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Road & Track: STILLEN GT-R Vids With AP Racing Carbon Brakes

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Picked this up off STILLEN’s twitter feed today. Road & Track have published a few new videos on their STILLEN GT-R video minisite of the car’s prep for the Targa Newfoundland. Some of these showing the fitting up of the new AP Racing Carbon Ceramic brakes for the GT-R as well as the bed-in procedure.

The car looks amazing and can’t wait to see more details on the carbon brakes.

Link: R&T: STILLEN GT-R Videos

Garage Saurus Intake Piping Kits for Nissan GT-R Now Available

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For those keen on a full replacement for your intake, blow of valves, and intercooler piping all in one kit, it’s now here. Garage Saurus have been putting this together for a while but it’s finally available to customers.

Seen here is the final production version of the kit which includes full replacement polished alloy intake piping, silicon joiners, clamps, Blitz blow off valves and Blitz air filters.

Final RRP is 302,400 yen but speak to your local Garage Saurus dealer for a good price.

Link: Garage Saurus Website

MCR Update Carbon Aero Parts Lineup

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After a short hiatus in the parts release department, MCR have updates in the aero range that should be available for GT-R owners now or in the very near future. We got our first look at the MCR Carbon Front Lip prototype about 12 whole months ago now. To match it, MCR have finished a set of subtle carbon sideskirts and a new design rear underspoiler as well.

The rear underspoiler is quite unique, it takes a leaf out of the new Nissan Z34’s book with an integrated tail lamp in the center. It even looks like the OE tail lamp fitted back there. Interesting indeed.

MCR have also been busy updating their website of late, so if you’re in the mood to checkout their whole range in one place, head over to the link below.

If you’re more interested in getting your hands on these, hit up who’ll be getting the first ones in shortly.

Link: MCR’s New Carbon Aero Parts @
Link: MCR’s Website – Updated

Alcon SuperKit Brake Upgrades for Nissan GT-R in US from SpeedForSale

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Well we saw these first about a month ago, huge brake upgrades from UK based Alcon had made their way to a few early customers in Asia. The brakes are now officially available to all in Europe and the US.

July 27, 2009 – Alcon Components LTD, a world-wide leader in high performance braking systems and technology, has confirmed that will be the exclusive North American distributor of their Nissan GT-R Brake SuperKits & OEM Lightweight Rotor Upgrades.

The official press release then goes on to give a few of the details of these mammoth brake kits, the largest currently available for the GT-R.

The GT-R SuperKit has the largest brake caliper, rotor, and pad upgrade available for the GT-R, with the front rotors having a massive 15.75” x 1.42” (400mm x 36mm) size, and the rear rotors coming in at 15.16” x 1.30” (385mm x 33mm.) The kit’s 2-piece floating rotors also include Alcon’s unique bobbin drive system and crescent groove pattern on the face along with 48 internal vanes with turbulators. The mammoth sized ‘Mono-block’ calipers are machined from solid billet and contain 6-pistons in both the front AND rear, along with dust seals, anti-rattle clips, ventilated piston inserts in the front, and utilization of the OEM parking brake in the rear. The brake pads included are Pagid RS9-2 models, with anti-squeal shims and a surface area of 33.6” square inches (217 square centimeters) in the front and 18.7” (121 sq cm) in the rear. High quality Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines complete the kit. And, best of all, these huge brakes fit inside the OEM 20” wheels and work with the stock brake actuation system!

Pretty much brake porn right there… Pricing on the full SuperKit is $12,990 including everything you need and a choice between Castrol and Motrul brake fluid.

If you’re looking at upgrading brakes but are quite content with the standard Brembo calipers, Alcon are now also producing a lightweight OEM replacement rotor kit. A full set of four, including hats, pre-assembled, ready to fit up will set you back only $3,500 or just $3,000 if you’re one of the first four to order at the link below

Want more info? Check out the links below.

Link: Alcon SuperKit for Nissan GT-R @
Link: Alcon Lightweight OEM Replacement Rotors @

Images: All images (C) Maximus RacingSee our previous story

SuperGT 2009: Round 5 Full Race Report and High Res Images

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Here’s the full official Nissan press release pertaining to the win over the weekend at Sugo Sportsland for round five of the SuperGT 2009 championship season. We’ve also posted a gallery of the high res images courtesy of Nissan Motors Japan for rounds 4 and 5 of the 2009 season which were both wins for the GT-R.

Enjoy and don’t forget to follow the Read More link to see the rest of the report and galleries…

NISSAN GT-R takes 4th victory of the season
– SUPER GT 2009 Round 5 Race Report –

July 26th, Sportsland SUGO racing course (Murata town, Miyagi prefecture)
Round 5 of SUPER GT was decided in this part of the country by the MOTUL AUTECH GT-R (#1 – Satoshi Motoyama / Benoit Treluyer) who, having started from sixth on the grid, moved to the front in the later stages of the 81-lap event to claim their second victory of the season. With this result, the NISSAN GT-R has now taken 4 wins from 5 races this year.


Source: Nissan

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FIA GT: 2010 GT1 Nissan GT-R GT1 Podium Finish at the 24hrs of Spa

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A great result for the 2010 GT1 specification Nissan GT-R in it’s biggest test to date in the FIA GT championship season of 2009 – the 24hrs of Spa endurance race in Belgium this weekend. The 2010 GT1 specification GT-R is a significant change over the current season’s GT1 specification and has more weight and less power to get the job done.

The GT-R began the race from 8th position on the grid, already a great achievement and finished 13th overall and 3rd in the GT1 class overall. Of the 2010 GT1 specification cars entered in the race, the GT-R was 1st place.

Overnight the team was battling it out maintaining 4th – 5th position overall and was seriously considering an overall podium place, a mammoth achievement. It wasn’t to be however when the car had a mechanical issue around 6:30am leading to a 90 minute pitstop which cost them 15 positions.

They re-entered the field in 19th spot and clawed back those places without further mechanical troubles.

“Not one of the drivers made a single mistake throughout the 24 hours, and that is something really special, especially in such tricky conditions. We had oil on the track, we had water when we were on slicks, we had all sorts of changing weather. It was slightly disappointing that we missed an overall podium – but if you’d told me before the race that we’d be in with a chance, I’d have said, ‘Come on, that’s not realistic.’ I am really proud that we finished and I’m much more relaxed now about the NISSAN GT-R’s final race of the season, at Zolder. Spa was the main test for us, and we now know we can last 24 hours!”

Michael Krumm, Nismo

In further GT1 GT-R news, the team has announced the previously undisclosed final race for the 2009 development season will be on the 25th October 2009 for round 8 at Zolder in Brussels.

You can read the entire press release from Nismo after the jump. More GT-R specific photos hopefully to come from Nismo / Nissan in the coming week.

Images: (C) DPPI via FIA GT

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SuperGT 2009: MOTUL Nismo GT-R Wins at SUGO for Round 5

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SuperGT is back in Japan for round five for the 2009 championship season and the Nissan GT-R is proving again to be an unstoppable competitor after the #1 MOTUL Nismo GT-R finished in first place for Sunday’s race. The win comes after starting in 8th on the grid after a penalty incurred during qualifying for passing under yellow flag conditions.

The race started under fine skies and with the #3 Hasemi Tomica Ebbro GT-R on pole position. Early on in the race multiple GT-Rs were contending for the top positions but the rain had something to say about this around lap 25 of the 81 lap race. By lap 33 the rain had increased and teams were forced to pit for a tire change.

The #1 MOTUL Nismo GT-R exited the pit in good position and was able to continue to battle for the first two finishing places. Then, when the track began to dry around lap 60 they opened the taps and put the win beyond doubt.

This big weekend of racing has completely turned Nismo’s 2009 championship season around and moved them from 6th on the team rankings to 1st place by 5 points! Kondo racing, who were leading last round, are now bumped down to third in the team rankings with 50 points.

Link: SuperGT Official Site

FIA GT: Nissan GT-R Qualifies in Position 8 for Spa 24hrs

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A “slight” headlight upgrade sees the GT-R ready for night racing and the 24hrs of Spa which kicks off today. The GT-R put in a good showing in qualifying in typical Spa weather. That is crazy… sunshine plus sudden thunderstorm… light rain and then torrential downpours.

On slicks in light rain the GT-R, Michael Krumm put in a great effort for position eight on the grid on just his second lap. The very next lap was looking good for sixth or seventh put was aborted due to sudden heavy rain

…when I was on my next lap, I was scheduled for about P6 or P7, but just 2 corners before the start/finish line there was suddenly a “curtain” of water right in front of me. It was a rather amazing experience. It was very unreal to see this heavy rain just starting at exactly one spot. Of course when I entered this curtain of water with slick tires, there was no way to continue even one corner so I had to abort the lap…

Michael Krumm

While the grid position is good, it means very little in a 24hrs endurance race where strategy matters far more. The goal here is still just finishing.

The race can be watched live online at thanks for Gigawave.

Images: DPPI via FIA GT
Link: – Live Action Stream from 24hrs of SPA

BBS LM-R Wheels for Nissan GT-R – More Photos from GTR-World

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GTR-World got the scoop on some more glamorous shots of the new wheels from BBS. The LM-R in DBK color manufactured and sold in partnership with Hashimoto Corp in Japan. You can now get a feel for how they look posed properly on a GT-R. The red center caps looks great.

These classy wheels are performance oriented too, if you needed another excuse to put the credit card down they shave 0.5kg per front wheel and 1kg per rear wheel off your unsprung, rotational mass. A decent saving.

Source: GTR-World: Hashimoto Corp Release BBS LM-R Wheels for Nissan GT-R

AAM GT800-R Turbo Upgrades Arrive With Test Data

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After just completing the engineering and testing phase of the new AAM 800hp turbo upgrades for the Nissan GT-R the guys have announced they made 659 hp at the wheels on just 19psi of boost on pump gas! Youch that’s a lot of power. What’s more is that the guys had only just begun to scratch the surface of the potential here and are expecting 700awhp by the time they’re done.

Fitted to the first AAM 800hp Turbo Upgrade Nissan GT-R was the following supporting modifications:

Note that AAM actually opted to go for high-flow catalytic converters instead of a straight through exhaust like many would. Interesting choice and it shows their cat’s design is solid for sure.

Next up from AAM is a competition intercooler setup as the stockers just aren’t cutting it at 700hp and I’m not surprised!

Check the dyno chart below and head over to NAGTROC to see the dyno run videos.

Link: AAM Website: GT-R Products
Link: NAGTROC Discussion thread and dyno videos