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Absolute Motor Specialties GT-R Crank Pulley Dyno Tested

February 10, 2009

Rotating mass reduction can benefit driveability of a car greatly. Some ways to lower it are to change to a lighter tire, pickup some lightweight wheels, a lightweight flywheel, or of course lightweight pulleys. AMS has come up with a crank pulley that manages to save almost 4 lbs of weight over the standard item.

Made from billet, aircraft grade aluminium, the AMS Crankshaft Pulley weighs just 2.35 lbs.

That’s great but how does it translate to data we can see and understand? Recently SpeedForSale had their AMS Crank Pulley equipped Nissan GT-R on their dyno to find out. While it’s not an earth shattering power increase it does smooth out power delivery and offer mild gains.

Right now SpeedForSale are running a pre-order special, $315 for the pulley down from the regular $349. More info and installation guide at the links below…

Link: Absolute Motor Specialties Website
Link: AMS Crank Pulley at SpeedForSale.com
Link: HowTo: Installation Guide for AMS Crank Pulley