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FIA GT1: Nissan GT-R Improves in Pre Qualifying

April 30, 2010 Comments off

Thanks to the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud, it’s an entirely new Silverstone Circuit where the FIA GT1 teams will be racing this weekend. So far in practicing and pre-qualifying the GT-R has shown improvements over it’s Abu Dhabi pace.

In pre-qualifying the #23 GT-R of team Sumo Power GT was 7th fastest overall well within reach of the extremely potent #34 Maserati MC12.

Qualifying and the main even are to come this weekend so fingers crossed that the GT-Rs have a good and incident free race!

Link: FIA GT1 World Champsionships Website

Pos Car Drivers Car Time Laps Gap Avg
1 34 Bobbi / Longin Maserati MC12 2:01.135 21 0 247
2 33 Margaritis / Heger Maserati MC12 2:01.502 27 0.367 246
3 24 Kox / Haase Lamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S 2:01.571 26 0.436 250
4 40 Leinders / Martin Ford GT Matech 2:01.715 21 0.58 243
5 7 Turner / Enge Aston Martin DB9 2:01.737 21 0.602 252
6 9 Makowiecki / Accary Aston Martin DB9 2:01.863 25 0.728 256
7 23 Krumm / Dumbreck Nissan GT – R 2:01.890 25 0.755 250
8 37 Bouchut / Basseng Lamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S 2:02.154 15 1.019 250
9 8 Mu”cke / Nygaard Aston Martin DB9 2:02.172 23 1.037 253
10 2 Bernoldi / Ramos Maserati MC12 2:02.203 18 1.068 247
11 1 Bertolini / Bartels Maserati MC12 2:02.286 28 1.151 247
12 10 Hirschi / Piccione Aston Martin DB9 2:02.329 21 1.194 254
13 12 Gavin / Kuismanen Corvette Z06 2:02.433 26 1.298 249
14 25 Menten / Kechele Lamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S 2:02.696 27 1.561 251
15 4 Ara / Nilsson Nissan GT – R 2:02.913 20 1.778 250
16 13 Zuber / Hennerici Corvette Z06 2:02.953 19 1.818 248
17 14 Hezemans / Kumpen Corvette Z06 2:03.010 23 1.875 250
18 11 Maassen / Armindo Corvette Z06 2:03.026 25 1.891 248
19 22 Hughes / Campbell-Walter Nissan GT – R 2:03.146 19 2.011 248
20 5 Grosjean / Mutsch Ford GT Matech 2:03.151 16 2.016 244
21 41 Palttala / Kuppens Ford GT Matech 2:03.804 21 2.669 243
22 3 Wendlinger / Moser Nissan GT – R 2:04.175 24 3.04 247
Session Notes
Weather cloudy
Track conditions dry

Jotech Gives us a Peek at a Darton Sleeved VR38 Block

April 27, 2010 Comments off

Always good to get a look at the finished product, after first hearing about Darton having sleeves for the VR38DETT some time back now, here’s the first photos I’ve personally seen of them actually fitted up.

These photos are courtesy of Jotech Motorsports based in Texas who are now offering the sleeving service for $1,100 in labour plus $1,325 for the sleeves themselves provided you deliver them your OEM block. If you want them to provide a block it’s another $3,231 on top.

Hit up their website for their contact details linked below…

Link: Jotech Motorsports Website

Tanabe Release Sustec Stabilizer Bars for Nissan GT-R

April 26, 2010 Comments off

Tanabe Japan together with Top Racing Hong Kong “GT-R Professional Workshop” has developed the new anti-roll bar specific for the R-35 GT-R. These newly released anti-roll bars were developed from the data gathered by Top Racing on the race track and after severe abuse, it’s been proven that the increase width and stiffness will enhance the handling of the R35. It’s easier for the driver for the turn in and at the same time easier to predict with the increase feedback given from these anti-roll bars.

The front bar is 36.2mm in diameter, which adds an additional of 2.1mm comparing to standard. In the rear, the diameter is 18.2mm, an bump of 4mm.

Hit up the link below to contact Top Racing for more information…

Link: Top Racing HK Website

NAGTROC Meetup: Toronto GT-Rs Come Out of Hibernation

April 25, 2010 Comments off

It’s Spring time in Canada, and the Greater Toronto Area members of NAGTROC decided this past Saturday was the perfect weather to get together for the first time in 2010.

While some GT-Rs do spend the winter season on the street, most do get to see storage for a couple months, so it was a surprise that the Canadian section of NAGTROC had its best member showing ever. Having converged to one of downtown Toronto’s best bar and terrace area next to lake Ontario, the GT-Rs were stacked on Esplanade street while the owners met up at the city’s Bier Markt for a cold drink on a beautiful sunny weekend.

Having all met and freshened up, the group convoyed with photographers in tow to nearby Polson pier at the Docks in Toronto’s port. The owners spent a couple hours gathering around the cars, discussing visual mods, equipments and comparing upgrade stories. For the first time, and captured in a magnificent panoramic picture were all of the GT-Rs original launch year colours on hand, the very rare (in Canada) Ivory White and the now positively collectible Titanium representing!

As usual with a car meet, there was the conversation on the car’s ability to pull the good ole donut. With MF92 showing his 270 degree prowess and NickTo doing his signature Pretzel move!

Soon afterward some of the owner retired to a nearby watering hole for more fun and conversation over pub food.

Everyone had a great time and group agreed to meet again soon this summer with the hopes to beat its attendance record. A big thanks to the photographers on hand. Look for their work to show up on NAGTROC’s Canadian section here.

Thanks to NickTO @ NAGTROC for this guestblog for

FIA GT1: GT-R Teams Threaten Boycott Over Weight Penalty

April 24, 2010 Comments off

A controversy has been brewing in the FIA GT1 World Championship race team camps recently over botched pre-season testing for the series’ “Balance of Performance” rules. The plan for the testing is that former F1 pilot Heinz-Harald Frentzen would test each of the 6 makes of GT1 car on the track for 10-15 laps and then recommend weight additions or other measures that would balance the cars overall.

It turned out to be quite a farce however as Frentzen took a single flying lap in the GT-R on new tyres before lumping it with the heaviest penalty of 30kgs. Other makes are also questioning the testing and Frentzen’s testing methodology after running some of the cars for too few laps or barely running them at all.

The GT-R teams which finished poorly in round 1 of the series in Abu Dhabi are saying that the cars are not competitive when lumped with this weight penalty. The cars have a higher center of gravity than the competition and higher weight to begin with and the teams believe this was not factored into the penalty.

Due to this, Swiss Racing team has said that they refuse to compete again with the 30kg penalty weight.

“We will not go to Silverstone under these conditions … We cannot be a grid filler.”
– Othmar Welti, Swiss Racing Team Director

So far the FIA is defending the weight penalty system and the testing that got it to the current state. Teams are saying do it properly or they will boycott the next round which is at the new Silverstone circuit, the Sumo Power GT team’s home ground.

Dramatic stuff but I agree, if the championship hinges on fair testing then test properly and test fairly across the board in equal conditions with no excuses.

Source: Autosport via Autoblog

Hasemi Motorsports Add to GT-R Parts Lineup

April 23, 2010 Comments off

Following on from their original subtle but purposeful range of aero parts we first saw in 2009, Hasemi has released a few new mild visual updates for the R35 GT-R.

First up is the Hasemi Sport Front Bumper Top Finisher, this nose spoiler gives the car an original look. It’s available in both carbon for 44,100 yen or FRP for 24,150 yen. Next is the Hasemi Sport Carbon Pillar Covers, this cosmetic item covers the outside of the GT-R’s a-pillar which is ordinary painted black. It’s 51,450 yen a set.

Lastly is Hasemi’s boldest visual update to the GT-R so far with a set of rear bumper vents they’re calling Hasemi Sport Tail Protectors. While not identical, these are similar to what Nordring did when they built their full carbon vented rear bumper. This is not a full bumper, but they are carbon fiber and a pair will set you back 69,300 yen.

Hit up the link below for their website or contact your nearest Hasemi Sport parts distributor for more information.

Update: High res images uploaded.

Link: Hasemi Motorsports R35 GT-R Parts

Cusco Release Front and Rear Sway Bars for Nissan GT-R

April 22, 2010 Comments off

Respected leaders in the aftermarket suspension industry for JDM cars, Cusco have been relatively quiet on the GT-R scene so far under the Cusco brand. They’ve been providing to other brands and playing a background role though so they have the experience to back them. Now they’ve gone public with the first direct to market product, these new Cusco Stabilizer Bars for R35 GT-R.

Up front we have a hollow construction anti-roll bar which is 115% stiffer than the OEM model and 35mm in diameter. It’s designed to reduce body roll in corners and improve steering response and sells for about $440. It’s non-adjustable but, being hollow, it should shave a bit of weight off the stock one.

In the rear is a solid bar which is 185% stiffer than the standard rear bar while being only 16mm in diameter. It’s priced at $400.

Good products at sensible prices, hit up to get your set…

Link: Cusco Sway Bars @

Forged Performance Announce the VR38 FP1 Short Block for Nissan GT-R

April 21, 2010 Comments off

It keeps getting more interesting in the built VR38 world with another newly announced complete, built, short block hitting the market in a big way. This time hailing from much closer to home for many of you, Marietta GA, comes the Forged Performance VR38 FP1 short block for Nissan GT-R.

The Forged Performance FP1 Shortblock strengthens the GT-R engine for maximum reliable power! We start with a BRAND NEW VR38 block casting, and all new OEM parts. The OEM rods and pistons are replaced with Pauter forged rods, and our own spec Arias Extreme Duty pistons. The block is precision CNC machined to accept a new cast iron cylinder liner. The cast iron liner allows for the long term reliability and exceptional strength when running forged pistons at very high power levels. The is the same proven strategy used in numerous 1500whp+ builds in the exotic car world. After the liners are fitted the cylinder walls are bored and honed to .0001 tolerance and the block is decked flat. The liners are purposely left .001 above the deck for headgasket seating and block expansion purposes. This block is engineered to handle 1000whp+ easily.


  • Brand New VR38 OEM Block and Crankshaft
  • Pauter 4340 Billet Connecting Rods w/ ARP Rod Bolts
  • Forged Performance Spec Arias Extreme Duty 2618 Alloy Pistons (9:1 CR)
  • Forged Performance Spec Cylinder Liners
  • New Nissan Main, Rod and Thrust Bearings
  • Polished Crankshaft
  • Balanced Rotating Assembly
  • Assembled In-house by our Professional and Experienced Engine Builders

Way to go guys, another great and home grown product. If you’re interested in one of these you can expect to pay $12,090 plus freight including a brand new block.

If you’re supplying your own block, expect to pay less, around $8,590.

Hit up the Forged Performance website or contact them directly if you have any more questions, the guys are only too happy to help!

Link: Forged Performance Website

JUN Auto VR38 Short Head Announced and Short Block Priced

April 20, 2010 Comments off

JUN has expanded it’s range of VR38DETT engine upgrades with the release of the JUN Short Head in two different flavors; the BASIC and the EX Short Head.

Included in the BASIC version is the following gear:

  • New cylinder head (OEM)
  • New Intake and Exhaust valves (OEM)
  • New Valve Springs (OEM)
  • New Valve Retainers (OEM)
  • Fitting of valve train, camshafts/JUN camshafts and lifter clearance adjustment

The EX version is similar but adds these unique parts along with some porting and polishing:

  • JUN Strengthened Valve Springs
  • JUN Titanium Valve Retainers
  • Intake and exhaust port polishing
  • Valve seats cut
  • Head surface verification and correction

Pricing is set at around the 718,200 yen mark for the BASIC head and 928,200 yen for the EX version in Japan.

Also along with the short head announcement comes the pricing and specs on the JUN EX 4.0L Short Block that we first saw at Tokyo AutoSalon in January this year.

The JUN EX 4.0L short block comes with the following:

  • Bore x Stroke: 96.0 x 92.0 mm
  • Displacement: 3996cc
  • New cylinder block (OEM)
  • JUN Custom Kit EX 4.0L
  • JUN Piston Kit Series C
  • JUN I-Beam Conrods
  • JUN Crankshaft
  • JUN Cylinder Liners
  • New bearings
  • Comes fully assembled and checked

The JUN Short Block is priced at 2,310,000 yen in Japan. Hitup their website in the links below for more information or speak to your local JUN distributor if you’re interested in local pricing.

Link: JUN Auto Short Head Website (Japanese)
Link: JUN Short Block Website (Japanese)

Esprit Dry Carbon Wing for Nissan GT-R: Wing 052

April 19, 2010 Comments off

Esprit are well known for their past creative rear wing design for the Nissan GT-R – the GT Wing 262. You’ve seen it on the ‘blog before but for those who need a refresher you can see our photo gallery here. This week they released their latest update to their carbon parts catalog, the Wing 052 for the R35 GT-R.

Quite a striking design, one of these babies will set you back around 325,000 yen in Japan.

Link: Esprit Website (Japanese)