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HKS Technical Factory SpecV Tuning – 730ps Turbo Upgrades

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HKS Technical Factory in Saitama Japan have been wondering to themselves about the capabilities of the Nissan GT-R SpecV. Not so much in standard form, but with respect to how it responds to light tuning modifications. Quite well it would seem. With the HKS GT600 kit installed, the SpecV’s larger turbos are much happier with high boost than the standard GT-R’s.

This goes doubly so when HKS TF take the SpecV turbos and tweak them for further gains. They’ve made 700ps at the wheels hubs on their own SpecV measured with a Dynapack dyno.

HKS TF plan to develop these turbos and eventually bring them to market with a reasonable price tag.

Hit up the link below for specs on the turbos and more photos…

Source: GTR-World – SpecV, the best tuner car?

STILLEN Targa Newfoundland: Winners of Targa Newfoundland Modern Division 2009

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Legs 3, 4 and 5 have wrapped up and after 2,200 km of targa the team STILLEN Nissan GT-R driven by Steve Millen and Mike Monticello has finished first in the modern class for 2009. The team incurred just 1:20 of penalties through the course of the five days of racing which placed them sixth in the overall standings.

The car itself seems to have held up extremely well suffering really only a tiny CV boot failure which was patched and then finally replaced for day 4. Considering the rules requiring a maximum average speed of 135km/h over each leg, maybe it was even too fast as the guys had to consider backing off for stages.

Congratulations to team STILLEN and big thanks to the guys manning the STILLEN blog and taking photos / video for Road & Track for keeping us in the loop through the rally.

Link: Targa Newfoundland Results
Link: STILLEN Blog
Link: Road & Track STILLEN Site


GTC GT-R Runs 10.8 @ 126mph with Latest AccessPort Tweaks

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The guys over on NAGTROC have a pretty interesting discussion going regarding custom tuning of the staple GT-R ECU upgrade, the Cobb AccessPORT. The guys have figured out how to write maps that control boost pressure based on RPM.

While this doesn’t sound like much when described like that (and there’s probably more to it), its actually quite a big deal. What it allows the average GT-R owner to do is to get more tuning value from their Cobb AccessPORT before resorting to electronic boost controllers and aftermarket wastegate actuators to keep the GT-Rs small turbos from boost spiking, especially on gear change.

The guys at GTC Racing have used the latest code and maps on their GTR to run 10.8 @ 125.92 mph at Santa Pod drag strip in the UK. This car is fitted with neither a boost controller or a set of actuators. It’s also running street tires but is fitted with a full turbo back exhaust and Forge Motorsports upgraded intercooler.

Link: GTC Racing Website
Link: NAGTROC COBB AccessPORT Discussion

PowerCraft Exhaust Parts for the Nissan GT-R

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It takes a lot to stand out from the crowded Nissan GT-R exhaust market these days with a new system release just about every week. PowerCraft have something a little different here though which makes it more newsworthy. Their Hybrid Exhaust System is designed to unleash the engine note when you want it but keep it quiet when you dont. The electronically activated valve system can be engaged to bypass the main muffler.

Manufactured in SUS304 stainless steel it features a 80mm main pipe diameter feeding 60.5mm tail sections with 115mm titanium outlets. The price from the cat back system is 393,750 yen or thereabouts.

Powercraft also have released high flow cat converter mid-pipes (189,000 yen), straight de-cat mid-pipes (86,100 yen) and primary de-cat turbine outlet pipes (99,750 yen). Each is also manufactured in SUS304 stainless steel.

The PowerCraft exhaust systems should be available from any stockist of Abflug parts.


STILLEN Targa Newfoundland: Still Leading Modern Division After Leg 2

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No major problems to report as the team STILLEN GT-R held up great through the 7 stages of Leg 2 in the 2009 Targa Newfoundland. The schedule called for 8 stages originally but one was canceled. The CV boot repair is still holding up to punishment and has not leaked.

Steve has managed to pilot every stage without penalty except for the last of the day where they actually caught up to the competitor in front. The inability to pass caused them to be held up and incur a 6 second penalty for the stage.

The overall results for day 2 leave STILLEN in fourth position but first in the Modern Division.

Head on over to the STILLEN blog and the Road & Track STILLEN microsite for more images and videos of the days racing.

Images: Formulaphoto and Marc Urbano (R&T)
Link: STILLEN Blog
Link: Road & Track STILLEN Site

KC Racing of Hong Kong’s KCR35 Challenger: 690hp Haltech Powered Nissan GT-R

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Inspired by Nismo’s own GT500 spec racing cars in SuperGT, Hong Kong based KC racing have built their GT-R with the goal of taking it racing. The extreme looking GT-R is also a demo car for a range of locally made aero parts from Topmix International which we hadn’t seen until now.

So far they’ve just finish tuning the car and have taken it out to Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) just across the pond in China. That day they managed a 1:47.9 minute lap in the 40 degree heat with the boost lowered to around 1.2bar (vs. 1.37bar) due to the lack of great fuel. In this configuration it’s still good for 570ps.

This is one original looking GT-R. Interesting to see the Topmix front bar and just how much airflow it allows to the dual engine oil relocated intercoolers. This lets the primary radiator breath a lot better. Function over form for sure.

Link: KC Racing Website
Video: KCR35 at ZIC on Youtube

Engine Modifications

  • Haltech Platinum PRO R35 GT-R ECU
  • HKS Mushroom Air Filters
  • Custom Turbo Intake Piping
  • Custom blow off valves
  • Custom turbine outlet pipes

Click the Read More link below to see the full modifications list…

Read more…

STILLEN Targa Newfoundland: Competitive Day 1 of Racing – Photos and Wrapup

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A fairly ordinary weather outlook greeted team STILLEN this morning for the kickoff of competitive racing for Targa Newfoundland 2009. Fortunately it didn’t manage to dampen their spirits too much and they laid into the first 8 stages of day 1 of 5 total days of racing.

Today they scored zero penalties for each stage, meaning they finished each inside the goal time and consequently, are in equal first position with three other top teams. That is, amongst two Subaru STis and a Porsche GT3RS in the Modern division.

It was not all rainbows however as the team spotted a micro hole in one of the CV boots that could cause a lubrication failure. When changing out the CV boot they found the part they received was the wrong type. They plugged the hole and the boot has so far been ok the entire day so fingers crossed they either receive the right boot and change it out or it holds together in a plugged state. No doubt they’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

Thanks to Kyle Millen for keeping us up to date, follow the STILLEN twitter to get more regular updates and head over to the STILLEN blog for a more detailed update including more photos and video from the Road & Track team…

Link: STILLEN Blog
Twitter: Follow STILLEN
Link: Road & Track Magazine
Link: Targa Newfoundland – Day 1 Results

2011 GT-R Spied Again at Nurburgring – SpecM? Doubt It

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Nurburgring stalker extraordinaire KGP Photography has snapped shots of the Nissan GT-R back at Nurburgring this week. The shots clearly show the same stuff we posted back in April 2009 when NAGTROC member Kislik spotted the same car at the ‘ring.

Whats changed since then? Well the rear diffuser seems to have gained a long row of red LED’s which are most likely an update to the European/Australian specification’s rear fog light. The rear spoiler is now black and is possibly revised. Can’t tell exactly in what way.

Most car ‘blogs today are reporting this car to be the 2011 SpecM GT-R but personally, I can’t see much evidence to support that it is anything more than the 2011 facelift GT-R. Anyone else spot something I don’t on this car?

Images: Edmunds Straightline
More Images/Link: Jalopnik Nissan GT-R Spy Photos

SuperGT 2009: Round 7 @ FSW – High Res Photo Gallery and Full Race Report

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Firstly big ups to Nissan for continuing to translate these full race reports in a timely manner and making them available to the media. It’s a great thing to know whats going on in SuperGT as coverage is sparse at best outside Japan. Secondly, thanks for the great photos from the event and for publishing them quicker and quicker each round.

Don’t forget to click through the jump to read the rest of the report…

NISSAN GT-R Maintains championship lead with 2nd step on the podium
– SUPER GT 2009 Round 7 Race Report –

September 13th, Fuji Speedway (Oyama Town, Shizuoka prefecture)
Amidst favourable autumnal weather, Fuji Speedway hosted an action-packed Round 7 of the SUPER GT series, the “FUJI GT 300km RACE.” After qualifying 2nd, the MOTUL AUTECH GT-R (#1 Satoshi Motoyama/Benoit Treluyer) started from the front row, adding championship points in the race and edging one step closer to taking a second consecutive championship title.

Source: Nissan

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STILLEN Targa Newfoundland Coverage: Tech Inspection Day

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Well can you believe it’s mid-September already? I can’t but it is so that must mean team STILLEN are in Newfoundland prepping for Targa. The car spent today on the lifts / hoists having it’s suspension worked on. Steve was not happy with the ride height and softness settings on their GT-R’s Penske/STILLEN suspension so they’ve adjusted the height and stiffness and put the car back together for tech inspection.

Head over to STILLEN’s blog to check the video and other info from Kyle Millen who’ll be live-blogging from Newfoundland throughout the race.

Sunday’s leg is the Prologue so we shall see how the GT-R fares!

Update from Targa Newfoundland – Prologue leg: The car went well today and the team is satisfied with the pace, reaching 196km/h at one point. The prologue event does not count towards the Targa itself so Steve did not push it to the limit today.

Competitive racing begins tomorrow so stay tuned for Leg 1 of racing updates soon…

Link: STILLEN Blog: Targa Newfoundland: Saturday Day 1