Nismo Sports Resetting ECU and TCM for Nissan GT-R

May 15th, 2009


Nissan’s motorsports arm, Nismo, has announced it will be offering a warranty backed ECU and Transmission Control Module (TCM) upgrade for Nissan GT-R and GT-R SpecV owners in Japan. The upgrade is available separate to previous Nismo offerings for the Nissan GT-R such as the Nismo Clubsport Package and introduces a couple of interesting changes:

  • Improved low end torque and response from modified ECU maps
  • Increased maximum boost pressure (0.1 bar) and increased low end boost
  • Improved, quicker, downshifts
  • Street speed limiter raised to 320km/h

There is a few caveats however which will limit the interest for non-Japanese residents for now. Nismo will not sell you this ECU and TCM, they will rent it to you for the period of 24 months. While you’re renting it your factory warranty is still good and is backed by Nismo’s own guarantee. When you’re done, Nismo return your original ECU and TCM to your car.

The price for the initial 24 month period is 294,000 yen for both the base and SpecV versions with an additional fee of 31,500 per year if you continue on past the 24 months.

Available for pre-order come June 1st 2009, deliveries begin on the 24th of June.

While it’s always good to see Nismo producing parts and backing them with a warranty, the whole concept just seems incredibly bizzare to me. Renting tuning parts?

What do you guys think?

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  1. James
    | #1

    so whats stopping people from NOT returning the parts after 24 month?

  2. | #2

    A contract I guess.

  3. gdzilla
    | #3

    i think i speak for every business man out there… in regards to a contract being turned from a client — WTF!?!

    totally ridiculous….. just my opinion……..

    i’ll take a set please.. 🙂

  4. Driver
    | #4

    When will this be available to US customers

  5. GianTkilleR
    | #5

    Wow Nismo are getting very weird these days. Have you guys seen the GTR badged dry-carbon breifcase?!

    Do you know if the TCM system is available on it’s own?

  6. Adam
    | #6

    Nismo makes quality stuff, but I can’t help but think they are pricing themselves out of the market with their GT-R parts. $21,000 exhaust, $15,000 seats, and now a $3,000 ECU rental. When comparable quality aftermarket companies are beating your price point by 4 times, I’m not sure how much business sense it makes. I’m not convinced that the Nismo mods for this car are aimed at people with their ear to the ground for tuning, but rather wealthy owners who are more casual drivers and owners. If I had a GT-R I would definitely take a miss on the Nismo parts this time around.

  7. | #7

    I agree to a point. There’s a flipside though.

    Noone else is offering TCM modifications at the moment so you have to add at least a little on top of the ordinary ECU pricetag for that.

    Secondly the warranty factor.

    That being said it is still crazy in my opinion. Less crazy than $21,000 exhaust though.

  8. | #8

    I have seen the briefcase, it’s something cool to see but no real reason to own one. Who uses a briefcase these days? I dont really see them around too often. It’s actually a Nissan item not produced by Nismo.

    I do have lots of other “Nissan Collection” stuff that I bought when the exchange rate was good, just not that.

  9. | #9

    Probably never – US customers have other options like the COBB…

  10. Tom
    | #10

    It means that the rev limit can be safely raised for me as for the price what’s 300000 yen when you just bought the car for 20M ?

  11. totnkof
    | #11

    Ridiculous!!!! Now that’s consumer support for the US, huh? Renting parts? Again, ridiculous Nissan!!!!!! WAKE UP! You’ll sell more parts here through the dealers by making them more affordable, not less. You’ll sell more cars here by making the SYSTEM more attractive, NOT LESS. In the end, the motivated US Tuners will win out anyway…forget the warranty, that seems to be the only motivating factor for Nissan, the BIG THREAT.

  12. | #12

    Renting, huh? Strange. This is why after market upgrades are such a giant industry. No other alternative may be available yet, but any upgrade creating this type of buzz is sure to have competitors soon. These competitors will likely offer their product to you for purchase, though (crazy, I know). So unless you “gotta have it now”, this rental upgrade seems kind of pointless. (And even if you gotta have it now, you don’t really ‘got it’ do you? It’s a rental…) The one positive aspect, which can be very important, is that it will allow you to maintain your warranty. In all likelihood, other after market manufacturers would not be able to offer this.

  13. | #13

    Did I read this right? They don’t want to sell it you, instead they want to rent it? I hate renting. I always like to buy things, that way I feel I have something that’s of value and could be sold if I needed to get in some cash.

  14. dumorin
    | #14

    have infinty i30 2001.while i drove onthe road.therpm was 750 rpn and he going up to5000.rpn and transmissioon not aia turn the car off foe few mnt and start the cat he can drive for next 5hhrs

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