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Photo Gallery: Budez Nissan GT-R Photo Shoot by TYC

February 23, 2009 Comments off

If you haven’t checked this out yet, head over to the link below to see the whole photo shoot. Some amazing shots of Kunani’s Budez GT-R against some amazing scenery.

Link: Budez GT-R Photoshoot by TYC @ NAGTROC

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Nissan GT-R by BRANEW: Black Edition Demo Car

February 21, 2009 Comments off

BRANEW’s design gets attention, there’s no doubt about it and their famous white demo car draws huge crowd at every show it attends. There is also a second demo car, it’s black and we’ve got some new photos of it to share thanks to BRANEW.

You can see here this democar is fitted out with the BRANEW original body styling parts. Up front we have the BRANEW front lip spoiler, a subtle addition to the front end. The BRANEW side skirts are fitted as well which works well against the BW101 22″ Matte Finish wheels. Around back is the BRANEW rear underspoiler center exhaust edition with the BRANEW stainless exhaust.

Overall I think the 22″ BW101‘s suit the GT-R more than the 23″ versions seen so far and also look better on black. Overall a great looking car. Thanks to BRANEW for the photos.

Link: BRANEW Website
Link: BRANEW related articles on GTRBlog
Link: BRANEW GT-R photo gallery from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009

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Nissan GT-R Sized BBM LM-ACQ Wheels – US Availability Update

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BBS USA has worked with BBS Japan to make the BBS LM range of 20″ wheels in GT-R sizes available in the US this year. Regular readers will remember when we announced this after a tip off from BBS USA in November last year.

We can now see that the LM-ACQ DSK (Silver) wheels are up on the Tirerack website for sale as of 1st April 2009. Price per front wheel is set at $1,475 with each rear coming in at $1,550.

Stats remain the same, 20×9.5″ up front and 20×10.5″ in the back. Check out our photo gallery from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 where we were able to get hands on with these upcoming wheels.

Link: Tirerack Website
Source: NAGTROC member Glenn
Link: BBS related articles on GTRBlog
Link: BBS LM-ACQ Wheel Range photo gallery from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009

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Type1 Racing’s Turbo Outlet Pipes Tested

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Type1 Racing finished off their complete turbo back exhaust solution with the release of these turbine outlet pipes recently. These de-cat outlet pipes are made from SUS316 grade stainless and are 76.3mm in diameter and are completely tig welded.

They also ship with the T1R O2 fix to prevent the “Check Engine Light” condition some guys report after fitting aftermarket de-cat front pipes. Check after the jump for a photo of that installed.

Fitted together with the T1R 90R exhaust and mid-pipes on the AJ Racing GT-R the guys dynoed the car and measured a 60hp and 50 lb/ft gain over the standard exhaust. The front pipes alone accounted for 10hp and 11 lb/ft of torque at peak with as much as a 30 hp improvement just from the front pipes in the midrange.

Since there’s no catalytic converters, these pipes save almost 7 kg over the OEM versions. When released in early April 2009 they will go on sale for $1050 CAD or around $795 USD.

Source: Type1 Racing Blog and NAGTROC
Link: Type1 Racing Website

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Import Tuner Magazine: Nismo Tokachi 24hrs Nissan GT-R

February 20, 2009 Comments off

Import Tuner Magazine has printed their Nismo Tokachi 24hrs endurance Nissan GT-R article online. It’s an interesting piece if you hadn’t read all about this car already so check it out. It includes details on why they built it and exactly what they did to the car to prep it for Japans only 24hr endurance race.

The photos by Dino alone are worth it.

Link: Import Tuner Magazine: Motul Nismo R35 GT-R – 24/7
Link: Nismo Tokachi GT-R Photo Gallery by GTRBlog
Link: Nismo Tokachi 24hrs Nissan GT-R related articles on GTRBlog

HKS Release Street Legal GT570 Sports Package

February 19, 2009 Comments off

For those of us not willing to take the risk of failing an emissions test the HKS GT570 Racing Package presents a problem. It ships with decat exhaust components mainly and depending on your local regulations this may not technically be legal.

To suit on-road street legal applications with almost identical performance, HKS have now released the HKS GT570 Sports Package which includes pretty much what you’d expect to see on a street legal version of the HKS GT570 Racing Package kit. That is:

  • HKS Stainless Metal Catalyzer Midpipes (75mm x 2 into 80mm x 1)
  • HKS Aluminium Intercooler Piping
  • HKS EVC Electronic Boost Controller
  • HKS Super SQV Blow Off Valves with Piping Kit
  • HKS Upgraded Turbo Wastegate Actuators
  • HKS Super Fire Racing M45HL Spark Plugs

Suitable for both series I (12/2007 to 12/2008) and series II (01/2009 onwards) GT-Rs the kit is priced around the 913,500 yen mark in Japan.

This is somewhat of an increase over the 598,500 yen retail price of the GT570 Racing Package. The price of staying legal…

Link: HKS Website

Osaka AutoMesse 2009: Trial Tuning Spirit GT-R

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Osaka Automesse 2009
was on over the weekend. One of the larger AutoSalon shows of the year based in Osaka, Japan. This year saw a smaller than expected turnout of Nissan R35 GT-Rs and while attendees noted the show was smaller than expected this year overall it left a good impression.

GTRBlog reader Michael went along to check it out and sent us back a number of photos. These Trial Nissan GT-R shots for example are something we hadn’t seen before.

Featuring a Zele front lip and Blitz BRW09 MAG wheels. At the back we also see some carbon exhaust outlet protectors to cover up the gaps left by this dual outlet exhaust.

Thanks to Michael for the photos from Osaka!

Link: Trial Website

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2009 Nissan GT-R Nationals Dates Announced – September 2009

February 18, 2009 Comments off

After a successful 2008 GT-R Nationals event last year the 2009 GT-R Nationals promises to be even bigger and better. This year it’s combined with the Z Nationals and the G Nationals for all the Z and G series owners.

The GT-R Nationals event is a circuit racing, time attack, drag racing, dyno shootout and car show event that runs over four days. So far the schedule looks pretty packed:

  • September 24th (Thursday) & 25th (Friday) – Road course racing, driver instruction and time attack at Talladega Gran Prix Raceway
  • September 26th (Saturday) – Dyno comp and car show at Z1 Motorsports
  • September 27th (Sunday) – Quarter mile drag comp at Alabama International Raceway

Should be a great long weekend with great events. Pricing wont be too bad either, entry into the road course racing should be around the $150/driver region which includes driver instruction if you want it.

For more information or to take part, check out the official link below.

Link: GT-R Nationals Website

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NAGTROC Maintenance Fallout Shelter – UPDATE: It’s Back

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Welcome NAGTROC guys, unfortunately NAGTROC is undergoing some pretty heavy maintenance right now so we’re patiently waiting it out over here.

The guys are actually working on the issue right now and we’ll keep you updated as we get closer to resolution. NAGTROC will be back soon we assure you!

For now browse around and catch up on any news you might have missed in the last few months and send some comments our way.

UPDATE: Site is back up now. Checkout the link now. If you can’t see it yet try to flush your DNS cache with “ipconfig /flushdns” on the Windows command line.

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KW Suspension Clubsport Coilovers for Nissan GT-R

February 17, 2009 Comments off

KW Suspension’s tuning at Nurburgring has obviously gained them a wealth of knowledge. We saw late last year the KW Suspension Variant-3 coilovers released which were built, tuned and tested of Germany’s famous Nordschleife.

KW Suspension has now updated the range of coilovers with a more aggressive circuit focussed set known as the KW Clubsport Coilovers. The Clubsport suspension offers independent and adjustable compression and rebound adjustment. The Nissan GT-R KW Clubsport kit also offers an adjustable ride height. The front can be lowered 10-30mm and the rear 15-35mm.

These coilovers are built from stainless steel both externally and on the inside so it should prove to be durable over the long term.

The KW Clubsport kit for Nissan GT-R sells for $4,395. Pick it up from one of the KW Suspension dealers listed on their website.

While you’re here you may as well check out the hi-res photos KW Suspension sent us, these are some great shots and definitely wallpaper material.

Link: KW Suspension

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