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AAM Competition Intercooler for Nissan GT-R

August 4, 2009


Almost anyone who’s ever owned a turbocharged car before in their life KNOWS this. You need a bigger intercooler. Your factory ones do a job and is suitable for it’s intended purpose but as soon as you begin tuning you’re running into a problem. It’s simple and luckily most people get it. Air makes power, air goes in (intake) and air comes out (exhaust) and the cooler your intake air, the more dense the air is and the more power you make. Simple.

Remove some restrictions on both sides, better exhaust, less cats, better filters and more free flowing high performance intercooler and reap the benefits.

AAM has thus put the finishing touches on exactly what YOU need. Their new AAM Competition Intercooler for the Nissan GT-R has been fitted up in prototype form and it looks to fit the bill. Featuring a big volume increase by maxing out the use of available space, it still manages to bolt on in the OEM cooler location with no drama.

Looks pretty badass too. I’m sure we’ll be seeing pricing by the end of the week.

Thanks Clint from AAM!

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