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AMS Set Sights on 1000hp Extreme Nissan GT-R

November 25, 2009


You’ll have most certainly heard a lot about AMS’s work on the Nissan GT-R over here on GTRBlog, on NAGTROC, at time attack events, at SEMA, at meets and from owners themselves. They’ve already built some epic GT-Rs and taken a few records along the way such as the pump gas quarter mile record.

You may also know them from their other builds like their 1142awhp Evo-VIII that runs mid 8’s or their time attack Evo-X build that is taking out it’s own horsepower records and first places at events such as the Redline Time Attack in the tough highly competitive unlimited AWD and modified classes.

It’s easy to see that these guys know their business well and envision just how they will take the GT-R to the next level on what will be their most epic GT-R project to date.

The base for the build is also well known to readers, it is well known as John Reese’s ex drag record breaking black GT-R. First to drop into the mid-10 second quarter mile bracket it was also the first to bust a gearbox spectacularly on camera.

Now in the hands of NAGTROC co-founder Chuck H the GT-R has already been transported to AMS’s headquarters to begin the teardown for the build.

While much attention will be paid to breaking into the four digit horsepower arena, the known weak points of the gearbox and drivetrain will not be ignored. AMS are not saying exactly what’s planned yet but we’re excited to hear that a great deal will be done in that space. Something that will benefit a lot of other GT-R owners in the long run.

Stay tuned to GTRBlog and NAGTROC to see how the build progresses over time!

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