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Nismo Festival 2009: Nismo Festival Walkthrough Part 3

December 11, 2009 Comments off


Thanks to you guys who have been following this series of articles. We’re going to wrap it up today with a look at some of the celebration side of Nismo Festival. As you may know, Nismo Festival sits right at the far end of the SuperGT season and is a celebration of the season past.

So one of the final events is the fan thankyou and closing ceremony where everyone associated with SuperGT, and now, FIA GT racing for Nismo will get out on the circuit to hear the roar of the fans and give thanks for their support. The drivers themselves will first roll up in their respective rides. Burnouts optional…



Once assembled the fans will salute them, chanting Nissan and waving giant banners adorned with Nissan, GT-R and team emblems. Following this, we hear from team bosses of each SuperGT team as well as the Nismo SuperGT and FIA GT team managers.

At the end of the festivities, each of the SuperGT drivers gets to throw some small gifts into the crowd to again show thanks and wrap up the Festival.


And on that note I want to wrap up the Nismo Festival 2009 coverage from GTRBlog too. It was a great festival this year with a couple of sneak peaks scooped and a lot of friends caught up with. Looking forward to the next big show now which is litterally right around the corner. January 15th – 17th at Makuhari Messe – you got it – it’s Tokyo AutoSalon 2010.

For now, though, I’ll leave you with the remainder of the eye candy from the closing of Nismo Festival 2009!

Images: Copyright (C) 2009



Nismo Festival 2009: Nismo Festival Walkthrough Part 2

December 8, 2009 Comments off

FIA GT1 GT-R in the Pits at Nismo Festival 2009

Following on from our first part of this article on a walkthrough of Nismo Festival 2009, we continue our story.

By this stage of the day you would have either tired yourself out from shopping or done the alternative. That is to say, if you didn’t come to Nismo Festival to shop then maybe you’ve been lining up for some of the special event tickets available on the day. These include things like; Circuit Safari bus tours on the race track with SuperGT cars whizzing by and Passenger car ride-alongs on the track.

370z Passenger Ride along at Nismo Festival

One of the cheaper and more available of the special tickets is the Grid Walk ticket in which you get to step foot on Fuji Speedway’s circuit to get up close with the cars and drivers. Take your posters, hats or postcards out with you and have them signed by Satoshi Motoyama and get a photo with a super popular race queen. All for just 1,500 yen and they sell a couple of hundred of them versus the 40 or so for other ticket types.

Grid Walk at Nismo Festival 2009

Once your sorted for tickets its time to check out the Japanese muscle on display down in the pit area. There’s so much racing history jammed into these garages from 2009 model SuperGT GT500 GT-Rs to KPGC10’s from the 70’s. These cars aren’t just static displays either. Chances are you’ll catch them warming up for one of the many circuit events where anything from the Group-A R32 GT-Rs to the latest GT500 R35s will be out on the circuit. This usually involves loud revving while up on their air jacks.

Pennzoil R34 GT-R Warming Up In Pits

Checking the Oil on a GT500 GT-R at Nismo Festival

After you’ve gone through the pits thoroughly is probably about time to sit down and enjoy some motor sports. Some of the races from Nismo Festival 2009 were the All time Dream Battle featuring GT500 GT-Rs from various generations versus GT500 Fairlady Zs from 2007 and earlier.

We’ll featuring some of the circuit photos in the next update. For now sit back and have a click through some photos I took of the pits and special ticket events.

Images: Copyright (C) 2009

Nismo Festival 2009: Nismo Festival Walkthrough Part 1

December 6, 2009 Comments off


We did a fairly detailed post from Nismo Festival 2008 where we photographed and showed our readers the specifics of some of the most tangible aspects of Nismo Festival so I feel that’s pretty well covered. Photos of stationary GT-Rs are always good but it’s good to get some other stuff in there too.

I’m going to be writing up a few part post on a day at Nismo Festival that pretty much follows me around and what I think the average enthusiast might also be interested in if they were to attend.


In this part we’ll take a look at the Nismo Garage Sale, the souvineer shopping and the carpark. Believe it or not, shopping is very much the first thing “done” at Nismo Festival. There’s always discounts and special pricing on whatever you might be after. Some manufacturers, and Nismo themselves, will also sell specific souvineer edition swag that you really have to be EARLY to get.

Speaking of getting in EARLY, the most hardcore of these shopping destinations at Nismo Festival is the garage sale. Think of it as a way for Nismo to clear out their warehouse of broken or obsolete SuperGT parts while releaving you of some money in the process. This starts getting a line at about, ooh, I dunno, last week! It opens at 7am to only a handful of people at a time who are unleashed on assorted carbon fibre and forged magnesium parts to hang on their wall.


Once your extremely limited SuperGT souvineer is safely spoken for, it’s time to pickup that merchandise you’ve been meaning to get. Or just to check out the huge range of ways nismo can print Nismo on a garment of some description (a lot).


By now your wallet is probably hurting pretty bad. This stuff doesn’t come cheap after all. Time to check out something that doesn’t cost, i.e. check out the carpark. What?

Each year, various Nismo built car owners are invited to park their Nismo built vehicle in the parking area closest to the event area. You see some wild and almost mythically rare cars.

Today we got to check out several Nismo 400R R33 GT-Rs and several Nismo 270R S14s which are as rare as it gets. At a guess I’d also say that every person alive bought their 380RS package or Nismo S-Tune GT 350z.

So overall the first hour or so of the event is usually safely set aside for a few big items you may need to shop for, especially limited items that sell out super fast.

Since I’m about to crash and burn from fatigue after just arriving back in Tokyo from Fuji, I think I’ll stop it here by saying what I always say: Stay tuned for more soon and check out the photos for now!

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