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Best Motoring: March 2009 Featuring SpecV Debut Out Now

January 31, 2009 Comments off

Best Motoring DVD Volume 3 for March 2009 is out now. One of the main feature this month is the SpecV debut and Special Time Attack at Sendai Highland Raceway. Driven by tame Nissan racing driver Toshio Suzuki, the SpecV shows off it’s superior handling and braking to beat the standard GT-Rs time.

I wont spoil just how much it beats it by you’ll have to buy the DVD to find out but watching the lap with Suzuki-san flat out with ultimate commitment is worth it alone.

Also for GT-R fans is a suspension and stability control comparison between the Lexus IS-F, BMW M3 DCT, Porsche 911 GT2 and the Nissan GT-R (base model). Surely the base model GT-R won’t beat the ultimate Porsche in a handling competition…

Preview below but follow the “Buy” link below to get your copy express mailed to you from Amazon Japan.

Link: Best Motoring Volume 3 Website
Link: Buy Best Motoring Volume 3 Online
Link: HowTo: Buy online in English with Amazon Japan

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Shadow Sports Design R35 GT-R: Attention to Details

January 30, 2009 Comments off

There’s more to the design in the Shadow Sports Design GT-R than just the name. There’s good old fashioned workmanship and care put into these creative parts. I think that drawing attention to them again Attention to detail is obvious in the way the carbon ducts in the front underspoiler actually lead to the brakes.

The rear dry carbon spoiler is elevated and shaped to enhance downforce at the rear while being curvaceous and attractive. The weight is down over the standard item as well. The rear under diffuser fins are again dry carbon and functional.

The wheels are another Shadow Sports Design original created together with Enkei, the forged magnesium construction gives them strength while keeping the weight down.

The overall feeling you get from this GT-R is one of subtleties and quality with extra attention paid to the details. That’s something that many enthusiasts are looking for and is rare to find. I think this is why the Shadow Sports Design GT-R is one of the finest GT-Rs getting around.

Pricing unfortunately is not yet available but it will be soon. Watch this space for more as it becomes available.

Thanks to Ben from for the images.

Check after the jump below to see the rest of the new photos from Shadow Sports Design

Link: Shadow Sports Design Website
Link: Shadow Sports Design GT-R Photo Gallery from Tokyo Auto Salon 2009
Link: Shadow Sports Design related articles on GTRBlog

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Sunline Racing Dry Carbon Rear Diffuser Fins for GT-R

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Another mini parts update today, this time from Japan. Sunline Racing have come up with these bolt on rear diffuser fins for the GT-R. Made from dry carbon fibre, they’re designed to stabilise the rear end and provide more downforce for faster cornering.

Easy to fit up but are they practical? At 99,750 yen they would want to be. Wind tunnel testing is planned in the near future.

Link: Sunline Racing Website
Link: Sunline Racing related articles on GTRBlog

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Nissan Updates 2010 GT-R ECUs in the US, Changes Launch Control

January 29, 2009 Comments off

Nissan North America has released information to dealers today detailing upcoming changes to the 2010 Nissan GT-Rs ECU programming which improve acceleration with the VDC setting engaged. Integrated into this change however is a modification to the VDC system which essentially disables the Launch Control function of the car.

This change is also being applied to unsold inventory of 2009 Nissan GT-Rs which are still with dealers but the rumour that Nissan will force this change on current owners turns out to be untrue. Nissan is encouraging current owners to apply the change but will not force them to.

On the upside – Nissan have also made changes a change to the ECU to allow the driver to rev past 2000rpm while at a stop with the VDC on and the brake depressed. This may allow somewhat of a less aggressive launch. We’d have to see some testing to find out exactly what this does. Right now on the 2009 model if you try this you get a very slow take off indeed.

The 2010 GT-R is faster in many ways over the 2009 GT-R in a straight line and around a circuit but it remains to be seen how the US specification 2010 GT-R will fare against the 2009 model in 0-60mph acceleration without launch control.

Personally I think this will cause some controversy but is already blown out of proportion. The number of failed GT-Rs in the US is less than 1% of all cars sold there. That number falls dramatically when you look at the Japanese market which has sold 3 times as many GT-Rs but has less reported transmission failures.

I’m not disappointed at all at the loss of this feature, having tried it out myself, I was not anywhere near as impressed as I was when I first got taken on a circuit in the GT-R by a Nissan test driver … that is what the GT-R is really about.

Full text of the letter to dealers is after the jump.

Dealer Letter Source: Edmunds
Photos: GTRBlog

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GTMotoring Forged Aluminum Tow Hook for Nissan GT-R

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US based GTMotoring have finally dipped their toes into the GT-R parts business with their first product on the market this week. These stainless steel and forged aluminum tow hooks fit in the standard tow hooks location providing a more track friendly location to hitch up to.

Available now in red, black and clear anodized finishes for just $150. First buyers will snag free shipping to boot.

Link: GTMotoring Website

Arios Carbon Canards for Nissan GT-R

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Arios have been quietly preparing their latest carbon aero product for the Nissan GT-R for some time now. The result looks good though so we forgive them. The Arios aero kit still looks good after all this time but this slight tweak gives it another edge.

Available in carbon only, these canards go for 63,000 yen.

Link: Arios Website
Link: Arios related articles on GTRBlog

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Password:JDM Reveal Dry Carbon Engine Compartment Covers for GT-R

January 28, 2009 Comments off

Password:JDM have launched a delicious looking range of dry carbon engine bay covers for your Nissan GT-R today which are direct fit replacements for the OEM plastic types.

These lightweight and rigid items are going to perfectly set off the engine bay especially when combined with a dry carbon engine cover and dry carbon radiator shroud as shown here.

Personally I can’t get enough dry carbon in my life.

Link: Password:JDM GT-R Website
Link: Password:JDM related articles on GTRBlog

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TAS09: Garage Defend GT-R – A Face Only a Mother Could Love

January 27, 2009 Comments off

It’s not pretty but almost a year since Garage Defend built their one of a kind Nissan GT-R with trademark Stingray Carbon Canards up front it still pulls a crowd. It’s one of the most aggressive looking GT-Rs in Japan and is still a one of my favourites from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009.

Regular readers will be quite familiar with the modifications Defend Racing have made to their GT-R such as:

  • Garage Defend Stingray Evolution Front Canards
  • Garage Defend GTU-Spec Carbon Front Mask
  • Garage Defend GT Cooling Panel
  • C-Ring modified standard suspension for lower ride height
  • RDD 400mm rotors up front
  • Bride Seats
  • Takata Harnesses
  • Blitz Nur Spec F-Ti Exhaust

Click through the jump for more photos of the Garage Defend GT-R from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009…

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South Side Performance SSP RS Rear Drive Shafts for Nissan GT-R

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In an effort to offer strength upgrades to all the weak links in a big power Nissan GT-R, SSP release these upgraded rear axle shafts today. Featuring the upgraded rear shafts and CV joints, these are designed to support big power GT-Rs which we predict we’ll start seeing in the very near future.

Suitable for street, circuit, and drag applications these are available now for $2,399 from SSP parts dealers.

What’s up next from South Side Performance? We’re seeing quite a large number of innovations from these guys and rumour has it that some pretty interesting work is being done on the GT-R’s GR6 dual-clutch transmission over there. Can’t wait to see how that’s working out soon.

For more information check the complete press release after the jump…

Link: South Side Performance Website
Link: South Side Performance related articles on GTRBlog

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TAS09: BBS LM-ACQ New GT-R Colours

January 26, 2009 Comments off

BBS’s plans to roll out two new colours for the Nissan GT-R was announced in late 2008 after the initial run of LM-DBK (Diamond Black) 20″ wheels sold out in a very short time. Only 100 sets of the Diamond Black colour BBS wheel were made.

The colours you see here are the new normal production run of BBS LM-ACQ wheels in the two new colours. Diamond Silver and Gold Face. These shown here are 20″ versions specifically for the Nissan GT-R.

These will be available in both Japan and the US this year and come in sizes 20×9.5″+40mm front and 20×10.5″+20mm rear. BBS Japan and BBS USA will have more price and availability information shortly.

Link: BBS Website
Link: BBS related articles on GTRBlog
Words/Photos: GTRBlog (C) Usage requires a link to GTRBlog

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