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Garage Saurus Trans Cooler Adapter Priced

September 26, 2008 Comments off

Garage Saurus are now taking pre-orders/enquiries for the Nissan GT-R DSG (GR6) transmission cooler adapter plate.

Tentatively priced around the 32,000 yen mark it includes the adaptor plate and Earls fittings. The cooler and lines are not supplied but should be simple to source anywhere.

Place your order through any of the standard channels for this kind of thing., and could all work with Japan on sourcing this for you.

Source: Garage Saurus

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Zele International Titanium Downpipes

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To go with Zele International’s upcoming range of exhausts, they have now completed and fitted up a set of prototype front pipes.

Made from titanium and incorporating high-flow catalytic converters, Zele are making use of high strength springs attached between the flanges and the catalytic converters to control the expansion of the exhaust at high temps. This has an effect of increasing durability of the exhaust.

Set for release with or soon after the Type-1 exhaust so, October. Price is not yet fixed.

Source: Zele Performance

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Car & Driver: Lightning Lap 2008

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Time for Car and Driver’s much anticipated Lightning Lap 2008. This is one test that quite a few car enthusiasts world wide were looking forward to and one they were hoping their favourite would whoop the GT-R in.

If you’re not familiar with the Lightning Lap yet, it’s a test held each year at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) in controlled conditions designed to discover which cars offer the best combination of power, handling, braking and fun while driving.

Well, perhaps unsurprisingly by now, the GT-R was amazing in terms of pure speed. Managing the fastest lap of any car wearing road rubber (not R Compounds) only 1 second behind the Ferrari 430 Scuderia with R-Compounds!. Overall it was 4th behind the Mosler, Viper ACR and Ferrari Scuderia.

Looking back and, while you can’t really compare year vs. year, it’s plain to see the GT-R makes extremely stiff competition for the Corvette Z06. Besting it’s 2007 lap time by more than 2 seconds. Z06 fans we’re pretty confident that the powerful Z06 would certainly overcome the GT-R at VIR but…

Results table below:

Link: Car & Driver: The Lightning Lap 2008
Link: Lightning Lap 2008: 2009 Nissan GT-R Page

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Top Secret Exhaust – Completed and Photographed

September 25, 2008 Comments off

Regular readers will remember when we featured the latest titanium exhaust out of Top Secret back in August. The guys have been working hard since then to bring it from prototype to production and managed to keep all the promised features along the way.

Yep that includes the electronically controlled valve which gives you control of the exhaust note. Kit comes with the exhaust, controller and two remote keyfobs to actuate the exhaust valve. When closed the exhaust is louder than standard but not obnoxiously so at 94dB. When the exhaust valve is opened however it manages up to 120dB by opening the left exhaust outlet up without the final muffler.

Price is about 420,000 yen in Japan plus any applicable shipping, tax and installation. The exhaust is due to be released real soon.

Source: Option Magazine, and Ben Linney from for some of the photos

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ARC Launch R35 GT-R Mini Site for SAVRA Parts Series

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ARC have launched their new Nissan GT-R parts today with a bang in the form of a flashy mini site for what they’re calling “SAVRA Parts Series”.

We have covered the parts in detail before but this marks their official availability while the site itself gives a great visual.

What does SAVRA mean though? I thought the writing under “Concept” would help but it’s more of a poem than an explanation. Anyways… Link below and lots of pics after the jump.

Link: ARC – SAVRA Parts Series Mini Site

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Garage Saurus Drag Video – 11.2 @ 127mph

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Video from Tuesday’s drag racing outing from Garage Saurus. Nice work guys. 11.2 @ 127 mph.

Second video below is of an 11.3 pass.

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Road & Track: Mine’s GT-R Comparison

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In their latest comparison, out today on Road & Track magazine’s website, they take several aftermarket tuner versions of popular high performance cars to compare against each other.

Chosen to represent the GT-R was the Mine’s R35 GT-R which our regular readers will be quite familiar with. The car was fitted with a comprehensive list of Mine’s upgrades including:

  • VX ROM Engine Control Unit
  • VX Air Filter
  • Silence VX Pro Titan 2
  • Super Catalyzer 2
  • ESTA Full Spec Suspension 3
  • Eibach Spring Kit
  • Big Brake Rotor kit Front & Rear
  • CF Rear Wing
  • CF Front Spoiler
  • CF Air Intakeduct
  • CF Grill
  • CF Racing Canard

The article’s a bit of a dud to be honest but at least the Mine’s GT-R is getting a bit of mainstream auto publication exposure. Good for them.

Link: Road & Track: Bling Quartet (the article)
Link: Mine’s GT-R Comparison
Source: Road & Track Magazine, thanks Jeremy from for the link and modifications list provided to him by Mine’s

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Soon Your Phone Will be Your Car Keys

September 24, 2008 Comments off

Well it will if Nissan, Sharp and NTT DoCoMo have anything to do with it, recently unveiling the latest tech in Japan. A cell phone with the Nissan intelligent key functions built in.

Nissan has been using the intelligent key technology on new premium vehicles since 2002, the Nissan GT-R bears one of the latest versions of the technology. It allows two way wireless communication between the vehicle and the key fob to allow the user to enter, and start the vehicle without traditional physical key interactions. Nissan has sold 950,000 cars with this feature built in.

These companies plan on continuing development of the technology into early next year. Prototype phones will be display at CEATEC Japan 2008 – the IT & Electronics expo to be held at Makuhari Messe, Japan from September 30th to October 4th 2008.

Source: Nissan

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Zele International Dry Carbon Grille

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In addition to the existing Zele International wet carbon grille for R35 GT-R there is now a dry carbon version due to be released soon. Set for October 2nd 2008 release date this will be available from Zele International dealers globally at that time.


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Password:JDM Carbon Parts in Development

September 23, 2008 Comments off

Long time carbon fibre parts specialists Password:JDM have taken their talents and begun applying them to the new Nissan GT-R. Having in the past worked on everything Italian exotics to JDM track weapons they have worked out a thing or two about the business.

Working so far exclusively in dry carbon fibre they have already produced hood and trunk lid replacements for the GT-R that prove a significant weight saving over the already lightweight standard items.

Password:JDM’s plans for the near future include a whole range of dry carbon fibre parts including intake snorkel, rear venturi blade diffuser, front splitter, side skirts, NACA hood ducts and an OEM wing replacement.

Additionally, a premium range of original and unique dry carbon parts are on the horizon. From fully vented hoods and original intakes to entire underbody panels. Check out what they did for the S2000 in regards to streamlining the airflow under the car.

For those wanting an (almost) immediate carbon fix, good news, the dry carbon hood and trunk lids will be available from October for the reasonable price of $2699 (hood) and $1799 (trunk). You can order online at or hit up their Pico Rivera, CA workshop. A nationwide dealer network is also in the works.

Check out more photos of the creation process as well as examples of their work after the jump. Thanks to Tan from Password:JDM for the details and photos. Discuss these carbon parts over at NAGTROC.

Link: Password:JDM Website

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