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AAM GT800-R Turbo Upgrades Arrive With Test Data

July 23, 2009


After just completing the engineering and testing phase of the new AAM 800hp turbo upgrades for the Nissan GT-R the guys have announced they made 659 hp at the wheels on just 19psi of boost on pump gas! Youch that’s a lot of power. What’s more is that the guys had only just begun to scratch the surface of the potential here and are expecting 700awhp by the time they’re done.

Fitted to the first AAM 800hp Turbo Upgrade Nissan GT-R was the following supporting modifications:

Note that AAM actually opted to go for high-flow catalytic converters instead of a straight through exhaust like many would. Interesting choice and it shows their cat’s design is solid for sure.

Next up from AAM is a competition intercooler setup as the stockers just aren’t cutting it at 700hp and I’m not surprised!

Check the dyno chart below and head over to NAGTROC to see the dyno run videos.

Link: AAM Website: GT-R Products
Link: NAGTROC Discussion thread and dyno videos