links below. Check after the jump for some photos of the gaskets installed to see how they work.

Thanks to Jeremy @ SpeedForSale for the heads up and the photos.

Link: SpeedForSale Online Store – GT-R Parts Online

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