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Porsche Has a Cry About It

September 30, 2008 Comments off

In a rare outburst of public emotion, a Porsche 911 spokesman August Achleitner has openly wept to the media recently at the Australian press preview of the latest Porsche Cabrio. Specifically they called Nissan Motors a “big meany” and “a no good dirty cheater” when confronted about the enormity of the whooping they received at the Nurburgring in their home country Germany by the GT-R.

When asked “WTF?” they claimed they had purchased a GT-R themselves to test at the famous Nordschleife. A Porsche engineer could not manage to get the car to change out of 3rd gear and only managed a time of 7.54 seconds.

In between fits of heavy weeping and moaning they also claimed that every other test the GT-R had beaten the Porsche in were also “big dirty lies”.

Achleitner was given a pacifier and slept for the rest of the day after the preview. He’s said to be feeling better after his delusional outburst.

Link: Seriously Though – Porsche Really Came Out and Accused Nissan of Cheating

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Zele International: FZ-Titanium Exhaust Type-2 Released

September 29, 2008 Comments off

Zele International’s Type-2 FZ-Titanium Exhaust is named, and priced for release. The beautiful titanium quad outlet exhaust will go on sale now for 490,000 yen in Japan. This is available from Zele dealers worldwide.

The exhaust is JASMA certified in Japan which means it meets strict noise control regulations and wont be overly noisy.

Source: Zele International

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The Clean Look – What’s The Verdict?

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A few photoshops of things like this were getting around but here is a real live GT-R with no spoiler. Sporting a Mine’s exhaust and BBS LM-DBK 20″ limited edition wheels as well, this GT-R is certainly a sight to behold.

Notice also the tinted rear reflectors and the Nissan badge removal.

From some angles it’s a “maybe” for me although I’m well aware it completely ruins the aerodynamics that Nissan worked for years to perfect.

Have your say in the comments…

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Nissan Say Spec-V Coming January ’09

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The most recent R35 GT-R Club Offline Meeting was held at the Nissan Tochigi plant. In a frank discussion with Miyazaki-san from Nissan he let slip that the Spec-V is due for a January release in Japan. No more details from the R35 GT-R Club guys on this however…

This matches what we’ve predicted so far but it seems likely it will be the later part of January, so we probably won’t see a Spec-V at Tokyo Auto Salon on the 9th.

Will we see the prototype at Nismo Festival 2008 in November? GTRBlog will be there and you will hear it here first if it is!

Source: R35 GT-R Club, Japan

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AutoCar UK – Britain’s Best Drivers Car

September 28, 2008 Comments off Magazine close off a beautiful road on the Isle of Man to shoot a days worth of driving to find out Britains Best Driving Car. A comparison between the Lotus Elise SC, KTM Crossbow, Lamborghini Gallardo 560 and the Nissan R35 GT-R.

The GT-R turns out to be a Japanese model with speed limiter still intact… Even so you wont be surprised which car gets the praise.

Source: via NAGTROC

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Rabin Co – GT-R Aero Kit Completed

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You’ll remember when we broke the story about Rabin Co and their full carbon fibre front bar for the Nissan GT-R back in August. You’ll be happy to know that the Rabin demo R35 is now complete, at least in the looks department.

Going for a kind of GT-R Proto look at the front, their fully carbon bar just peaks out from behind a mostly white paint job.

The rear spoiler is also a custom carbon item hand made in-house and designed to delete the center column on the trunk lid. On the rear bumper is two carbon panels.

Loads more photos and close ups after the jump…

Link: Rabin Co Related Stories

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Sunline Racing Decat Dump Pipes

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Sunline Racing complete the set of exhaust parts with this latest prototype for some de-cat dump pipes. Suitable to match with their own range of racing decat front pipes and GTSpec Titanium RS circuit spec exhaust.

While these are just a prototype, expect an announcement from Sunline Racing soon on availability.

Source: Sunline Racing

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Hi Octane Nissan GT-R to Compete at Tasmanian Tarmac Challenge 2008

September 27, 2008 Comments off

Just a week until the Tasmanian Tarmac Challenge begins and two Nissan GT-Rs are finalising preparations for the event. Hi Octane Racing, driven by Russel Newman and Ben Wooster and Donut King’s Targa Tasmania veteran R35 driven by Tony Alford.

The Tasmanian Tarmac Challenge (not to be mistaken with Targa Tasmania) is a two day tarmac rally on the North West coast of Tasmania, Australia on from 4th – 5th of October. It annually attracts Australia’s best tarmac rally teams including the usual big name drivers like Jim Richards in his Porsche 911 GT2.

GTRBlog has been following the Hi Octane GT-R’s tuning and modification keenly since it landed in Australia from Japan in June 2008. Stopping first in Sydney, we got a quick look at it in completely standard form for a few photos before it was picked up by Russell and off up north to Brisbane.

Russell is not the kind of guy who can leave a car standard though and even before the car had landed he was looking at upgrades. At the time, ECU tuning was still in it’s infancy and the choices were limited to ECU exchanges in Japan (Mine’s VX-ROM was considered) or crack the ECU yourself.

Click the Read More link below to keep reading!

Link: Hi Octane Racing Home Page
Link: Tasmanian Tarmac Challenge Home Page
Photos/Details: Russell Newman, Hi Octane Racing

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Password:JDM Carbon Parts Update

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Password:JDM have completed their development of the carbon fibre parts we gave you a preview of a week ago. Working fast, they’ve fitted them to a GT-R and shot some glamour photos for us all.

For those in the US, these parts will be available in October so get ready to order them. Customers of Password:JDM already include Axis Wheels who ordered an early set of Password:JDM carbon parts for their corporate yellow GT-R. More on that later.

They’ve also managed to prep up a new release, a dry carbon set of bolt on rear diffusers. More parts coming soon. Read our previous article for a bit more background on these. More pics after the jump…

Source/Link: Password:JDM

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Nissan GT-R Phenomenon in Singapore – The Singapore GT-R Owners Club

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Singapore is hot and I’m not expecting it. I’ve been before and each time I wonder if I’ll get used to it. I do though and I begin to love it there and every time I go, even in this country of only 700 square kilometers, I manage to find something new. Some nuance I never found before or some new perspective that a foreigner is privileged to see.

Singapore was one of the first countries to begin grey imports of Nissan’s R35 GT-R after it’s debut in Japan in 2007. Some of the earliest Japanese models were snapped up by Singaporeans and let loose on their often well landscaped streets.

I’m in town with my fiance who’s here for business but I find it somewhat too easy to gloss over her busy meeting schedule so I look forward to meeting up with some locals. That is, I’m here to meet Puneet – a guy with a lot of interest in the GT-R. His Red on JDM Black Edition Black/Red GT-R was one of the first GT-R’s to leave Japan bound for international use. In fact it was one of the first GT-Rs built period.

“I’m staying in Suntec – at the Conrad” I tell Puneet on the phone. I get the strange feeling someone is watching me – and maybe he is, his office is literally meters away. We make plans to do lunch, but it’s a charade, we want to talk cars.

More on the Singaporean GT-R Owners Club after the jump…

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