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COBB Tuning AccessPORT Powering the GOTO:Racing Time Attack GT-R

January 19, 2010 Comments off

Earlier this month, the Cobb Tuning team put together this rundown of the features of the Cobb AccessPORT ECU reflashing tool for the Nissan GT-R. They’ve chosen to focus on how the top level time attack team, GOTO:Racing use it on their ~800hp GT-R to get the best results out of the GT-R with minimal level of fuss.

The Cobb AccessPORT still stands as one of the best bang for your buck modifications anyone can do to their GT-R and this video highlights a couple of the features you may not of known it had.

On the topic of the AccessPORT for the GT-R, Cobb Tuning have also now released a version for the East Asian and Japanese markets. Preloaded with the latest 2.0 version of the Cobb Tuning default maps, it’s available now. This brings the total global markets supported by the AccessPORT up to:

  • Australia
  • East Asia
  • Europe
  • Gulf
  • Japan
  • South Africa
  • United States

Cobb don’t stop there though, one final AccessPORT related announcement was made recently, regarding the AccessTUNER Pro software compatible with the Nissan GT-R. The latest release of the software, version, contains updates that will allow tuners to utilise the Proportional Gain Boost Control logic, as seen in the canned 2.0 maps. It’s also available now and supports all of the above listed regions.

Source: Cobb Tuning

Dell Equallogic GOTO:Racing GT-R Impresses at Super Lap Battle Against Steep Competition

November 12, 2009 Comments off


If you guys have been keeping up with the GOTO:Racing time attack Nissan GT-R build over on NAGTROC you’d have heard about their recent testing and tuning successes.

Thanks to a new tune, the car is now making a mammoth 787hp at the wheels and 721 lb/ft of torque. The Super Lap Battle was the perfect opportunity to see how well the GT-R could make use of the new power.

The guys @ GOTO:Racing have written up their drama filled experiences so I’ll hand over to them, don’t forget to click through the jump to read the whole thing…

The GOTO:Racing crew had a busy mid week event overcoming some serious issues to bring home a very respectable lap time at Buttonwillow Raceway at the Super Lap Battle. The event started with with some semi serious technical problems, and progressed into a very serious technical problem. The first session out Brian Lock, lead driver for GOTO:Racing, reported major clutch slip, bad enough that the car could not be driven at speed. Upon the cars arrival in the pit lane fire was seen under the hood of the car as the heat shielding of a turbo line was smoldering. To make matter worse, Brian also reported that the car was getting serious rear brake lockup, and the car was way off pace.


Images: GOTO:Racing Website

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GOTO:Racing Win First Event and Set Thunderhill Lap Record

August 27, 2009 Comments off


The GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R entered into a NASA Time Trials event in Super Unlimited category over the weekend and came away with a solid win. As you can see in the videos, it was a tough battle with one quick Mustang rumored to be in the 700hp range running 335 wide slicks all round. During the same outing they also managed to take the Thunderhill Time Trial lap record.

Overall the guys seem really happy about the car’s performance but recognize some areas they can improve on. Such events are perfect for exactly this reason, data gathering and planning.

Head on over to NAGTROC and Brian Lock’s website for more details on the race and some great photos.

Link: GOTO:Racing Update @ NAGTROC Forums
Link: GOTO:Racing Website
Link: Brian Lock Racing Website

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GOTO:Racing Hit the Track for Initial Round of Testing

August 16, 2009 Comments off


GOTO:Racing have been carrying out one epic Nissan GT-R racecar build and documenting it for the most part for NAGTROC members over on the forums. Starting off with a brand new 2010 GT-R, they’ve stripped it down to 3,400 or so pounds for now and race prepped the body. The full list of modifications made so far can be seen over on NAGTROC but suffice to say the engine and turbos remain standard for now.

The car is now driveable after the build effort and the guys have already hit the track and surprised themselves with just how quick the GT-R is. They turned a 1:39.5 laptime at Infineon Raceway in California which by all reports is really moving.

The team is set to campaign the 25hrs of Thunderhill Enduro in early December 2009 but the exact details and spec of the car are still being finalised for now.

Check out their recent HD in-car video from testing at Infineon Raceway …

Link: GOTO:Racing Website
Link: GOTO:Racing GT-R Build Thread @ NAGTROC

Cobb Tuning Announce Redline Time Attack Series Entry for 2010 Season

February 25, 2010 Comments off

The Redline Time Attack series kicks off in March on the 26th at Buttonwillow in California and Cobb Tuning have announced their three car entry for the season. Most exciting to GT-R fans is that Cobb’s GT-R will be there and that they have wrangled pro driver Brian Lock into the Cobb R35 GT-R.

GTRBlog readers will know Brian as the pilot of the GOTO:Racing über GT-R. He will race the 2010 Cobb Tuning GT-R in the Modified class.

“Everyone at COBB Tuning is fired up about our return to racing”, said Gary Sheehan, Director of Marketing. “Our company is made up of auto enthusiasts that love power, speed and competition! We are putting a lot of effort into Redline Time Attack this year as we think it is THE place to show off our passion as tuners, fabricators and racers. We are really looking forward to meeting up and spending time with fellow enthusiasts at these exciting events all over the country.”

Quite a few changes to the Redline Time Attack series this year including the addition of Sebring and Infineon Raceway to the competition. Ten rounds in total there’s sure to be a lot of solid competitors.

Can’t wait to check it out!

Link: Cobb Tuning Announcement

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COBB Tuning Launch AccessPORT v2.0 Maps for Nissan GT-R

December 26, 2009 Comments off

Merry Christmas to all and I hope you’ve all had a great weekend with the family pigging out on tonnes of food and getting stuck into your gifts and gift giving with loved ones.

Cobb Tuning are in the giving mood this festive season as well as they’ve completed the finishing touches on a set of brand spanking new canned tunes for Nissan GT-R AccessPORT owners.

You may have heard by now of the latest breakthrough innovation in tuning the GT-R. A method known as proportional gain boost control which allows more elegant control of the GT-R’s boost. This helps especially at the top end where boost spikes and wastegate creep were turning into big big problems indeed. With these problems resolved, the Cobb AccessPORT has gone on to power some monster GT-Rs with one over 785awhp.

While 787hp may not be everyone’s goal, over the past week we have also seen a “AccessPORT tune only” but otherwise completely standard GT-R break the 10 second barrier (10.953@126.79) at the drag strip. Quite a nice result with the new way of mapping boost control.

These new maps are available for download now from the Cobb Tuning website for all AccessPORT owners. This includes globally delivered models such as the JDM, Australian, East Asian, USDM, and South African GT-Rs! Maps are also broken down into fuel type so you can pick the most appropriate to flash based on available fuel in your area.

Link: COBB Tuning AccessPORT Map Downloads
Link: Dyno Charts Online – AccessPORT v2.00 Maps vs. Stock
Link: Cobb Tuning Blog – Press Release

SEMA 2009 Preview: NAGTROC Member’s Rides Check In

November 1, 2009 Comments off


SEMA 2009 is kicking off in just two days time and today was the day to load the cars into the hall for the North American GT-R Owners Club’s representation. In the NAGTROC booth are a variety of GT-Rs from the full race specification GOTO:Racing car to the attention drawing and unique Royal T Blue GT-R.

We helped some of the guys detail and check in today and snapped a few photos along the way.

We spotted and heard about a few more GT-Rs at other booths already so we’ll be updating tomorrow or Tuesday with more.

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