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Steve Millen to Contest the Targa Newfoundland in Canada

February 28, 2009 Comments off

Regular readers will by now be well aware that the Nissan R35 GT-R is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the motorsport of tarmac rallying. In tarmac-rally mad Australia the Nissan GT-R has had two victories in a matter of months and finished in top places in other instances.

As drivers get more time behind their respective wheels we expect to see this become the rule and not an exception.

Steve Millen has announced that his company STILLEN are right now putting together their own Nissan R35 GT-R to contest the Targa New Foundland in Canada later in the year. The GT-R has begun undergoing race preparations already in the interests of fielding a fully developed car.

Plans consist of stripping the car out, improving the brakes, tuning, tweaking the intake and exhaust and improving the suspension. Hopefully a new tire choice will be added to this list of ToDos.

They’ve already begun stripping the car and have posted a blog update about it. Check their website at the link below to learn more.

Link: STILLEN Blog
Link: Targa / Tarmac related articles on GTRBlog

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Megan Racing Street Coilovers for Nissan GT-R

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Megan Racing is working with SpeedForSale on the launch of their new coilover kit for the Nissan GT-R. These fully adjustable coilovers replace the OEM suspension and offer 32 levels of damper adjustment and easy to use height adjustment. Spring rates on these are 12kg at the front and 10kg in the rear.

From all accounts these Megan Racing Street coilovers are a cost effective alternative in terms of replacement full coilover sets. During the pre-order period the cost for the entire set is just $999. Regular price is $1050. Thats a fraction of the cost we’ve seen other kits going for so far.

For more information or to order these check the link below.

Link: – Megan Racing Street Coilovers

SuperGT 2009: Nismo Announce 2009 Teams and Car Specifications

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SuperGT Series 2009 kicks off in under a month when the lights go green for round #1 on Sunday the 22nd of March 2009. NISMO has officially announced the number of teams entered this year as well as the drivers and specifications of the 2009 version of the GT500 Nissan R35 GT-R race cars.

First up, there will be just four Nissan GT-R teams in SuperGT GT500 class racing this year, a reduction by one due to Nissan’s commitments to the FIA GT1 racing class to which ex-Motul Autech driver Michael Krumm has moved. This leaves the teams and drivers as follows:

  • #1 Motul Autech GT-R (team NISMO) driven by Satoshi Motoyama / Benoit Treluyer
  • #3 Name TBA GT-R (team Hasemi MotorSports) driven by Ronnie Quintarelli / Hironobu Yasuda
  • #12 Calsonic IMPUL GT-R (team IMPUL Racing) driven by Tsugio Matsuda / Sebastien Philippe
  • #24 HIS ADVAN KONDO GT-R (team Kondo Racing) driven by Joao Paulo de Oliveira / Seiji Ara

As for the car specification, this year GTA regulations change to say that the GT-R must produce less downforce which is achieve by way of a shorter overhang. There’s an update to the cooling system by way of modified exit vents as well as new paddle shifters for the 6 speed sequential racing transmission. The engine remains the VK45DE V8.

Race 1 for SuperGT 2009 is the Okayama 300km race at Okayama International Circuit on the 22nd of March. The 3.7km long track will also provide pre-race test facilities to teams on 7th and 8th of March.

Prior to this we expect to have an unveiling of the 2009 GT500 GT-Rs in their race livery so stay tuned to GTRBlog for the updates.

The photos shown here are of the #1 Motul Autech 2009 GT500 GT-R in final body shape minus final paint and graphics.

Link: SuperGT Website
Link: SuperGT related articles on GTRBlog

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Power Enterprise GT-R Tuning Parts Priced

February 27, 2009 Comments off

One of the stars of Tokyo AutoSalon earlier this year was Power Enterprise with their outrageous range of GT-R tuning parts. Throwing the book away they took the twin charging concept and unleashed it on the GT-R twice to come up with the Power Enterprise Four Charger Nissan GT-R with two turbos and two superchargers.

Regular readers will remember the mini debate over the seriousness of this setup but when we interviewed Power Enterprise in January we found that this was no joke.

Development has continued since then and now, for those of us ready to shop we have pricing on some of their gear. Without further ado here it is:

  • Power Enterprise Titanium Muffler: 466,000 yen
  • Power Enterprise Silicon Hose Kit: 158,000 yen
  • Power Enterprise Air Impulse II Kit: 52,000 yen
  • Power Enterprise Air Impulse II Carbon Cover Kit: 47,600 yen
  • Power Enterprise Air Impulse II & Carbon Cover Kit: 95,000 yen

For those interested in tuned kits put together to meet a certain power goal, Power Enterprise also released the 530R, 560R and 600R kits to meet 530ps, 560ps and 600ps goals respectively. The contents of the kits and pricing follows:

  • 530R Kit: Featuring a tuned P-Map BB device, this kit costs 157,000 yen and nets you a 10% power increase with a 16% midrange torque increase with no additional modifications.
  • 560R Kit: Adding on to the 530R kit, the 560R kit gets you the Air Impulse II plus carbon cover kit and the Silicon Intake Piping kit. The result is a 16% power gain and a 23% midrange torque improvement. This kit costs 367,500 yen
  • 600R Kit: Last but not least, the 600R kit adds again to the 560R kit with the Super Sonic Titanium muffler and the Power Enterprise upgraded wastegate actuators. Gains are 25% more power over standard and 28% more torque. Cost is 997,500 yen.

And as for the Power Enterprise Upgraded Actuators by themselves we saw at Tokyo AutoSalon, while a price is not fixed yet we can expect one around the 100,000 yen mark. The Four Charger kit itself is still aimed around the 1,500,000 yen region as expected.

Click through the jump to see a collection of updated photos of the parts as well as dyno graphs of each of the kits.

Thanks to Ben @ / GTC Racing for the update!.

Link: Power Enterprise Website

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Nissan GT-R 2009 and 2010 FIA GT Championship Entry Official – Breaking News

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After recent spyshots surfaced of the carbon bodied FIA GT1 specification Nissan R35 GT-R testing it seemed to be a forgone conclusion that Nissan would be making a return to FIA GT racing soon. Well today we have received official confirmation from Nissan via Nissan Motors Australia Managing Director and CEO Dan Thompson at the press day of the 2009 Melbourne Motor Show.

Official word is that Nissan will be entering the R35 Nissan GT-R into the FIA GT 2010 Championship series while British company Gigawave MotorSports will be teaming up with NISMO on an non-championship additional entry into four of the 2009 season’s races in order to check and help develop the car.

Driving the NISMO/Gigawave MotorSports car is most likely Michael Krumm of NISMO SuperGT team fame and Darren Turner from Gigawave.

Video of the official announcement from this morning’s opening of the 2009 Melbourne Motorshow is below.

Link: Gigawave Motorsports Website
Link: Melbourne Motor Show Website

Update: Nissan have a press release now, click this link to read it.
Update: Added images from Nissan Motors

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Willall Racing WR35TC Transmission Cooler – Part 2

February 26, 2009 Comments off

Willall Racing’s Nissan GT-R GR6 transmission cooler (WR35TC) gets a few more details revealed today. Above you can see a photo of the cooler core being shown against the GT-R for size comparison. The final core will live behind the rear underspoiler grille and bolt on to factory mounting points – no drilling required.

The fluid-air bar and plate cooler is only operated at high fluid temps since operating a cooler at low temps is undesirable.

Once installed the cooler is hardly visible through the rear grille section, we should have installed core photos soon. For now Willall Racing has provided us with a shot of the WR35TC’s aluminium billet extended transmission sump fitted up. See below.

Link: Willall Racing Website

Nissan GT-R SpecV Tsukuba Circuit Laptime – First Independent Test Results

February 25, 2009 Comments off

The Japanese press have finally got their hands on the production Nissan GT-R SpecV this week and they’re wasting no time in putting it through it’s paces on the circuit. Today we’ve learned that Best Motoring have had Tsukuba Circuit to themselves for the day as well as a SpecV GT-R. Put that together with tame racing driver Keiichi Tsuchiya and good weather and you’re set for an interesting afternoon.

Sources close to Best Motoring have given us the SpecV’s time and instead of keeping you all waiting like we love to do we’ll give it to you straight… 1:02.4.

Unfortunately this means it’s slower than both the 2009 and 2008 base GT-R at the same circuit in similar conditions. Here’s how the SpecV stacks up against the most recent base model GT-R taken from the current issue of Japanese mag Car Top:

  • MY08 GT-R (JDM – December 2007 delivery): 1:01.888
  • MY09 GT-R (JDM): 1:01.343
  • SpecV GT-R: 1:02.4

On a short circuit like Tsukuba the times should be close together but the SpecV should be in front, it should be 1:00 flat. So this begs the question: What’s the deal? We’re really hanging out for the April edition of Best Motoring DVD to find out more.

Photo: (C) GTRBlog
Link: Nissan GT-R SpecV photo gallery from the Tokyo press launch

Willall Racing WR35TC Transmission Cooler – Part 1

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Willall Racing are taking a different tact in the field of transmission cooling. While thus far the GT-R’s GR6 dual-clutch transmission has been adapted to external cooling via a simple billet adapter and radiator, Willall have taken to engineering an entire sump replacement and more.

We’ve only been given details on the GR6 sump replacement so far so lets dive into what we know.

The Willall Racing Transmission Cooler (WR35TC) comes with an anodised billet aircraft quality aluminium transmission sump. The computer modelled and 5-axis CNC’d sump is deeper than the standard sump allowing for a larger oil volume. The WR35TC sump is also finned allowing for a much larger surface area for heat to both transfer out of the oil and for air to then carry that heat energy away.

The WR35TC provides removable access ports to give access to the transmission magnets which should be cleaned during a transmission service. It also bolts straight on using the OEM gaskets.

This is part one of the cooler, the primary cooling mechanism is yet to be revealed. To see what heat exchanging path they will follow check back soon when we have part 2 of this report.

Thanks to Willall Racing for the images and update. Another image after the Read more link below…

Link: Willall Racing Website

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2009 Nissan GT-R Updated Official 0-60mph Time – Breaking News

February 24, 2009 Comments off

The Nissan GT-R is fast, no doubt about it. In a straight line and around a track but one metric that sticks in everyone’s mind is the 0-60mph time. It’s easy to understand and it’s easy to remember. One number for one test.

When the Nissan GT-R launched in 2007 and 2008 it set a new benchmark in performance in terms of bang for the buck. It’s official 3.5 second 0-60mph time was certainly in supercar territory.

Cut to this year when the MY2009 update (US MY2010) comes along offering increased horsepower, slight handling changes and revised software in the transmission control unit (TCM). These changes are now on sale in Japan and are being delivered to GT-Rs in the US and Australia shortly.

Back to the 0-60mph time, given the drastic change with how the car launches itself from a standstill installed in every MY09 GT-R it’s only fair to retest the 0-60mph, and that’s what the guys at the Nissan Tochigi Assembly plant have done.

On the 15th of February on the Nissan Tochigi plant test track, Nissan’s test driver clocked a 3.3 second 0-60mph run in a standard 2009 Nissan GT-R.

Utilising the new, more driveline friendly launch method, the GT-R was setup in R transmission, R suspension and R VDC modes. That’s right, VDC was on.

We’re told the official announcement will filter down through Nissan Japan shortly.

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TAS09: Girls of Tokyo AutoSalon 2009

February 23, 2009 Comments off

One last post of photos from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 we attended last month. We really focused on the GT-R this year and didn’t get too many shots of the booth babes, but that doesn’t mean we returned completely empty handed.

Here’s our final post on photos from TAS2009. We had an amazing time this year and can’t wait until we head back to Japan next. Click through the pages below to see all the pics. Enjoy!

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