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Super GT 2021 So Far – Nissan GT500 GT-Rs at Round 1 and 2

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Early this year Nissan Motorsports (NISMO) announced that four motorsports teams would field Nissan GT-Rs in the GT500 class of the Super GT series in Japan in 2021. These teams are:

  • #23 NISMO (MOTUL AUTECH), driven by Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli.
  • #3 NDDP Racing/B-Max Racing (CRAFTSPORTS MOTUL), driven by Kohei Hirate and Katsumasa Chiyo
  • #12 Team Impul (CALSONIC IMPUL), driven by Kazuki Hiramine and Nobuharu Matsushita
  • #24 Kondo Racing, driven by Mitsunori Takaboshi and Daiki Sasaki

After a less than competitive 2020 season, NISMO is hopeful that weight reduction, and component reliability changes are going to help the most. In 2021 aerodynamic changes are frozen but NISMO has been able to tweak the engine to improve power delivery as well as the tire setup overall.

Round 1 – Okayama – 12th April 2021

However it wasn’t to be in round #1 as the Toyota Supra showed strength, dominating in qualifying and in the final outcome with a 1,2,3,4th place finish. The best result for the Nissan GT-R was back in 9th position where the CRAFTSPORTS MOTUL #3 GT-R improved from its 10th place qualifying position.

The #23 NISMO car driven by Quintarerlli started the race slightly stronger managing to climb to 6th position in the early race but after an incident involving some GT300 cars the race was sent into chaos. The ensuing battle for position ended up damaging the car and putting it out of the race.

The #12 Team Impul car finished in 10th place.

Round 2 – Fuji Speedway – 4th May 2021

Another troubled round for the NISMO MOTUL AUTECH #23 as it suffered engine trouble putting it out of the race on just lap 3 at the Fuji Speedway 500km race.

Photo: Masahide Kamio

While NISMO had more trouble, the #3 CRAFTSPORTS MOTUL GT-R was again the top placed GT-R finishing 5th overall on the circuit that favors the Nissan GT-R the least. All said and done, Nissan really needs to start pulling out wins at the next round this weekend at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit. Qualifying will start 10am on Saturday the 17th with the race scheduled to start at 2:10pm on Sunday the 18th July Japan time.

The next round was originally scheduled to be at Suzuka circuit but that race has been pushed until late August due to a COVID case surge.

Link: Nismo Press Release – Round #1
Link: Nismo Press Release – Round #2
Link: Nismo Photo Gallery – Super GT

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Nissan’s 2022 NISMO GT-R is a Handcrafted, 600ps, GT3 Turbo Powered Happy Meal

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This April Nissan announced the latest evolution in the GT-R NISMO with a press release stating availability come October 2021. The 2022 GT-R NISMO features the same upgrades over the base GT-R that first debuted in the MY2020 car with some minor tweaks.

Firstly the most obvious is the new Stealth Gray body color. Supposedly inspired by the color of the tarmac the NISMO GT-R has set records upon, this color will be exclusive to NISMO GT-Rs.

NISMO Exclusive Stealth Gray

Next is the availability of a special edition. Buyers choosing this option will get a clear coated carbon hood allowing them that racecar aesthetic commonly seen in the aftermarket. They say doing this saves 100 grams of paint but we all know it adds at least 50hp ;)! While the hood remains the same shape and vent configuration of the previous MY, the upgraded aesthetic certainly sets the car apart from the previous generation.

Clear coat only hood option.

The special edition will use the same black, forged aluminum, 20″ RAYS wheels but these will now be accented with a red stripe matching the red accents around the rest of the car. It’s a smart looking stripe which doesn’t look out of place on the car.

Red accented RAYS wheels

On the rear of the NISMO GT-R we’ll find the brand new Nissan emblem which echos the brand’s new corporate image. The Nissan logo on the GT-R will be illuminated on the trunk but will also adorn the wheel center caps.

New trunk and wheel emblems

Along with those aesthetic, visual cues, the other changes for the MY22 NISMO GT-R will be high-precision, weight-balanced engine internals. Nissan are tweaking the piston rings, connecting rods, crankshaft, flywheel, crank pulley and valve springs for this engine. Each engine will feature tighter tolerances in order to eek more out of the GT3 racecar turbochargers that were also found on the 2020 NISMO GT-R.

MY22 GT-R NISMOs will feature some tweaked engine internals.

To launch the new car Nissan teamed up with McDonalds and Tomica to produce some model cars that were available in April in Japan in Happy Meals. A Stealth Gray special edition NISMO GT-R toy was produced along with a gold bodied car with a McDonalds logo on the rear spoiler. At the launch Nissan also produced a gold wrapped GT-R which I’m calling the Maccas GT-R.

Happy Meal Tomica NISMO GT-Rs

The Maccas GT-R?

Click through the more link below for the full photo gallery…

Link: Nissan Press Release
Link: 2022 NISMO GT-R Launch Video

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Kimbo – The 2,000hp 6 Second GT-R from The Shop Houston

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Kimbo, photo by 1320video

Photo by 1320video

There is no easy pathway to running a 6 second quarter mile, a lesson hard learned by Houston, Texas performance automotive house, The Shop Houston. Yet in June 2021 that’s exactly what this 2000hp, 4.1 liter, billet stroker crank running a pair of just 68mm Boost Logic turbos GT-R achieved when it ran a 6.97s at 206mph quarter mile pass. This makes this car the fastest GT-R in the world running a 68mm turbocharger.

Tuned by Rob Tuned’s Rob Harper this most recent record comes after already holding the world record quarter mile pass with smaller 58mm turbo at 7.46s @ 190mph. It really is amazing what results we’re now seeing with the platform that has matured since I was in the scene last.

While this isn’t the outright world record quarter mile record pass, GT-Rs running faster passes then 6.97 are running in larger turbo size classes and are producing even more insane amounts of power.

Congratulations to all the folks involved in building and driving this car. Keeping it in one piece down the track looks like handful itself.

Link: The Shop Houston, Kimbo Spec
Link: The Shop Houston, Kimbo Introduction
Link: 1320video’s Youtube video

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Well its only been 9 years since the last post, so obviously not much has changed in the GT-R world 😀 I’ve had some motivation (thanks COVID lockdowns!) to post again on the site so here goes. Let’s see how rusty I am at finding interesting GT-R posts. Surely the next GT-R is right around the corner?

I think I might start by posting a few things about what’s been going on in the GT-R world in my absence. I’m very interested in the Japanese SuperGT scene as it seems a lot has changed. Who would have expected the Toyota Supra to be a thing again 9 years ago!?

I’ve also tried to do some basic modernization to the site. I’ve fixed a load of broken images, broken links, broken videos. I’ve cranked up the image sizes overall and the width of the page. Monitors sure have changed since 2009-ish when I launched the last redesign of the site. Comments are disabled due to spammers but might re-enable them if people prefer to engage that way.

Anyway stay tuned! Let me know if anyone’s still reading, you can Tweet me @ctfkris or email me I’ll gladly take photos of your GT-R projects to post. I know there’s a lot of beastly Godzillas getting around these days.

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