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Power House Amuse R1000 90mm Race Spec STTI Mid Pipe for GT-R

July 31, 2010 Comments off

When Power House Amuse launched their massive 90mm titanium exhaust system recently it got a lot of us thinking about just how best to move exhaust gas through this massive system with a relatively puny looking 80mm mid pipe. Little did we know they had this card up their sleeve the whole time.

The new exhaust components are known as “R1000 GT-RR SPL STTI” and are produced by Amuse in Japan using their proprietary STTI (super tough titanium/Ti) material. This Y pipe which was developed in collaboration between GT-RR.COM and Amuse takes the successful design of Amuse’s prior R1000 No. 2 Y Pipes and increases the size 10mm larger to maximize power in higher boost GT-R applications. As a result this new racing system has twin 80mm pipes transitioning into 90mm.

Each order is painstakingly produced by hand in Japan using nothing but 100% titanium. The usual details that Amuse are world famous for can be seen here; including: hollow titanium hangers, superbly controlled heat-treating, and not only exterior polished welds, but deburred and polished interior welds for reduced turbulence.

According to the guys at GT-RR who have fitted up the first one to their own car, the Amuse 90mm mid pipe offers a aggresive exhaust note without any noticeable drone inside. While the race version shown here does not come with any catalytic converters, these may be optioned and you should contact the guys at GT-RR for more info there…

Link: Amuse 90mm STTI R1000 No. 2 90mm RS Mid Pipe @

Nissan Japan Announce Seperate Sales of GR6 Transmission Parts

July 30, 2010 Comments off

Nissan Japan have recently announced updates to the GT-R Owners Loyalty Plan including a revised certified used GT-R program and a special GT-R “Fresh-Up Kit” for those certified used cars. The “Fresh-Up Kit” takes care of a number of items that used GT-R owners might look at being in prime condition when they take over ownership of their pre-loved GT-R like new shocks, springs, engine mounts, transmissions mounts and brake lines.

What might really make used GT-R owners feel more comfortable though is the announcement that Nissan will begin to offer replacement parts for the GT-R’s Borgwarner GR6 Dual Clutch Transmission. At this time, parts will only be offered for sale though three specific GT-R specialist service centers; these are Nismo Omori Factory, Nova Engineering and Nordring.

This policy of selling transmission parts means that what previously would have been deemed an entire transmission replacement worthy fault may now be fixed at a much lower price by Nissan authorized repair centres.

What Nissan’s plans are to take this philosophy overseas into Europe and North America are yet to be seen but we’d love for Nissan to let us know…

Source: Nissan Japan
Images: Nissan and BorgWarner

2012 Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring – More Spy Video

July 29, 2010 Comments off

Probably the longest compilation of spy video of the 2012 Nissan GT-R testing at Nurburgring yet has made its way up on to YouTube. In the video we can see both the latest 2012 base model GT-R with aero and wheel updates. We can also see what will no doubt be dubbed the SpecM in it’s fully optioned glory.

Latest word on the Nissan GT-R SpecM is that it will not be called the SpecM when it launches in Japan at all. What name they will use is not known yet. It will begin at a base price not much higher than a Premium spec 2012 GT-R but have options up to and exceeding the current SpecV specification.

Nissan is still considering using the SpecM label when it debuts in Europe however so look forward to that.

Video: Auto Motor und Sport

Preview: TopSecret Carbon Fibre Hood for Nissan GT-R

July 28, 2010 Comments off

Top Secret have leaked a few images of their upcoming newest product. A carbon fibre hood for the R35 GT-R. As you can see the hood features some large vents to improve engine bay cooling in much the same way as the GT1/GT1 style hoods do.

Looking forward to getting more details on this one soon…

Link: Pre-order Top Secret’s new carbon hood @

SuperGT 2010: Nissan GT-R Has Victory Snatched Away at SUGO

July 27, 2010 Comments off

In a solid display of skill by Benoit Treluyer at SUGO Sportsland, the #23 NISMO Motul Autech Nissan GT-R qualified best by almost half a second during Saturday’s Super Lap qualifying round to begin round 5 of the SuperGT 2010 Championships this weekend from pole position. A pace and energy that he managed to maintain in Sunday’s practice and on to Sunday’s final.

Remarkably Treluyer was in such amazing form that he had built up a 3 second lead on second position after just 1 racing lap and continued to pull away until finally handing the car over to teammate Satoshi Motoyama at the 50th lap. Motoyama returned to the lead after the stop, and while rain started to fall continued to battle strongly. At lap 74 with only 8 laps left, victory was felt to be almost certain.

That’s when it all came to a halt, literally as the #23 GT-R suddenly lost power with an electrical problem. Motoyama was able to start the car after a period of time but by that time the GT-R had already lost valuable time. NISMO finished the race in 6th place.

The day wasn’t so bad for underdogs team IMPUL Calsonic with their #12 GT-R weighed down with 66kgs of success ballast from last round’s win. They qualified in 6th place but managed to improve it to as high as 2nd throughout the race. In the end they finished an extremely respectable 4th place. Great work guys!

Finally, the HIS ADVAN Kondo Racing #24 GT-R also had an interesting run. While they only qualified in 11th, the race day performance of Hironobu Yasuda was what counted and he managed to improve their position to a 5th place finish.

For the full race report, hit up the red Read More link below…

Source: Nissan
Images: Copyright 2010 Nissan and NISMO

Read more…

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HKS DCT Transmission Fluid and Transmission Oil Pan Upgrade for Nissan GT-R

July 24, 2010 Comments off

More choice is what the aftermarket is all about and it’s good to finally see some more choice opening up in the DCT fluid arena. HKS have launched two new products for the R35 GT-R’s transmission lately. The latest offerings from HKS come in the form of this great looking and functional alloy transmission oil pan. You might be surprised though to learn what HKS tout as the number one feature here however, their oil pan’s rigidity – 30% more rigid that the OEM part in fact.

HKS are saying that due to the innate rigidity of the honeycomb mesh structure they’ve built into this cast allot oil pan, the transmission casing overall will benefit resulting in lower wear on internal components. The theory being that when the transmission case flexes the internal bits rub just that fraction more than they would in a not flexed state.

This isn’t the first aftermarket company to offer parts to combat this issue but this is the first simple oil pan upgrade that has come out and said this. The HKS Transmission Oil Pan will set you back around 84,000 yen in Japan.

Next up is also very welcome, a DCT fluid that is supposedly more protecting when cold, smoother to drive every day and that is also better protecting at high temperatures. It manages to do all this and yet come out cheaper than the OEM transmission fluid fill. A 20 litre container of the HKS DCTF-I will do two transmission fluid changes (at 9.1 litres each) and set you back around 78,750 yen in Japan.

Hit up the links below for more information or speak to your local HKS distributor for local pricing…

Link: HKS DCT Transmission Fluid for Nissan GT-R
Link: HKS Transmission Oil Pan for Nissan GT-R

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Update: Mine’s Carbon Front Bumper Revised Packages and Pricing

July 19, 2010 Comments off

Mine’s have released updated packages and pricing for one of their premier carbon products recently. Their Mine’s Carbon Front Bumper, which we got to debut after visiting Mine’s early this year, has been beefed up with an optional modified OEM reinforcement bar and bundled with canards. The end result is more delicious Mine’s carbon for your dollar. The full details of the different packages available are below:

Product Includes Price in Japan (Inc tax)
Carbon Front Bumper Full Set
No Clear Coating
Front Bumper, Radiator wing, Canards, modified OEM Reinforcement bar 934,500 yen
Carbon Front Bumper Full Set
No Clear Coating
No reinforcement bar
Front Bumper, Radiator wing, Canards 861,000 yen
Carbon Front Bumper Only Front Bumper only 598,500 yen
Radiator Wing Radiator wing, no clear coat 168,000 yen
Canards set Canards set, no clear coat 168,000 yen
Modified OEM Reinforcement bar   73,500 yen

This represents a pretty hefty drop from the original price tag which was over a million yen for the front bumber plus canards set. Good job Mine’s.

For more info on Mine’s products, hit up their English website in the link below… While im on the subject of the Mine’s front bumper though, I’m gonna go ahead and use this as an excuse to post my favourite photo I’ve taken of the Mine’s demo car down there vvv.

Link: Mine’s Website (English)

Willall Racing Launch 450kw WR450 Package Downunder

July 14, 2010 Comments off

Not to be left out of the latest round of tuning packages for Godzilla, Australia can now benefit from Adelaide based tuner Willall Racing’s experience in a neatly packaged format. Willall have launched a locally designed and built performance package designed to get your GT-R breakfasting on supercars in no time without the hassle of going abroad for parts and support.

Willall Racing WR450 R35 GTR upgrade system represents a benchmark of Supercar Engineering that is now available to Australian customers. Forged from data gleaned from thousands of laps test data and engineering analysis and then honed with strong eco-sound credentials WR450 delivers genuine Supercar Crushing Performance and track day durability in a thoroughly developed and comprehensive package that can be applied to your R35 GTR.

Included in the package is a raft of Willall Racing goodies like a WR35EX full titanium exhaust, fuel upgrades capable of handling both E85 and 98 RON fuels and engine oil pan extensions to increase the engine oil volume and thus improve the cooling properties and overall lifespan of the special WR35MO engine oil.

Willall don’t just focus on the engine though and a good deal of thought goes into beefing up the transmission too. The common weak-spots like the gear fasteners and retaining clips get fixed. The clutches get replaced with upspecced items too and the whole lot is protected by the WR35TMVS transmission fluid.

After all that Willall say the WR450 GT-R is good for a reliable 3.1 0-100km/h and a 10.7 quarter mile run.

The WR450 sells for around the $23,800 AUD mark fully installed but sub-packages (engine only, trans only) are available. There’s also optional extras you can add on if you’re so inclined.

For the full run down, head over to the Willall Racing site linked below…

Link: Willall Racing WR450 Website

GTC 750R Demo Car Shows Off GTC’s New Parts Lineup

July 10, 2010 Comments off

UK based tuner GTC Racing has been making a great name for itself with GT-R tuning and original parts since launch and the latest iteration of the combined knowledge and hardware is the GTC750R GT-R. The team have put it through it’s paces on the dyno and on the track. The result is a GT-R that is hypercar quick with looks to match.

The car features a lengthy list of modifications with some of the highlights being:

  • GTC 90mm Titan Exhaust with GTC Titan 90mm Y-Pipe
  • GTC 80 mm Zircotech coated de-cat front pipes
  • Hybid IHI/Garret GT30 ball bearing turbos
  • Garret Wastegate Actuators
  • 1000cc ID Injectors
  • GTC 80mm MAF pipes (prototypes) – w/ HPX MAF sensors
  • Twin 255 lt fuel pumps w/ upgraded fuel lines
  • GTC Marston Core Intercooler w/80mm hard pipe kit (no BOVs)
  • GTC Radiator
  • GTC 14 plate clutch system & steel plates & shims
  • Prototype gearbox cooler (water type)
  • Alloy extended gearbox oil pan
  • Alloy engine sump
  • COBB Tuning AccessPORT w/GTC custom tune

With those mods, and a good driver, it reeled off a 10.3 @ 139 mph during it’s shake down testing. The guys report that they have cracked the GT-R’s infamous launch control systems and can now raise the ECM’s launch rev limit to wherever is most optimal. Given that, we expect to see an interesting few runs coming up soon both from GTC and from abroad.

For more information on the latest range of GTC products for the GT-R, head over to the GTC-R website, give them a call or check out their discussion thread over on the NAGTROC forums.

Link: GTC Website

TopSecret Release Carbon Bumper Air Intake Ducts for Nissan GT-R

July 6, 2010 Comments off

Top Secret have launched a new product this week designed to improve cooling airflow to the intercooler / radiator. The GT-R’s front end, while aerodynamic, does leave something to be desired in the use of the surface area to great cooling effect. Understandably so too since Nissan had to fit a bumper reinforcement in there somewhere.

The aftermarket doesn’t need to be concerned with bumper reinforcement however so with some modification this bumper duct will direct air straight onto your cooling systems.

Priced at 65,100 yen for the half carbon version or 79,800 for the full carbon version, you can get in touch with your local Top Secret distributor for more info…

Link: Top Secret Website