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SuperGT: Round 6 – Heavy Rain Stops Super Lap, Qualifying Postponed

August 23, 2008 Comments off

Argh what a day. If you’ve had a bad day spare a thought for the SuperGT fans stuck in the heavy rain out at Suzuka Circuit all day watching very little occur. A flood warning was raised for the area today as the sky opened up and spoiled the fun.

The final qualifying is now postponed and hopefully the weather will clear up for tomorrow for qualifying and the race. For now check out some of the new photos from today’s practice.

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VQMotoring’s GT-R With COBB Tuning AccessPORT

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Regular readers will remember VQMotoring’s GT-R from our previous post. They fitted up a straight through no cats, no mufflers exhaust from the turbos back and made a short video of the soundtrack. Well now the car has a stage 2 tune installed via the Cobb Tuning AccessPORT. The car is now sounding a lot different and I think a lot better. It’s also going a LOT better by all accounts. Check out the video to hear it now.

Link: VQMotoring Home Page
Source: Cobb Tuning Forums

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More Real World US GT-R Track Impressions With Video

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Scott from NAGTROC has again spent some with his new GT-R on the track, this time to an event at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS). This event used a tight 12 turn 1.53 mile track configuration suited to light cars really. The bumpy track is actually built into the infield of a Nascar oval with the main straight part of the oval course.

Scott managed a bit of video and has posted that up as well but overall, after some friendly back and forth with a modified Corvette Z06 racking up several hours of track time the overall impressions are that in the real world, he GT-R is a great track car despite.

The conclusion is the [GT-R and Z06] are evenly matched. The GTR is not the modern day Delorian like the ‘vette guys seem to be hoping. After a day of 5 hours of track time I drove home, brakes fine, minimal 2mm of bad wear. Rotors were fine, tranny needs a flush (my choice) and another oil change (my choice) but that is it.

Link: NAGTROC – Track Report 2 Thread

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SuperGT: Round 6 – Pokka 1000km – Practice Photos, Results

August 22, 2008 Comments off

Friday practice sessions are done and some results are in for the teams just feeling their way around the Suzuka Circuit in preparation for round 6 of the 2008 SuperGT Series.

Track conditions were good and dry with temps ranging from 31 – 29 degrees C. A little wind was blowing but overall not bad. Tomorrow’s forecast is rain however and considering the long distance of this race there’s going to be almost certainly a number of wet laps.

As for times, the #22 MOTUL AUTECH GT-R turned the fastest time in late practice with a 1’56.552. Next fastest GT-R in that session was the #23 XANAVI NISMO GT-R with a 1’57.218 in fifth spot. These times were slower overall than the morning session which was dominated by the NSXs. The NSX is in fact tipped to show it’s strengths here at Suzuka but in such a long race with such weather conditions, anything can happen.

Enjoy this photo gallery for now and stay tuned for the qualifying results and race results as they happen. Lots more photos after the jump.

Update: Checkout’s photo gallery as well. They have some extremely good photos from yesterday’s practice.

Link: Get caught up on SuperGT 2008 Series so far…

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Sneak Peak – Customised Street Event

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We’ve been anticipating this event for a while now and it’s officially on tomorrow. The Customised Street event with the co-operation of Option Magazine will feature almost ALL of Japan’s top tuning houses. Of course what event would be complete without a few teaser shots leaking out. Tomorrow we’ll be having a lot more (non-cell phone) photos come in I promise.

Taken tonight @ Suzuka, another pic after the jump.

Link: Customised Street w/Option Magazine Event

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Garage Defend Prepare for Customised Street Event

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Well a big weekend is ahead of us, the SuperGT round 6 37th Annual Pokka 1000km race and the Customised Street mega tuner event both at Suzuka Circuit. Garage Defend don’t want to show up underdressed so today they received their Blitz production Nur-Spec F-Ti titanium exhaust to replace their currently standard exhaust.

Yes it looks a lot like their prototype Blitz exhaust seen at Nagoya Auto Trend in March this year but this final production version has a few unseen benefits such as actually improving exhaust flow.

More photos after the jump.

Link: Defend Racing home page

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Endless Brake Lines for Nissan R35 GT-R

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Endless have announced details and pricing on two new brake line kits for Nissan R35 GT-R this week. These two kits aim to upgrade brake feel and pedal response by providing a stiffer steel braided line which resists expansion at high temperatures.

The first kit is called the Swivel-Steel kit (part number EB111SS) and the second is a Swivel-Racing brake line kit (part number EB111). The difference being the 304 grade stainless steel used in the swivel racing kit.

Pricing on the swivel steel kit is 68,250 yen ($650 USD listed at GT-RR) and the racing kit 89,250 yen.

Source: Endless via GT-RR

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Garage Defend GT Cooling Panel for R35

August 21, 2008 Comments off

Traditionally one of my favourite Garage Defend parts were their super high quality carbon radiator shrouds. Pretty much nothing fits like a Garage Defend GT Cooling panel on a legacy GT-R. Plenty of aluminium ones to choose from sure but carbon ones are rare and chinese copies have never worked at all.

As we predicted way way back Garage Defend now have completed their prototype GT Cooling Panel for R35 GT-R and it’s a big one.

Wrapping around the front of the engine bay there’s currently no other thing just like it, while the functionality may be questionable it sure makes a statement.

More photos after the jump!

Link: Garage Defend Home Page

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Pro Stock Racing Tuned Ohlins Suspension for R35 GT-R

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When we featured the Pro Stock Racing R35 GT-R the other day you’ll remember we mentioned their Ohlins full adjustable PSR spec suspension kit for Nissan R35 GT-R. Thanks to GTR-World we now have the specifications of this suspension.

The kit features 14 kg/mm front and 10 kg/mm rear spring rates, height and damper adjustability and quality backed by the Ohlins name. PSR have developed this suspension with the help of D1 driver Nobuteru “NOB” Taniguchi. This suspension should be quite streetable with the ability to handle some fast mountain roads and some light circuit work.

Price for this kit is 461,580 yen.

More circuit focused suspension (PSR Ohlins SPL) is in the works but no word on details or pricing yet.

Link: Pro Stock Racing website

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Car & Driver Settle the GT-R Ringer Debate

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Before the Nissan GT-R had made it’s way to US shores many magazines got the first bite of the apple with a few hours to days to spend with the pre-production US specification cars. The numbers these GT-Rs churned out were nothing short of amazing and caused much debate around the net. The conclusions on many internet communities drawn by sceptics were that these cars had to be “ringers” and that the production models would not meet expectations.

Car & Driver magazine have now got hold of a final production US specification GT-R and put it through the same tests. And guess the result?

Hint: there is no such thing as a ringer.

Link: What is the GT-R’s Real Horsepower?

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