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Confirmed Specifications: Nissan GT-R Spec-V

November 30, 2008 Comments off

Nissan’s GT-R was one of the most anticipated new cars of 2007 (not to mention the 5 years leading up to 2007) and what an enormous success it was. In 2008 all the talk has been about Nissan’s next GT-R model, the Nissan GT-R Spec-V.

The Spec-V has been spied and rumored and talked up on blogs and forums but not much in the way of confirmed data has been delivered yet. Today we have been tipped off on the list of confirmed changes in the Nissan GT-R Spec-V versus the standard Nissan GT-R.

The Spec-V Nissan GT-R will be released on the 8th of January 2009

Nissan GT-R Spec-V – The Changes

The Spec-V builds on the already solid base of the standard series II Nissan GT-R with the following subtle changes which set it apart.


  • Engine output increased to 485 ps
  • Transmission mode selection button has been removed
  • Overboost button for increased midrange boost during overtaking
  • Carbon brakes


  • Carbon fibre MFD surround
  • Carbon fibre mirror switch surround
  • Black interior only
  • Silver painted panels are now chrome
  • Carbon fibre front seats
  • Carbon fibre rear shelf replaces seats


  • Carbon fibre grille painted matte clear
  • Carbon fibre rear wing painted matte clear
  • Carbon fibre ducts in front lip spoiler
  • New colour available: Ultimate Black Pearl, this is said to be a purplish black
  • Available colours: Ultimate Black Pearl, Brilliant White (new for MY09), Red, Dark Metal Gray, Black

Wheels and Suspension:

  • Rays 20″ Forged Aluminum Wheels
  • Bilstein Damptronic suspension upgraded, superiour in performance to the Nismo ClubSport package suspension

Optional Extras:

  • Dunlop Tires (no cost option)
  • Thatcham alarm system
  • BOSE Sound System and ETC (Electronic Toll Card system)
  • Ultimate Black Pearl Paint – a 577,500 yen option

The Bottom Line

  • Base Price: 15,750,000 yen excluding tax
  • Fully Optioned: 16,978,500 yen excluding tax

For all that, how does it perform? Well by all means it is faster than a standard GT-R on road and at the track. At Sendai Highland Raceway, where the Nismo and Spec-V GT-Rs get tested the Spec-V was 2 seconds faster than the standard series II GT-R.

How about a Nurburgring time? Unfortunately we may never know what Nissan managed at the ‘ring. All signs point to them not publishing the Nurburgring times going forward.


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Nismo Festival 2008: Saturday Sneak Peak

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We’ve been a bit quiet on GTRBlog over the past 48hrs. It’s been a big few days attending the preparation for Nismo Festival. Some connection troubles to the internet from Fuji Speedway’s press room also has caused some delay. Thanks to the help of the guys from we finally got it sorted.

Nismo Festival is on Today – right now in fact, I’m just taking a quick break from the madness before it really gets started to update you guys from yesterday.

Saturday was, as we said, preparation day and this gave the SuperGT teams time to setup the cars for Fuji Speedway. Nismo were getting in early and had the track for the morning running their #23 and #22 GT500 GT-Rs. I took a stroll around Fuji Speedway to snap a few shots.

Today is the real festival though and we were there at 8am when the gates opened and a torrent of Japanese enthusiasts poured out to snatch up the limited edition Nismo Festival memorabilia.

More on the festival as the day goes on or perhaps tonight when I can reach a stable net connection. When that happens I can get the high-res photos out as well. Until now enjoy photos from Saturday.

Update: Hi-Res version of the photos uploaded now, clicking the thumbnail in this post will now take you to the high resolution version.

Click read more to view the first lot of the photos…

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Zele International Price Rear Diff Cooler Type 2

November 27, 2008 Comments off

Regular readers will recall when Zele announced their rear differential cooler for the Nissan GT-R in October. The Type-1 cooler was nice and functional but pictured here is the Type-2 version with all it’s accompanying carbon fibre goodness.

For a small sum of 40,000 yen on top of the Type-1 kit you get a carbon mounting, carbon cooler surround and carbon air guide to provide more airflow to the cooler.

As with the Type-1 kit, this cooler is supplied with braided lines, Earls fittings and all the accessories required to fit it.

Link: Zele Performance

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Thanksgiving? COBB Tuning Parts!

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If you don’t have a COBB AccessPORT yet or you’ve been craving a Cobb Tuning coilover sleeve kit, now might just be the best time to buy. are offering 10% off on all Cobb Tuning parts for Nissan GT-R from 28th until the 31st of December.

Pickup an AccessPORT for $895, Coilover Sleeve system for $1795 or an Anti-Sway Bar kit for just $1075.

Thanks Jeremy from SpeedForSale for the heads up.


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AutoSelect Pillow Ball Bush Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

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These AutoSelect pillow ball bush upgrades come in a set of 22 pieces. For that you get a serious amount of improved steering response, better road feel, and more stable handling.

A great upgrade for any track or serious street GT-R. Price for the full kit starts at $3465 from

Source: SpeedForSale

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Esprit Intercooler Upgrade Priced, Available Soon

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Esprit have now released pricing for their large intercooler upgrade and hardpipe kit for Nissan GT-R. The kit will retail for $5995 USD.

Expensive upgrade but track tested to lower intake temps significantly this might be one to consider for those serious track junkies.

Source: GT-RR

TAS2009: Zele International Announce Tokyo AutoSalon Plans

November 26, 2008 Comments off

Tokyo AutoSalon is coming up fast and plans are being put together. Zele International have let slip on some of their plans for the show which attracts over 250,000 people annually.

Zele will have their Zele Complete Edition Nissan GT-R there of course, followed up with a Nissan Skyline 370GT Coupe and a Nissan 370z.

Three cars this year is three times bigger than Zele’s booth in 2008 so can’t wait.

Source: Zele Performance via

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BBS USA To Launch LM-ACQ Wheels for Nissan GT-R Stateside

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BBS Japan made waves in March when they announced they would produce a limited edition 20″ wheel for the Nissan GT-R exclusively for the Japanese market. The BBS LM-DBK-P (Diamond Black painted center) wheel was produced for the Japanese market in an extremely limited, and now sold out, 100 sets.

A few of those sets made it out of Japan to grace show cars at SEMA and the like and the US crowd liked what they saw.

BBS USA has reached a deal with BBS Japan recently which will see the production line fired up again to produce these wheels exclusively for the US market. That’s right, now only US owners will have access to the BBS LM-DBK-P 20″ GT-R offset/pattern wheels complete with US pricing.

BBS Japan recently announced two new colours for the Japanese market, LM-DSK-P (Diamond Silver) and GP (Gold Face) but will no longer sell the LM-DBK-P there. BBS USA will offer the LM-DSK-P wheels as well.

Expect to see these by December or January at prices yet to be determined.

Source: BBS USA

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First GT-R Convertible – GT-R Gets the Chop

November 25, 2008 Comments off

Ok it’s a misleading title but this GT-R was briefly a chop top. Before quickly becoming a chop front and back too.

JustJap Racing from Sydney Australia were in need of a parts car to support their R35 GT-R race cars such as the Donut King Targa Tasmania car we saw earlier in the year.

This young ripe GT-R met an unfortunate end when it was side impacted with only 4,000 km on the clock. It was sold off and bought up by JustJap who needed to cut it up to import it back to Australia.


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Motor Trend: 2009 GT-R Not Slow…

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So the rumour is, from Nissan, that launch control will be gone come next year’s Nissan GT-R. So this means the GT-R should take a hit on it’s 0-60 mph and 1/4 mile times right? It’s slow now right?

Well Motor Trend say nope and we agree. In tests they’ve performed themselves with a GT-R they’ve managed to still achieve 3.9seconds to 60 mph, they also managed a 12.2 sec. In the hands of private owners we’ve seen as fast as 11.67 down the quarter mile stock without launch control.

It also pays to remember that the GT-R has never been about driving in a straight line. To compare it on that level is missing the point of an entire world of going fast around a circuit that is the core essence of Godzilla.

A good, common sense article, linked below.

Link: Motor Trend – So, Just How Slow is a Nissan GT-R Without Launch Control Engaged?

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