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Agency Power Intercooler Piping Kit for Nissan GT-R

February 10, 2009

When making big power, the standard intercooler piping can start to be a problem. It can be restrictive when you’re talking about high boost applications with the amount of air you need to move. Agency Power has produced an aluminium piping kit with silicon hose joiners to reduce such restrictions.

The piping is 3″ diameter and all hose joiners, fittings and filters will be supplied. This should also correct the issue many GT-R owners see with the intake piping becoming loose at the intake manifold clamps.

This kit is custom powdercoated red but the production ones should be black. Pricing will be announced soon and Vivid Racing will be dyno testing the kit soon also.

Link: Agency Power Website
Link: Vivid Racing Website – Agency Power Distributor

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