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Aeromotions Set to Launch New Ultra Performance Wing for Ultra Performing GT-Rs

May 17, 2010 Comments off

Demand for tougher aero that can stand up to the challenge of faster and faster GT-Rs is growing it seems so the active downforce pioneers over at Aeromotions have stepped up to the plate. They’ve gone back and tweaked the carbon blade on their R2 line of static and active wings for added strength.

Not only that but they’ve also been doing their homework when it comes to mounting the new version of the R2 wing. It now will mount in the standard wing’s location and cover the standard wing’s mounting with the plate feet. While you will have to drill a new hole on each side to properly fit the wing, this hole will also be covered up by the OEM wing should you have the need to swap back. Very neat and way better than swapping out the entire trunk lid or something. The R2.TWO dynamic wing also gets updates to the control system to make it simpler to mount.

The static R2, even this tougher better version, will continue to sell for just $1,699, check out the Aeromotions website for more info, linked below…

Link: Aeromotions Website

AMS Add Carbon Kevlar Trunk Lid to Their Lineup of GT-R Parts

May 26, 2010 Comments off

The AMS carbon kevlar trunk lid is going to be the perfect compliment to your carbon fiber roof skinned GT-R. It fits up perfectly with the minimum of fuss including accepting all your OEM hinges and locks. Like the roof, it comes in matte or gloss finishes with an attractive 2×2 weave. The real beauty is in the functionality as it manages to weigh in at just 2.5kgs while being strong enough to take some serious wing action.

Get in quick, these babies go for $2,800 over at the link below…

Link: AMS Carbon Kevlar Trunk Lid on AMS Performance Website

Switzer’s Animal 800 Horsepower Streetable Trackday Star

April 10, 2010 Comments off

Switzer Performance Innovation have put the finishing touches on their most recent Switzer P800 based Nissan GT-R build up. The goal of this build was one that will resonate with many an R35 owner in that, while big things will be expected on the circuit, a comfortable drive to and from is a must.

To get there the decision was made to lift horsepower, lower weight and improve handling, all sensible checkboxes to tick to wind up with a great drive but there’s also a lot of pitfalls to look out for along the way.

Fortunately the guys at Switzer have the knowledge and experience to do it right the first time and chose great components to do it with. Some of the highlights of which are the AP Racing carbon rotors which save loads of unsprung rotating mass at each corner, in-house tuned JRZ suspension and a Aeromotions active rear wing.

For full build details and more information, click through the jump for the full press release below…

Link: Switzer Performance Website

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HiOctane’s Mental Time Attack R34 GT-R Prepping for World Time Attack Challenge

March 15, 2010 Comments off

I’ve always had a fascination with this car since I first checked it out at Superlap 2009 back in March last year. Maybe it harkens back to my black R34 GT-R or maybe it’s the absolute raw focus and single mindedness of this build. It’s probably both mixed in with the fact that it’s happening in Australia versus somewhere in Japan where you’d normally see a R34 this insane.

This year the Superlap event has gone global and taken new form as the World Time Attack Challenge and Hi Octane are getting the car ready with some interesting updates to improve grip in the corners.

With thanks to Aeromotions and The Tuners Group, they’ve upgraded to an active rear wing that gives them more downforce in the turns but less drag down the straights. They’ve also updated the front aero with a rather impressive (and by that I mean massive) looking splitter.

Other changes to the suspension will hopefully make the car a little easier to control especially now that it’s making even more power even earlier due to an E85 tune.

The World Time Attack Challenge has attracted competitors from as far away as the US and Japan this year so there’s going to be some stiff competition. For GT-R fans this will be the horse to back I’m betting. Can it slay the finely tuned Evos of the world though? We’ll see this coming May…

For now I highly recommend you turn your speakers up and listen to this crazy RB26 as it preps for the coming events in the video below…

Link: Aeromotions Wing Data @ The Tuners Group
Link: World Time Attack Challenge Website

Freedom Autosport and Switzer to Enter 2009 One Lap of America

April 28, 2009 Comments off


Can you believe it’s been a full year since Tire Rack One Lap of America 2008? Well believe it and get ready because it’s right around the corner and this year looks to be especially exciting.

For those not in the know, the “One Lap” is a annual week long cross country endurance motorsports competition. It pits drivers against each other in time trials for almost 20 legs in more than 3,200 miles of racing and traveling in a single week. Tires are controlled and entrants get only one set for the week but car modifications are allowed.

Each entrant is entered into a class dependent on what their vehicle was delivered from the factory with. For the GT-R that puts it in the SSGT1 category with cars such as the Z06, Porsche 911 and Dodge Viper. Modifications, no matter how insane, do not change your class.

Last year a completely standard 2009 GT-R finished 11th but was a serious contender for 5th overall if not for an unfortunate DNF awarded in one leg. The resounding footnote from 2008 was this quote from GT-R pilot and Car & Driver editor Tony Swan:

The bottom line: whatever all you Corvette and Porsche zealots may say, the GT-R is a serious player in the supercar game. It’s a formidable sports car fast and competent, with cutting-edge technical sophistication.

Tony Swan, Car & Driver

This year the GT-Rs wont be so timid.


This Year…

Derek Whitis from Freedom Autosport has been combining forces with the tuning kings Switzer Performance to build their GT-R to compete at the very top tier, the seriously tuned realm where the Hennessey Vipers dwell and the modified Porsche 911 Turbos reign.

Making in excess of 700 awhp, the Freedom Autosport GT-R has the full Switzer P800 Performance Package which features upgraded turbos, upgraded intakes, bigger fuel injectors, bigger intercoolers and a full ECU tune.

Add to that lightweight panels from Password:JDM, active aero surfaces by AeroMotions, and components from Performance Friction & Motorsport Brake Specialists, STILLEN,, Forged Performance, Kraft Nissan of Tallahassee, WillAll Racing, and JRZ suspension the package is truly potent.

This year we will be covering the One Lap again so stick around and check back for updates as it will certainly be a heated battle for the top places this year.

If you’re interested to see the One Lap in person, admission is free to the circuits, check the schedule after the jump to see if there’s one near you.

Complete press release after the read more link below…

Link: Tire Rack One Lap of America Website
Link: Switzer Performance Website
Link: Freedom Autosports Website

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Five Way GT-R Battle at Buttonwillow Circuit

April 21, 2009 Comments off

Another top notch production produced by Craig Lieberman. Five street Nissan GT-R’s in various states of tune battle it out for glory on Buttonwillow Circuit. Well maybe not glory, maybe just for the sake of fun. Which it looks to be a lot of.

Love those Aeromotion wings. Well done guys. Hit up YouTube for the HD/HQ version.

Thanks Andrew for sending this in.

SEMA 2008: Kunani’s / Budez GT-R @ Falken Tires Booth

November 4, 2008 Comments off

Going from a standard car to a highly modified SEMA showpiece is not an easy task at all but when you personally do it in just thirty days, manage to find time to squeeze in a photo shoot and it ends up looking this good you’re doing-it-rightâ„¢ in my book.

Darin ‘Kunani’ Ferraro did just that when he took his white 2009 Nissan GT-R and built this beast. With an impressive modifications list he’s managed to make something that stands out from the crowd. You can check it out at the Falken Tire booth (#43027) So what’s it got?

You have to watch the video of that rear wing by the way, it’s insane.

Click the “Read more” link below to continue reading the mods list and see the rest of the photo gallery…

Source: Thanks to Darin from for the photos and information

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