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AutoCar UK: 911 Turbo vs R8 V10 vs GT-R Circuit Supercar Test

December 9, 2009 Comments off pit the latest PDK Porsche 911 turbo up against the new Audi R8 V10 6 speed manual and the Nissan GT-R. They refer to the GT-R as the benchmark and also make quite a mention of the price difference.

Good video, not just because the GT-R beats out the latest batch of competitors but also it’s very interesting to see them back to back on the same day with the same driver.

Link: AutoCar Youtube Channel

Nismo Festival 2009: Nismo Festival Walkthrough Part 2

December 8, 2009 Comments off

FIA GT1 GT-R in the Pits at Nismo Festival 2009

Following on from our first part of this article on a walkthrough of Nismo Festival 2009, we continue our story.

By this stage of the day you would have either tired yourself out from shopping or done the alternative. That is to say, if you didn’t come to Nismo Festival to shop then maybe you’ve been lining up for some of the special event tickets available on the day. These include things like; Circuit Safari bus tours on the race track with SuperGT cars whizzing by and Passenger car ride-alongs on the track.

370z Passenger Ride along at Nismo Festival

One of the cheaper and more available of the special tickets is the Grid Walk ticket in which you get to step foot on Fuji Speedway’s circuit to get up close with the cars and drivers. Take your posters, hats or postcards out with you and have them signed by Satoshi Motoyama and get a photo with a super popular race queen. All for just 1,500 yen and they sell a couple of hundred of them versus the 40 or so for other ticket types.

Grid Walk at Nismo Festival 2009

Once your sorted for tickets its time to check out the Japanese muscle on display down in the pit area. There’s so much racing history jammed into these garages from 2009 model SuperGT GT500 GT-Rs to KPGC10’s from the 70’s. These cars aren’t just static displays either. Chances are you’ll catch them warming up for one of the many circuit events where anything from the Group-A R32 GT-Rs to the latest GT500 R35s will be out on the circuit. This usually involves loud revving while up on their air jacks.

Pennzoil R34 GT-R Warming Up In Pits

Checking the Oil on a GT500 GT-R at Nismo Festival

After you’ve gone through the pits thoroughly is probably about time to sit down and enjoy some motor sports. Some of the races from Nismo Festival 2009 were the All time Dream Battle featuring GT500 GT-Rs from various generations versus GT500 Fairlady Zs from 2007 and earlier.

We’ll featuring some of the circuit photos in the next update. For now sit back and have a click through some photos I took of the pits and special ticket events.

Images: Copyright (C) 2009

Nismo Festival 2009: Super Taikyu Spec Nissan GT-R – More Details Part 1

December 7, 2009 Comments off


Well firstly, sorry to those who got their hopes up that Nismo would unveil this car at Nismo Festival. Evidently it was spied on it’s way out of Fuji not to return until the next private testing session. That is to say, it was completely absent for Sunday the 6th of December which was Festival day.

Doesn’t really matter though because we still have photos enough to make a few good guesses about the upcoming Nismo racer. We’d also like to replay a bunch of photos from our last up close and personal article about the Tokachi 24hrs R35 GT-R for comparison.

First up its obvious that the hood scoop is a new addition, but the the entire hood base was carbon for Tokachi and it seems that there is no variation here on that point.



As for the front end in general, while at first glance it is the same as the Tokachi 24hrs car, if you look closer at the finish and materials used back then, we’ve actually got a completely new generation of bumper. Fully carbon now, each duct seems more fully integrated than before. The front lip spoiler is also revamped into a full carbon version versus the ABS plastic with carbon ducts of the Tokachi car.

The location of the air-jack line input has also shifted sides and become a proper fixture versus the rudimentry previous version.


Around back and its again easy to spot the differences. Theres a entirely new rear bumper in full dry carbon with a rear underspoiler in carbon to match. The previously gorgeous SpecV exhaust has been reduced to meer straight outlets via the path of least resistance.

A rear diff cooler can be seen hiding behind that rear grill also, and not surprising really. It shares this with the Tokachi car but there are some other differences here. The fuel filler for one, it moves from the rear trunk lid to the rear quarter panel window and that itself is replaced by a lightweight lexen window.

Have a browse through the photos to compare, point out anything you spot different. Coming up in part 2 will be some engine bay shots or maybe the interior. We’ll see what kind of mood we’re in at the time.

Source: All Nissan GT-R Super Taikyu R35 GT-R Photos (C) 2009
Images: All Nissan GT-R Tokachi 24hrs GT-R Photos (C) 2008 – 2009


Nismo Festival 2009: Nismo Festival Walkthrough Part 1

December 6, 2009 Comments off


We did a fairly detailed post from Nismo Festival 2008 where we photographed and showed our readers the specifics of some of the most tangible aspects of Nismo Festival so I feel that’s pretty well covered. Photos of stationary GT-Rs are always good but it’s good to get some other stuff in there too.

I’m going to be writing up a few part post on a day at Nismo Festival that pretty much follows me around and what I think the average enthusiast might also be interested in if they were to attend.


In this part we’ll take a look at the Nismo Garage Sale, the souvineer shopping and the carpark. Believe it or not, shopping is very much the first thing “done” at Nismo Festival. There’s always discounts and special pricing on whatever you might be after. Some manufacturers, and Nismo themselves, will also sell specific souvineer edition swag that you really have to be EARLY to get.

Speaking of getting in EARLY, the most hardcore of these shopping destinations at Nismo Festival is the garage sale. Think of it as a way for Nismo to clear out their warehouse of broken or obsolete SuperGT parts while releaving you of some money in the process. This starts getting a line at about, ooh, I dunno, last week! It opens at 7am to only a handful of people at a time who are unleashed on assorted carbon fibre and forged magnesium parts to hang on their wall.


Once your extremely limited SuperGT souvineer is safely spoken for, it’s time to pickup that merchandise you’ve been meaning to get. Or just to check out the huge range of ways nismo can print Nismo on a garment of some description (a lot).


By now your wallet is probably hurting pretty bad. This stuff doesn’t come cheap after all. Time to check out something that doesn’t cost, i.e. check out the carpark. What?

Each year, various Nismo built car owners are invited to park their Nismo built vehicle in the parking area closest to the event area. You see some wild and almost mythically rare cars.

Today we got to check out several Nismo 400R R33 GT-Rs and several Nismo 270R S14s which are as rare as it gets. At a guess I’d also say that every person alive bought their 380RS package or Nismo S-Tune GT 350z.

So overall the first hour or so of the event is usually safely set aside for a few big items you may need to shop for, especially limited items that sell out super fast.

Since I’m about to crash and burn from fatigue after just arriving back in Tokyo from Fuji, I think I’ll stop it here by saying what I always say: Stay tuned for more soon and check out the photos for now!

Images: Copyright (C)

Nismo Festival 2009: Nismo Super Taikyu Spec GT-R Spied – SCOOP Photos!

December 5, 2009 Comments off


Previously just a rumor, today we saw the proof that Nissan is developing a Super Taikyu specification R35. Based on a standard MY2010 GT-R and utilising many of the components originally developed on Tokachi 24hrs competing R35 GT-R (i.e. tjhe SpecV prototypes), this new spec GT-R kind of caught us by surprise. The good news first, yes it IS VR38DETT powered and AWD and utilising the GR6 transmission! Finally a true GT-R race car? (Sean will be pleased…)

It was in the pits for mere moments before being locked away in a truck so we’re using our friend from‘s photos. These are the only ones known to exist right now.

Hopefully Nismo doesn’t keep all their toys locked away for the entire weekend and we see this thing in action tomorrow.

If not, don’t fret, we have loads more photos we’re holding back until we get a green light…

Source: – Scoop Nismo Festival 2009 Photos

Nismo Festival 2009: FIA GT GT1 Specification Nissan GT-R Up Close and Personal

December 4, 2009 Comments off


Nismo Festival is here again and although it officially doesn’t start until tomorrow, we’ve been able to, with thanks to help from Nismo get some unprecidented access to get under the skin of the 2010 GT1 specification Nissan GT-R.

A total of three GT1 spec GT-Rs are at Fuji Speedway less than 100 meters from me as I type this from the media center. I was up at 5:30am this morning to get this chance to get some interesting shots of the car without any members of the general public around. So I hope you enjoy these.

There’s 62 photos in total I’ve selected for this article so go ahead and click the read more link below to browse. I’m sure you can keep yourself busy for quite a while picking up on the finer details.

I’ll be making a post shortly on interesting points I noticed myself…

Link: Nismo FIA GT1 @ Nismo Festival 2009 – Photo Gallerty



Read more…

AutoSport Wiring ECU Patch Harness for Nissan GT-R

December 3, 2009 Comments off


If you’ve ever had to splice into an ECU wiring harness to hook up some gadget or other you’ll know how heartbreaking it is to cut open the nice loom and hack it all to pieces. It’s pretty worrying for those that still hang on to some semblance of a warranty too because if Nissan happen to catch your handy work you might have some ‘splainin to do.

Wiring harness patches offer the perfect solution to this problem, they offer a passthrough matched set of plugs and sockets with a short length of wiring in between for all your patching adventures. Remove the harness extension and you’re back to stock!

This latest version, just released, now features coverage for all three sockets on the GT-Rs ECU giving you access to any signal that might pass it’s way.

Hit up the link below to order yours…

Link: Autosport ECU Wiring Harness for Nissan GT-R @ SpeedForSale

SEMA 2009: SEIBON GT-R Featuring SEIBON Carbon and APEXi Exhaust

December 2, 2009 Comments off


If you thought we were done with GT-Rs from SEMA you’re mistaken, there were quite a few stalking the giant halls, wading amongst the Camaro ocean. This SEIBON decked out GT-R, for example, was on display at the SEIBON booth and was suprisingly carbontastic.

Well in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, here’s some background, SEIBON have had a fairly comprehensive range of carbon fibre parts available for the GT-R for quite some time now. Some of the parts on offer include:

  • Carbon fibre hoods, both OE and aero style
  • Carbon fibre trunk lid
  • Carbon fibre rear spoiler
  • Carbon fibre rear underspoiler
  • Carbon fibre front lip spoiler
  • Carbon fibre doors
  • Carbon fibre front fenders
  • Carbon fibre rear seat delete sets
  • Carbon fibre rear center console
  • Carbon fibre engine cover
  • Carbon fibre radiator shroud

The SEIBON GT-R was also fitted with the exceptional new A’PEXi Racing Sports Evolution Extreme exhaust for Nissan GT-R, something we think is gonna sell like hotcakes as soon as A’PEXi can get them into the hands of dealers.

SEIBON parts are being increasingly adopted by tuners worldwide for their demo cars and have popped up on HKS Kansai’s R35 GT-R, AutoSelect’s R35 GT-R, Dynamic Autosports Drift R35 GT-R and more.

For a comprehensive list of parts and where to get them from, hit up the link below…

Link: SEIBON Website


C-West Full Carbon GT-Wing for Nissan GT-R Released

December 1, 2009 Comments off


Previewed earlier in the year, C-West have now rolled out the new full dry carbon GT-Wing for the Nissan GT-R for sale. Designed for high speed circuit applications, the wing is extremely lightweight and strong owing to it’s carbon honeycomb construction. The wing is also easily adjusted by way of the set pins on each end cap.

While this wing design is their high-speed downforce model, a second model offering more downforce, albeit with more drag, is planned for early next year.

High end wings like this don’t come cheap and price of admission is 682,500 yen in Japan. Expect a delivery 30 – 40 days after ordering as they’re made to order.

Source: C-West Website via