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SaRD Premium Exhaust Front Pipes for Nissan GT-R

November 30, 2009 Comments off


Sard have had a midpipe in the market for quite some time now but only now are they adding to their exhaust lineup with this new set of front pipes. These 76mm front pipes replace the OE units deleting the primary catalytic convertors and saving a lot of weight in the process.

Sard’s midpipe offering, the SaRD Sports Catalyzer, is a high flow cat model so the whole setup should remain street legal with any luck.

Pricing on the front pipes is 123,988 yen in Japan. The midpipes are 220,500 yen and the set together are 336,000 yen. Check your local distributor of SaRD products for local pricing.

Link: Sard R35 GT-R Website


Type1 Racing Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit for Nissan GT-R

November 29, 2009 Comments off


Flexible or rubber intercooler hoses tend to suffer with age and increases in boost pressure. It’s a safe bet that if it can expand then it will, especially when you’re running more boost than standard, and this can affect the driveability and response of the engine.

Type1 Racing are developing a neat polished aluminium hard-pipe kit to do away with these problems. This fully mandrel bent system also has an increased pipe diameter of between 63 and 70mm and comes complete with 4 layer silicon hose joiners and hardware.

All up the T1R hardpipe system beats the stock system in terms of weight also. It’s just 3.98kg total, about 2.5kg lighter than standard.

It’s due to be released in early 2010 so we’ll post back with pricing when it is.

Link: Type1 Racing Blog

Willall Racing Transmission Bulletproofing Bundle WR35BP

November 28, 2009 Comments off


Willall Racing have quite a few options in the market these days for someone wanting to enhance their GR6 transmission. Either for preventitive reasons or in preference to OEM parts when repairing. It’s kind of a logical next step to package them all up in one bundle then.

So this Christmas you can take advantage of this package deal discount and get all of the following for one price of $2750 in one go. The WR35BP ships with:

Why not spend the holiday period up to your elbows in transmission fluid? Or you could wait and pay more next year!

Maybe just send this link to your wife by accident … ?

Link: Willall Racing Website

Nissan Motorsports Wallpaper Collection 2009 – SuperGT and FIA GT Wallpapers

November 27, 2009 Comments off


Nismo and Nissan have given motorsports fans a bit of an early Christmas gift this year by releasing a few new wallpapers from SuperGT and FIA GT championship season. I’ve hosted up the new ones and some classics from 2009 and 2008 as well.

Enjoy and if you have any GT-R art of your own, we’ll be making another wallpapers post around Christmas time so if you want it out there, send it in.


AMS Set Sights on 1000hp Extreme Nissan GT-R

November 25, 2009 Comments off


You’ll have most certainly heard a lot about AMS’s work on the Nissan GT-R over here on GTRBlog, on NAGTROC, at time attack events, at SEMA, at meets and from owners themselves. They’ve already built some epic GT-Rs and taken a few records along the way such as the pump gas quarter mile record.

You may also know them from their other builds like their 1142awhp Evo-VIII that runs mid 8’s or their time attack Evo-X build that is taking out it’s own horsepower records and first places at events such as the Redline Time Attack in the tough highly competitive unlimited AWD and modified classes.

It’s easy to see that these guys know their business well and envision just how they will take the GT-R to the next level on what will be their most epic GT-R project to date.

The base for the build is also well known to readers, it is well known as John Reese’s ex drag record breaking black GT-R. First to drop into the mid-10 second quarter mile bracket it was also the first to bust a gearbox spectacularly on camera.

Now in the hands of NAGTROC co-founder Chuck H the GT-R has already been transported to AMS’s headquarters to begin the teardown for the build.

While much attention will be paid to breaking into the four digit horsepower arena, the known weak points of the gearbox and drivetrain will not be ignored. AMS are not saying exactly what’s planned yet but we’re excited to hear that a great deal will be done in that space. Something that will benefit a lot of other GT-R owners in the long run.

Stay tuned to GTRBlog and NAGTROC to see how the build progresses over time!

Link: AMS Performance Website
Link: AMS 1000hp Nissan GT-R Thread on NAGTROC

AMS Performance GT-950R turbo

Southside Performance Intercooler Upgrades for the Nissan GT-R

November 24, 2009 Comments off


Southside Performance has added to it’s lineup of parts today with the pre-launch preview of the SSP Front Mount Intercooler upgrades for the GT-R. These are designed to mount in the standard location and utilize all standard mounting hardware for easy instalation.

Tech specs like core dimensions, performance improvement over standard are still to come. What we can tell you is the price. SSP will sell these for $2399 MSRP.

We’ll update this post when we know more…

SEMA 2009: Win this Nissan GT-R at

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As well as all the modified GT-Rs at SEMA this year were a few other Nissan GT-Rs worth mentioning dotted around the halls, this being one of those. This GT-R owned by was sporting a flat grey vinyl wrap and a set of custom Forgeline Wheels wraped with Nitto Invo tires but remained largely standard apart from that.

What makes this GT-R special though is that it could be yours if you play your cards right. That’s right, is actually going to be building this GT-R and then giving it away in a competition open to club members.

What is YoParts I hear you say? Well it’s setup as the first wholesale club for the automotive parts industry. Their site is designed to offer you the lowest wholesale parts on thousands of different parts from one place once you’re a member. They explain it much better over on their website so go check it out if it sounds interesting.

If you just want to know how you go about getting in the drivers seat of a free GT-R, well you’ll want the link below…

Link: GT-R Competition Website

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Nissan GT-R Spec-M Still on – Debut Delayed Until 2010

November 23, 2009 Comments off


It was a little disappointing that the next iteration in the Nissan GT-R lineup did not make it to the Tokyo Motor Show in October as expected. We have heard now that the project had been delayed slightly until 2010. There launch is now expected to be in January, so not too far to go.

The SpecM prototype has been seen by sources in Japan and, from what we’ve been told, many of the previous articles in Japanese car mags check out. This includes the front bumper update, full interior customization as well as some extra trim frills.

We’ve worked up a little photoshop of the exterior front end based on what sources have told us. Note the gold trim and gold projector surrounds in the headlights. The basis of the prototype car was a SpecV GT-R so the wheels (albeit in a lighter shade of gunmetal grey) and brakes were carried over as well.

It needs to be said that the SpecV’s carbon ceramic brakes are optional and a GT-R SpecM with no carbon ceramic brakes is going to be significantly cheaper than the 20,000,000 yen figure being tossed around at the moment.

On the inside, the entire interior of the SpecM prototype is swathed in leather, including the headliner and rear seats which are cloth and vinyl respectively on the lesser models. Material colours and, in some cases the entire material, are of course customizable.

We’re hoping to get to the SpecM launch in January, if all goes as planned stay tuned for more details.


Amalgam 1/8th Scale Nissan GT-R Model Released

November 22, 2009 Comments off


UK fine model car maker Amalgam has finally released the photos of their completed 1/8th scale Nissan GT-R model. Amalgam are recognized as the premiere model maker and supplier of models to high end luxury car manufacturers and racing teams globally.

At 1/8th scale this model is around 22 inches or 58 cm in length and weighs 5kg. It’s huge by any standard and is the most phenomenally well detailed model you’ll ever see.

Take a look at these photos (and the others at the link below). You can see everything has been recreated from the texture of the brake rotors, the reflections in the tail lamps, the stitching on the seats and accurate labels on the dashboard buttons.

These models are now available via Zele International in Japan for 398,000 yen a piece. For those wanting a model of their own GT-R, a custom version of the Amalgam GT-R model is available and starts at a price of 498,000 yen.

Link: Amalgam 1/8th Scale Nissan GT-R Photo Gallery

Works Bell Paddle Shifter and Quick Release Kits for Nissan GT-R

November 21, 2009 Comments off


Those looking for a complete solution to fitting racing steering wheel to their Nissan GT-R now have a viable solution all in one place with these Works Bell bundles.

The first bundle includes the world reknowned Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO Universal, a tilting Works Bell Quick Release, a special short steering boss / hub for the R35 GT-R manufactured by Works Bell and associated wiring harness to make the whole thing work with no issues.

The paddle shifters are manufactured in carbon fibre and are fixed to move with the wheel. This is quite a change from the standard operation of the GT-R’s paddles which are fixed to the steeting column and don’t move when you steer. While some prefer the fixed location paddles these tend to work better on the circuit.

The Rapfix GTC quick release included here is a tilting model that does not fully detach. This allows the driver to get in and out of a full race bucket with ease without fully removing the wheel. A suitable Works Bell short boss kit is also included.

The second bundle also includes the same carbon paddles but comes with a RapFix II quick release which allows the wheel to be fully detached, terminal conversion kit and again the proper Works Bell short boss kit.

Both of the bundles from The Tuners Group also ship with the Airbag Warning light defeater to prevent annoying dash warnings once the airbag wheel is replaced.

For more information browse through the related links at the following URL…

Link: Works Bell Paddle Shifters and Quick Release Kits @ The Tuners Group Website