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Willall Racing Transmission Piston Seal Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

September 30, 2009 Comments off


The GT-R has quickly grown from supercar to super tuner base car and it seems to be getting trickier to find an owner who hasn’t modified their GT-R these days. Just an exhaust they say, or just an ECU reflash… It’s so simple and rewarding, so why not eh?

While the debate on the durability of the Nissan GT-R’s gearbox may still rave on various blogs and forums around the net ,the innovators amongst us are coming out with their own preventative measures to prevent problems before the occur in a catastrophic way for those who do get the urge to tune.

One of the newer products on the market is the Willall Racing GR6 Piston Seal upgrade. Designed to prevent failures caused by OE seals that may deteriorate and cause the transmission to fail into limp mode or, at worst, take other internals down with it.

Priced at $390, you can hit up the Willall Racing website linked below for the full rundown and order form.

Link: Willall Racing Website

2011 Nissan GT-R SpecM Rendered in Japan – More Details

September 29, 2009 Comments off


With the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show right around the corner, Japanese car mags are speculating on the final look of the 2011 Nissan GT-R SpecM. The so called “GentleMen Spec” Nissan GT-R is expected to debut at the troubled bi-annual motor show where the first GT-R production model debuted in 2007.

In the November issue of Japanese Car Top Magazine (CARトップ). on sale this week, we learn that a fully optioned SpecM will eclipse the 18 million yen mark headed into 20 million yen (220k USD) territory. That would include the full SpecV++ treatment including hand stitched interior. Optional dry carbon parts are said to extend even further beyond what was seen from Nissan so far, and could include a full trunk lid replacement.

Color options are also sure to grow with a dark red rendered as well as a metallic yellow on the magazine’s cover. Other rumours including the December 2009 orders/first deliveries seem to be confirmed. We’ll know more once we get our hands on the magazine itself.

Images: Car Top Magazine

GT-RR Teams Up With Nissan GT-R Tuning Whiz John Shafer

September 28, 2009 Comments off


Whether you know it or not but if you’re running a Cobb AccessPORT in your Nissan GT-R then it’s a good bet that John Shafer tuned your car. The man behind the development of the Cobb AccessPORT for Nissan GT-R, including the Stage 1 and Stage 2 maps distributed with it, has joined the GT-RR team as Master Tuner.

It’s a good bet that John is a fantastic resource to back the GT-RR team if anyone should ever need to turn to him for after sales support, custom tuning or advice. John will be also be working on GT-RRs latest project car documented here. Check out the release from GT-RR below for full details.


GT-RR partners with John Shafer
Monday 28th September 2009

It is with great pleasure that we announce GT-RR’s newest member of our team of GT-R specialists. John Shafer has recently joined GT-RR officially as our Master GT-R Tuner. John will assist our projects and clients all over the world with technical support and custom tuning. GT-RR has already had a successful history working with John on various projects and we are excited to have him as an integrated part of our team to even better serve our clients needs.

John as many of you may know was the R35 GT-R tuning guru behind the development of the Cobb AccessPORT for the GT-R. John was also the first aftermarket tuner in the world to collaborate on the reverse engineering team for the GT-R’s ECU during his time working for Cobb. Since then John continued to make advancements to the Cobb unit, personally writing every map for every AccessPORT around the world. John has also served as a liaison for nearly every GT-R specialty tuning shop in North America. Amongst all of this, John has also written a tuning guide for Cobb which teaches their dealers how to tune the R35.

We at GT-RR are proud to take our level of service to new heights by adding John whom many would consider to be the most respected and experienced R35 GT-R tuner in the world.

Additionally, as you may have heard, we are now offering complete car building services on both coasts of the US as well as remote computer tuning worldwide. John’s tuning facility, Akuma Motorsports of Morganville, New Jersey has become our official east coast partner for our client projects. If you need any work done on your car, regardless of where you live, we now offer more flexible and cost effective solutions than ever before.

Keep tuned to our website and blog as we release more information of our new 2010 Black on Black Street car project and the finishing power modifications of our Toyo GT-R project, both of which are being tuned by John out of our east coast partner facility.

Client support and technical questions for John can be emailed to

Skylines Australia Track Day: This Sunday October 4th – Oran Park – Calling GT-R Owners

September 27, 2009 Comments off


Just a reminder to NSW, Australia based GT-R / Nissan / car owners in general that Skylines Australia is hosting a track day at Oran Park circuit in Sydneys west this coming Sunday October 4th.

Quite a few GT-Rs will be out on the track, including my own, so get out and have a punt around the South Circuit while you still can. Oran Park is scheduled to be demolished to make way for property development so you need to have a drive there at least once before it goes.

Cost is just $200 per car and full details and signup can be found over at the link below.

Link: Skylines Australia – Oran Park Trackday Events Thread

AAM Competition GT800-R Turbo Upgrades for Nissan GT-R – The Results

September 26, 2009 Comments off


I think you’ll remember back to when AAM launched these GT800-R turbo upgrades and may have been wondering how they worked out. AAM have completed not one but two customer cars by now and have gained quite a few more datapoints to back up their original test data.

You can check out the full build details over on the NAGTROC thread but the basic rundown is, with the AAM GT800-R turbo upgrades including supporting modifications the guys have made 708awhp and 623 lb/ft of torque on 100 octane gas. One point to note is that this beast maintains street legal status by way of a set of AAM high flow cats. You can watch this car on the dyno in the video below.

To back it up however, the guys complete a second turbo upgrade with a focus on being able to use pump gas. The results are suprisingly similar making 675awhp but a huge 651 lb/ft of torque. More torque than the car on 100 octane all from ordinary 93 octane gas.

Whats next for AAM? Well they’re currently tearing down a perfectly good VR38 engine to rebuild with stronger internals. We’ll be following this very closely as it will be one of the first and, at least so far, the best documented VR38 build to date.

Hit up the AAM website linked below if you’re looking for some more information and pricing on these upgrades.

Thanks Clint@AAM for compiling all the info and for the GT-R community input in general.

Link: AAM Competition Website
Link: AAM Threads on NAGTROCGT-R Turbos 1GT-R Turbos 2VR38 Teardown

Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fibre Rear Seat Delete for Nissan GT-R

September 25, 2009 Comments off


The GT-R is one of those very few supercars that is not only fun as a daily car but practical as well. You get 485hp a big trunk and four seats thrown in to make it a pretty damn good deal all round. Many of us however will use those rear seats as either somewhere to put the helmet when were off to the track or something else even less glamourous than that. There’s the option to remove the seats but then what?

Password:JDM have again hit the sweet spot between form and function with their take on the solution for this. A rear seat delete that leaves you with two lightweight and attractive rear 100% dry carbon seats.

The main feature points to note are:

  • 100% Dry Carbon Construction
  • High-strength, extremely lightweight, organic design
  • Tecnocraft ‘T1’ Racing Seat aesthetic design elements
  • Remove, replace, drop-in and install in minutes
  • Deletes OEM seatbelt hardware
  • Locks into place using factory mounting locations (washers/hardware provided)
  • Just under 7lbs for the pair.

Pricing was not available at the time of writing but to register your interest let the guys know by contacting them via their website linked below.

Link: Password:JDM Website

When developing a true function-over-form product for the R35, sometimes the end-result happens to be extremely aesthetically pleasing as well! We had to put our thinking caps on when bringing a real “game changer” rear seat delete alternative to market… the premise for the design and build was to delete the rear seat and delete all the stuff required for the rear seats. this premise came about since we find the factory rear seats near useless by design. there was hardly any leg room, so why even bother. reducing as much weight as possible without making this car look bare and naked has been our agenda since day one. The PWJDM Rear Seat Delete project has followed this directive to a T.

To maintain and forever perpetuate the infamous PWJDM baller reputation, we definitely had to build them out of 100% dry carbon fiber and mold them to fit both the body and the car like a glove. Building upon the successes of the Tecnocraft ‘T1’ racing seats ( from the premium side of Password Industries, Inc. We also kept in mind the interior “race bucket seat” theme and wanted a continuation of this effort for the rear seat deletes. what’s shown here is a true testament to PWJDM’s commitment to the platform as well as our abilities as a true tuner and developer of great products.

The first thing to notice would be the organic curvature of the rear seat delete, which provides structural strength and rigidity over just a simple flat design. Secondly, they have been molded in such a way to provide a tight, drop-in fit, and have eliminated the rear passenger seatbelt hardware – yes, you are correct, this weight-saving upgrade is strictly for off-road use only!

– Password:JDM

AVUS Performance Tuned Nissan GT-R – Germans at it Again

September 24, 2009 Comments off


This one crossed my email more than a few times today so obviously some of you are interested, so here it is. The AVUS Performance Nissan GT-R features a claimed horsepower boost up to 580hp with 516 lb/ft of torque via an exhaust and tune. It also features one mean looking facade achieved with a matte black vinyl and some aggressive offset, but standard, wheels thanks to spacers. Looks great but have AVUS erred too much on the conservative side here?

C’mon Germany! You guys give us such legendary tuning houses such as RUF and this is what you’re putting in press releases? Don’t produce any more COBRA N+ things (remember that?) PLEASE!

To make it up to us you can video your Batmobil at the Nurburgring hauling ass and allll will be forgiven!

Thanks to James for the first email tip in!

Source: Jalopnik

AVUS PERFORMANCE-Nissan GTR – Batmobil Reloaded

The Nissan GT-R build as a sportscoupe and direct opponent of the Porsche Turbo was revealed at the Tokio Motor Show in 2007. As a direct successor of the Skyline GT-R R34 the bar has been laid high already. With only 480 examples for Europe the GT-R is one of those rare sports-cars.

For AVUS PERFORMANCE a Nissan GT-R Black Edition was the basis for a very ambitious project. Besides optical changes they also put the emphasis on more power. A new modified ECU and a special new exhaust pipe (2 cats and the middle silencer have been removed) help the GT-R up to an impressive 580bhp and 700 Nm of torque (stock 485bhp and 588Nm).

Visually you can only imagine the power the GT-R has. The matt black, the lowering via coilovers (stock adjustments for the dampers will be kept) and the black painted 20″ wheels combined with wheel spacers sum up the package. Individually painted parts like the front bumper, the rear diffusor, air vents, tinted windows can be seen when taking a close look.

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Milltek Exhaust System for the Nissan R35 GT-R

September 23, 2009 Comments off


I admit I probably don’t cover anywhere near the variety of parts coming out of Europe that I should. Here is something I found appealing to make up for it though, the Milltek Exhaust for the GT-R.

This stainless system features a secondary cat delete Y-pipe section fitted with flex joints for enhanced durability. The Y-pipe feeds a 3″ / 76mm main section into two rear silencers feeding a quartet of 127mm outlets.

It’s all finished rather nicely without any burnt titanium look in sight. Checkout their website for a few more pics, or to find your nearest dealer, at the link below.

Link: Milltek Website


Corvette ZR-1 Sport Auto Supertest at Nurburgring Results In

September 22, 2009 Comments off


If you’re a manufacturer of anything even remotely sporty these days you’re no doubt testing at the Nurburgring. Fine tuning and tweaking the performance because of just how well the Nurburgring represents a wide variety of driving conditions.

You wont be the only one testing your final product there however because, if it’s a real sports car, then Germany’s Sport Auto magazine will put it to their famous Supertest.

The Nissan GT-R had to do it and passed with flying colours setting a 7:38 laptime with editor Horst von Saurma (HvS) behind the wheel. Well now the Corvette ZR1’s time has come to be put to the same test.

Despite the weight and power advantage over the GT-R, the ZR1 only managed to equal the GT-R’s 7:38 lap time on the 13 mile long Nordschliefe circuit in the hands of the same test driver, HvS.

Quite an interesting data point this considering each manufacturer previously set times in the 7:26 region. To then set a 7:38 in an independent test…

Other tracks were also compared in the German article, the ZR1 beating out the GT-R’s Hockenheimring laptime (1:09.7 to the GT-R’s 1:10.7) and then the ZR1 losing out to the GT-R in the wet handling course (1:36.8 to the GT-R’s 1:32.4).

Link: Sport Auto Magazine Website
Source: NAGTROC Forums


Mine’s Release Cam Shaft and Titanium Straight Pipe Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

September 21, 2009 Comments off


Mine’s continue leading the way in terms of GT-R engine tuning with the release of their latest hardware upgrades. The Mine’s Super Camshaft Shore PRO is a full camshaft replacement for the VR38DETT designed to unleash the full potential of the engine in terms of response and power.

The Mine’s camshaft profile on the intake side is 256 degree duration with 10.2mm of lift. On the exhaust side there’s 264 degree duration with 10.5mm of lift.

Compare the Mine’s camshaft profile against the standard item which is 238 degrees / 9.56mm on the intake and 248 degrees / 9.88mm on the exhaust and you can see that the Mine’s set will clearly breath better.

These would ideally suit someone already running / considering turbo upgrades but even on the standard turbos you would see a concrete improvement once tuned. They’re full drop in replacements for both GT-R and SpecV GT-Rs.

Update: Pricing for the Mine’s Camshaft set is 138,000 yen.


Next up Mine’s have also released the final word in lightweight titanium midpipe for those who are chasing the ultimate response and power from their GT-R.

The Mine’s Titanium Straight Converter for Nissan GT-R removes the secondary catalytic converters and replaces them with two small resonators. The final weight reduction over the standard item is 9.8 kg (3.6 kg vs. 13.4 kg). The main pipe sections are 70mm into a pair of 110mm resonators. Then via dual 70mm pipes into a single 80mm collector.

Fitment is a simple bolt on affair and pricing is to be announced shortly. Again, stay tuned to the new Mine’s website for more details.

Update: Pricing for the Mine’s Titanium Straight Converter is set at 210,000 yen.

Link: Mine’s Website (English)