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UK: Nissan GT-Rs for Clunkers Program

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While in the states a proposed Cash for Clunkers program would require any replacement vehicle to be somewhat greener than the outgoing one, this doesn’t appear to be a factor in the UK. When the program began, two future Godzilla owners were quick off the mark signing up within hours.

Elsewhere in Europe the news is dimmer for Nissan GT-R fans with France and Italy setting emissions restrictions on cars bought under such programs.

Good news though for UK folks who are planning on getting into a GT-R and have their old junkers lying around indeed.

Source: Autotrader UK via Autoblog

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GT-RR Launch Carbon Dry Japan Parts for Nissan GT-R

May 21, 2009 Comments off


GT-RR has teamed up with Japanese carbon parts manufacturer Carbon Dry Japan to launch their extensive range of Nissan GT-R parts globally. Carbon Dry Japan is already known for producing parts for other tuners such as Esprit for whom they manufacture Esprit Dry Carbon GT Wing 262 and front grilles. Having just been launched in Japan, GT-RR has already setup a partnership with the company to distribute globally and so, available now, is the full range of parts from aero to interior including:

Aero Parts

  • Dry Carbon Aero Hood
  • Dry Carbon Rear Wing
  • Dry Carbon Side Skirts
  • Dry Carbon Front Canards
  • Dry Carbon Rear Underspoiler w/optional F1 LED Tail light
  • Dry Carbon Rear Overfenders
  • Dry Carbon Front Lip Spoiler

Moving on to the interior we have:

  • Dry Carbon Console Surround
  • Dry Carbon Aircon Outlet Surrounds
  • Dry Carbon Shifter Center Surround
  • Dry Carbon Cup Holders

The quality of Carbon Dry parts has to be seen in person to fully appreciate. I checked out the Esprit parts recently and was impressed with what I saw. I think for the price you’d have pay for these items that’s something you might want to do before you make the jump.

For full photos of everything listed up there and pricing, hit up the link to the Carbon Dry Japan category over at GT-RR.

Link: Carbon Dry Japan parts on

MVP Motorsports GT-R Breaks Quarter Mile Record – 10.31 @ 131mph

May 20, 2009 Comments off


Well known Texas based Toyota Supra shop MVP Motorsports have been preparing their own Nissan GT-R for some time now while also preparing to launch their new online store

And, as they say, what better way to do it than to set a new record R35 GT-R quarter mile time? Hitting up the brand new Dallas Raceway dragstrip they managed a 10.31 second ET @ 131 mph beating the previous world GT-R record by almost two tenths.

Of course this GT-R is no factory standard car and modifications include upgraded turbos, intercoolers, intakes, turbo outlet pipes, and y-pipe by ARD Motorsports. The ECU is a MVP tuned Cobb AccessPORT. Notice also that nitrous is left conspicuously OFF the modifications list and indeed was not used at the drags.

Thanks to Dusty@MVP for the heads up.

Link: MVP GT-R Website
Link: MVP Motorsports

Nissan Japan Lowers the Cost of GT-R Maintenance

May 19, 2009 Comments off


When the Nissan GT-R launched it truly was marketed as a supercar for anyone, anywhere, anytime and at a price you can afford to boot. That is, you can afford it to begin with but what about living with it?

Initially there were concerns when OE consumable pricing made it’s way out via dealers but as time went on it seemed the average owner who maintained the car properly and wasn’t hitting the track every weekend could afford to maintain it without having to sell a vital organ every 6 months.

That being said, I don’t think anyone can say it’s cheap by any stretch of the imagination, and those big ticket service items (noone ever pretended giant brakes were cheap to maintain right?) are still going to make a decent size dent in anyone’s pocketbook. There is some interesting news out of Japan that may help though.

Nissan has announced they’ve lowered the cost for OE Brembo brake pads and Bridgestone RE070 runflat tires. On top of this they’ve updated the service intervals so that the average GT-R owner will need to back at the dealership less often. The new, Japan region service intervals look like this:

  Operating Temperature Updated Interval Previous Interval
Engine Oil Below 110℃ Every 15,000km or 12 months Every 10,000km or 12 months
110℃ to 130℃ 5,000km 3,000km
Above 130℃ As soon as possible As soon as possible
Transmission Fluid Below 110℃ 60,000km 30,000km
110℃ to 140℃ 5,000km 3,000km
Above 140℃ Service as soon as possible Service as soon as possible
Front / Rear Diff Oil Both diffs below 110℃ 60,000km 30,000km
Both diffs 110℃ to 140℃ 5,000km 3,000km
Both diffs above 140℃ Service as soon as possible Service as soon as possible

Of course many owners have already discovered the benefits of cheaper and better performing aftermarket consumables like brakes and oils, and if you’re tracking the car it’s likely the best way to go.

For the rest of us, it’s not known if Nissan will update service intervals in other regions now or in the future. It is likely going to depend on what the service departments are seeing as time goes by. Outside of Japan, for now you’d be best served by following your owners manual for recommended service intervals.

I’m sure some owners agree and some don’t. Let us know your experiences in the comments below…

Source: Nissan Japan

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Ventross Launch VTR Aero for Nissan GT-R

May 18, 2009 Comments off


A division of US parent tuning company Vorsteiner, Ventross has been tasked with creating original styling packages for various Japanese cars. So far they’ve given the Lexus IS-F a makeover and this week they launch their Nissan GT-R aero lineup.

Up front the Nissan’s front bar and front lip is replaced. The single piece carbon fibre VTR Aero Front Bumper adds an aggressive looking pair of front intakes as well as an extended lower spoiler which should bump up the front downforce. Being constructed using Vorsteiner’s carbon fibre honeycomb matrix method, this should be quite a durable part.

In back is VTR Aero rear underspoiler with built in diffuser again manufactured in carbon. Release date for these items is the 1st of June 2009.

These items look aggressive but keep the overall GT-R lines and because of that come away a winner indeed. It’ll be great to see Ventross have a go at some side skirts or rear spoiler in the future.

Link: Ventross Website
Images: Vivid Racing and Ventross


Nissan Nurburgring Test GT-R Model and SpecV Model

May 17, 2009 Comments off


Nissan have partnered with Kyosho to bring us this 1/43rd scale 2007 Nissan GT-R Nuburgring test mule model limited edition. It joins a niche with other Nissan GT-R test cars from manufacturer HPI who has a 2007 Nurburgring model and a 2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed model out. The difference here is that the Kyosho item has camo stripes added. There were only 500 of these Kyosho models made available via Nissan’s online store and unfortunately they all sold out already. They may still be had via Japanese online auctions like Yahoo but are now at almost twice the price…

The SpecV models are just about ready and recently GT-R World checked out the Aoshima version at the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009. This 1/24th scale resin model is due out soon.

Link: – Shizuoka Hobby Show Photos
Link: Nissan Shop


Nissan GT-R SpecV Long Term Test: Openers Magazine

May 16, 2009 Comments off


Japanese web magazine Openers is quite unique in it’s approach to giving an inside glimpse into Tokyo culture, fashion and the high end automotive lifestyle. Recently they’ve begun a new series in the automotive section called the Long Term Test and, as the name suggests, will be living with a car for the long term with regular updates on how they’re going.

The first car they’ve purchased to launch this series is the 2009 Nissan GT-R SpecV and in their first article have described the purchase and delivery process. How it differs to some of your experiences outside Japan may be quite stark.

Head on over to the link below, and we will endeavor to keep you updated on Opener’s ownership experience of the SpecV.

Link: Openers Web Magazine: Long Term Test – SpecV has Arrived! (English)
Link: SpecV Initial Impressions Video – Japanese

Nismo Sports Resetting ECU and TCM for Nissan GT-R

May 15, 2009 Comments off


Nissan’s motorsports arm, Nismo, has announced it will be offering a warranty backed ECU and Transmission Control Module (TCM) upgrade for Nissan GT-R and GT-R SpecV owners in Japan. The upgrade is available separate to previous Nismo offerings for the Nissan GT-R such as the Nismo Clubsport Package and introduces a couple of interesting changes:

  • Improved low end torque and response from modified ECU maps
  • Increased maximum boost pressure (0.1 bar) and increased low end boost
  • Improved, quicker, downshifts
  • Street speed limiter raised to 320km/h

There is a few caveats however which will limit the interest for non-Japanese residents for now. Nismo will not sell you this ECU and TCM, they will rent it to you for the period of 24 months. While you’re renting it your factory warranty is still good and is backed by Nismo’s own guarantee. When you’re done, Nismo return your original ECU and TCM to your car.

The price for the initial 24 month period is 294,000 yen for both the base and SpecV versions with an additional fee of 31,500 per year if you continue on past the 24 months.

Available for pre-order come June 1st 2009, deliveries begin on the 24th of June.

While it’s always good to see Nismo producing parts and backing them with a warranty, the whole concept just seems incredibly bizzare to me. Renting tuning parts?

What do you guys think?

Nissan Japan to Offer Upgrades for Early Model GT-Rs and SpecV Parts

May 14, 2009 Comments off


As we know Nissan began deliveries of the GT-R in December 2007 in Japan and since that time has made revisions and enhancements to the production car to continually improve on it’s performance. As the pinnacle of the Nissan brand and it’s technological capabilities, new tweaks are being rolled out with each successive model year.

The most recent set of changes has seen significant performance improvements for the latest model production GT-R. These include suspension improvements that improve the road handling and driving feedback, increases in power and improvements in the VDC software to enhance the GT-Rs acceleration. We call these cars Series II GT-Rs for simplicity.

While Nissan has been pro-active in offering the less tangible improvements to existing GT-R owners at no cost via the TCM software update available at dealerships, there is really not much that can be done about the hardware upgrades…

Well that’s no longer the case, for Japanese owners at least. For a special package price between 494,000 and 532,000 yen the suspension upgrade package is now available at Japanese NHPCs. The package includes the following parts:

  • Billstein Shock Absorbers (front and rear)
  • Springs (front and rear)
  • Transverse link bush
  • Engine Mount (rear)
  • Engine Mount (front) – 2007 models only
  • Transmission mount – 2007 models only
Diagram showing the updates to the late model Nissan GT-R suspension

Diagram showing the updates to the late model Nissan GT-R suspension

Nissan also makes note that certain SpecV parts will be available to purchase through NHPCs and dedicated service centers nationwide. The following parts previously only available on the SpecV will now be made available for other GT-R owners in Japan.

  • SpecV Rays 20″ Forged Aluminium Wheels
  • SpecV Recaro Carbon Bucket Seats
  • SpecV Titanium Muffler / Exhaust
  • SpecV Resevoir Tank

I dare say you’d now be able to have your dealer install any number of these upgrades prior to delivery if you were that way inclined. This announcement was quite expected after the GT-R recently made a 7:27.56 lap time at the Nurburgring on SpecV wheels.

Whether other regions such as the US will follow suit in offering either of these options from Nissan is unknown at this time.

Source: Nissan Japan

Update: Ben from has let us know that they’re able to offer all of the Nissan OEM parts listed above including the SpecV parts to global GT-R owners. If there’s anything of interest to you, check them out at their website

7:26.7 at Nurburgring – Nissan’s Official Announcement

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Well we had the advanced warning for Porsche back in late April but today Nissan has made it 100% official with a press release and some further details. Too bad for them.

Nissan’s Chief Test Driver Toshio Suzuki has bested even his amazing previous laptimes with a scorching 7:26.7 in a standard base model Nissan GT-R on standard Dunlop run flat summer tires.

Nissan has stated that they also followed the standard testing points used by respected SportAuto Magazine.

Check after the jump for the English version of the press release…

Photo: Kislik (C) 2009
Source: Nissan

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