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Abflug Complete Controversial Front Bumper for Nissan GT-R

September 5, 2009


Since the concept debuted at Tokyo AutoSalon 2008 I’ve been up and down on Abflug’s aero parts for the Nissan GT-R. I should say down, then up really though because I hated them at first. You really need only take a look at our post from January to quickly see why.

I don’t hold grudges though and Abflug made a pretty huge 180 degree flip when they actually brought parts to market by June 2009. The parts were simple and clean with nothing too obnoxious about them. We ended that story with “A full front bumper is planned for early 2010.” and left it at that.

Well the front bumper was finished early so we can get our first look at it. To start with, it’s miles better than the concept from January. That’s great. Is it good though? Would you buy it? I guess that is a very personal decision for people but I don’t see a huge number of people falling in love with this design.

Opinions? Let us know in the comments…

Link: Abflug Website
Images: Abflug and Option Magazine