Nissan Japan to Offer Upgrades for Early Model GT-Rs and SpecV Parts

May 14th, 2009


As we know Nissan began deliveries of the GT-R in December 2007 in Japan and since that time has made revisions and enhancements to the production car to continually improve on it’s performance. As the pinnacle of the Nissan brand and it’s technological capabilities, new tweaks are being rolled out with each successive model year.

The most recent set of changes has seen significant performance improvements for the latest model production GT-R. These include suspension improvements that improve the road handling and driving feedback, increases in power and improvements in the VDC software to enhance the GT-Rs acceleration. We call these cars Series II GT-Rs for simplicity.

While Nissan has been pro-active in offering the less tangible improvements to existing GT-R owners at no cost via the TCM software update available at dealerships, there is really not much that can be done about the hardware upgrades…

Well that’s no longer the case, for Japanese owners at least. For a special package price between 494,000 and 532,000 yen the suspension upgrade package is now available at Japanese NHPCs. The package includes the following parts:

  • Billstein Shock Absorbers (front and rear)
  • Springs (front and rear)
  • Transverse link bush
  • Engine Mount (rear)
  • Engine Mount (front) – 2007 models only
  • Transmission mount – 2007 models only
Diagram showing the updates to the late model Nissan GT-R suspension

Diagram showing the updates to the late model Nissan GT-R suspension

Nissan also makes note that certain SpecV parts will be available to purchase through NHPCs and dedicated service centers nationwide. The following parts previously only available on the SpecV will now be made available for other GT-R owners in Japan.

  • SpecV Rays 20″ Forged Aluminium Wheels
  • SpecV Recaro Carbon Bucket Seats
  • SpecV Titanium Muffler / Exhaust
  • SpecV Resevoir Tank

I dare say you’d now be able to have your dealer install any number of these upgrades prior to delivery if you were that way inclined. This announcement was quite expected after the GT-R recently made a 7:27.56 lap time at the Nurburgring on SpecV wheels.

Whether other regions such as the US will follow suit in offering either of these options from Nissan is unknown at this time.

Source: Nissan Japan

Update: Ben from has let us know that they’re able to offer all of the Nissan OEM parts listed above including the SpecV parts to global GT-R owners. If there’s anything of interest to you, check them out at their website

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    somehow i don’t like this.

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    Anyone care to guess what a SpecV resevoir tank is? 😛

  3. Bendoe
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    Yeah, for what fluid??^^
    I would say for gas, but my answer is too easy to be true 🙂

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    Seems unlikely.

    The gas tank is a major item to replace which requires dropping the rear subframe. Something you don’t want to do unless you have to and not exactly an upgrade either.

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    Perhaps for the piss that nissan’s taking globally?

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    BTW Kris, Need help! The TCM update you talk about is going from V07 to V09 for the US Cars. Some of our older cars run V04, for which Japan says V09 is not good. Trouble is we cannot lay hands on V07. Can you rattle some bushes? I can give you the exact code for the TCM update if needed. It is a 400kb file which gets patched through using Consult.

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    Do they say why it’s not good? Not good could mean noisy or … kablaam.

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