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Nissan GT-R Injector Flow Test Comparison and Future Upgrades

May 31, 2009 Comments off


More and more injector upgrades are being placed on the market to meet the fuel demands of the more powerful GT-Rs out there. There hasn’t really been much publicized testing or even acknowledgment of the standard injector capabilities versus after market items though. Garage Saurus have made it pretty simple for us with a nice visual you can check out below.

In their testing, the standard GT-R injectors flowed equal to a 570cc injector. You can see below the comparison with SARD 650cc injectors which flowed around 660cc for this test and BOSCH 750cc injectors which actually seemed capable of flowing up to 820cc in testing.

As a side note, Garage Saurus liked the BOSCH injectors so much they will be using them in a big injector bolt-on upgrade for the GT-R which they’ll sell you for 24,000 yen a piece, or 144,000 yen all up. Don’t all rush out and by them though because the GT-R still needs something to control these big injectors. The standard ECU is out of it’s depth with injectors of this size.

Link: Garage Saurus’ R35 Tuning Website


STILLEN Release GT-R 304 Exhaust and Y-Pipe for Nissan GT-R

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Adding to their growing lineup of quality tuning parts for the Nissan GT-R, STILLEN have announced a new cat back exhaust system. Manufactured entirely from hand tig welded 304 grade stainless steel, it cuts the fat off the stock stainless system by ditching exhaust note dampening mufflers and ends up 27% lighter. That is, 30 lbs versus the 41 lbs for the OE version. The polished rear section leads to four attractive looking 5″ outlets and all up the system is $2,475.

The ideal match for the light weight cat back system is a resonated y-pipe and STILLEN also have you covered there with the new release of their STILLEN Secondary Cat Delete Y-Pipe. Again manufactured from hand tig welded polished 304 grade stainless it features dual resonators to keep the drone down and flex joins to guarantee durability. It’s 47% lighter than the factory item thanks to the removal of the secondary catalytic convertors. This one sells for $768.25.

The end result is lighter exhaust with a race car exhaust note which is exactly what the GT-R needs to bring it to life.

Link: STILLEN Website | Cat Back Exhaust | Y – Pipes

Sport Auto Magazine Nissan GT-R Supertest Result

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Sport Auto Magazine is the German magazine responsible for what many claim is the definitive independent test of a car at the Nurburgring. Manufacturers test their cars to the standards originally set by the Sport Auto Supertest and publish their results accordingly. The Sport Auto Supertest is then eagerly awaited as an independent verification or challenge of those manufacturers claims.

Sport Auto’s Nissan GT-R Supertest is due to be published in the upcoming weeks having recently been run after the first German / Euro specification Nissan GT-R deliveries. At the hands of editor Horst von Saurma (HvS) the GT-R is rumored to have produced a laptime of 7:38.

It’s no news to our readers that Nissan Chief Test Driver Toshio Suzuki has recently managed to push the GT-R to a 7:26.7 laptime, some 11-12 seconds quicker than HvS. Does this call into doubt the validity of Nissan’s claim? I argue the opposite and actually feel this lends more credibility to Nissan’s laptimes.

Given Suzuki-san’s obvious headstart of having developed the car from the beginning and having made hundreds of laps at the ‘Ring in the GT-R it is not a surprise he is quicker than a magazine editor around the same track. Even if that magazine editor is the veteran of hundreds of his own laps in various other cars.

So Sport Auto manages 7:38 but let’s revive a dead horse for some more beating… Porsche has claimed in the past that they could not do better than 7:54, despite proof from Nissan, and have recently backed themselves again and repeated the comment. Any comment from Porsche on this most recent test….. ?

Photo Gallery: SSP Clutch Pack Upgrade Install and Update

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Southside Performance say they have had a lot of success with their upgrade clutches for the Nissan GT-R’s GR6 DSG gearbox today in their latest update. Running them in their development GT-R with over 700hp, they’ve managed to reduce any clutch slip issues significantly. Over 30 sets have found homes with GT-R owners worldwide to date.

Done properly, clutch upgrades like these wont only improve the GT-R’s ability to get power to the ground but should lead to lower transmission operating temperatures under load and thus less transmission maintenance overall. Priced from $1,399 they also come with a 1 year warranty, you can check out the full press release here.

Combine these with other upgrades to the transmission like the PPG 1st gear and input shaft upgrade of the PPG 1st-6th gear upgrades for a more robust gearbox all round.

One weak link down in the quest for big horsepower GT-Rs…

Link: SouthSide Performance

Rays Volk Racing VR.G2 Wheels in GT-R Sizes Shipping Now

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The awaited Nissan GT-R offset Volk Racing G2 are shipping now so you can finally get your hands on some if these look like they might be your style. These lightweight forged aluminium wheels, originally named after the legendary TE37, debuted at SEMA 2008 in the US and Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 in Japan and first appeared on the Mine’s GT-R. Since then they’ve been tweaked to look more aggressive on the GT-R and the tweaks are all for the better in my opinion.

The sizes seen here are 20x10J +30mm front and 20x11J +15mm rear. The same as those found as an option on the Zele Performance Complete Edition. Pickup a set through your favourite Rays Volk Racing wheels dealer.

Photos: Scott, via NAGTROC

ARQRAY Schaferhund Exhaust for GT-R Looks Good in Final Production Spec

May 26, 2009 Comments off

ARQRAY Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

We showed you a few prototypes and early production models of this exhaust so far and got some positive feedback. I was surprised to find a new update from Arqray today with an updated shot of their final production version.

As predicted it looks great in final trim. For pricing and to hear what the ARQRAY Schaferhund exhaust sounds like, hit up the link to our previous article below.

Link: ARQRAY Pricing and Video
Link: ARQRAY Website

JUN Auto Custom Kit VR38DETT Engine Internals

May 25, 2009 Comments off


Well we had a little tidbit of info back in March regarding this but now we’ve heard that pre-orders are being taken for the JUN VR38DETT engine internals and it will be known as the VR38DETT Custom Kit. The kit should contain:

  • Billet conrods
  • Billet pistons
  • Billet crank shaft
  • Upgraded cams

The first 10 prototype kits are expected for September 2009 delivery and will sell for 1,575,000 yen in Japan. Expressions of interest on the first 10 kits are being taken but not deposits yet.

Those keen should contact their local dealer of JUN parts like GT-RR or GTC who I thank for passing on this info.

Link: JUN Auto Website

Ebbro Show Range of 2009 Nissan GT-R Models at Shizuoka

May 24, 2009 Comments off


The Shizuoka Hobby Show, an annual event where model makers show off their latest and future creations, finished up last weekend and today I spotted these photos of Ebbro’s upcoming 2009 range of 1/43rd scale Nissan GT-R models. Set for a June release, the SuperGT GT500 GT-Rs of all four teams in their 2009 specification aero and livery are looking good. I have the Ebbro 2008 SuperGT cars and the quality of them at this scale is top shelf.

We can also see that the FIA GT Test car in both all carbon finish and final 2009 FIA championship season livery will be released. This is set to June and may be a tough one to get a hold of as pre-orders are filling up and production may be limited.

Finally the GT-R SpecV models were shown and should be available in June as well, while they look good I think the HPI SpecV models look slightly better. Unfortunately HPI SpecV model will be four times more expensive at 16,500 yen versus the 4,000 yen expected for the Ebbro version.

Many of these models are available for pre-order already from certain Japanese hobby stockists, I always rely on Hobby Link Japan for all of these and the pre-orders.

Link: Hobby Link Japan – Ebbro GT-R Models
Source: via Yahoo Japan Blogs

SuperGT 2009 Round 4 – Sepang Circuit, Malaysia – Coming Up Fast

May 23, 2009 Comments off


In the Super Autobacs International SuperGT 2009 Series, round 4 at Sepang Circuit is the only round that actually qualifies for the international bit. I know we have a load of readers and GT-R fans in Malaysia and Singapore so here’s a very early reminder to get your tickets and get set for the GT500 action.

The race is on the weekend of the 20th and 21st of June with the final race on the Sunday and qualifying on the Saturday. The GT-R will be looking for a repeat performance from last year when the Woodone ADVAN Clarion #24 GT500 GT-R finished in first with the Nismo MOTUL Autech #22 GT-R close behind in second.

If anyone is up for a GT-R road trip from Singapore let me know!

Thanks to Marianah from Singapura Auto for the reminder.

Actor Richard Gutierrez Survives Horror GT-R Crash

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In the worst GT-R accident I’ve seen, Filipino actor Richard Gutierrez has escaped alive after careering off the road while rounding a bend early this morning, hitting a telegraph pole and trees. Unfortunately his assistant and colleague Nomar Pardo was also in the car and later died from his injuries on arrival at a hospital in Tagaytay.

Gutierrez is in a serious condition in Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa City. We wish him a full recovery and sincere condolences to the Pardo family.

Thanks to keen for the link and be safe on the road people…