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Reality Check – GT-R Maintenance Costs Not So Bad

August 28, 2008 Comments off

A lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt abounded prior to the Nissan GT-R’s US debut in July. The internet was buzzing with the rumours and gossip that servicing fees were going to be astronomical. Basic things like regular services were going to be in the high three figures?! Ouch.

The reality is that this is simply not working out to be fact. Regular readers have been following along as former Corvette Z06 owner Scott from Boston has been tracking his GT-R and giving NAGTROC readers regular updates. So after a few track outings and hours of actual track time he decided to pay a visit to his dealer for a post-circuit inspection.

The inspection itself ran to $300 and included:

  • DSG clutch pack adjustment
  • Transmission reset/relearn
  • ECU check/reset
  • Laser alignment
  • Engine balance check
  • Fluid checks

Not a bad deal considering the peace of mind after thrashing it at the track. Additional service items on top of this were also performed, you can check those out in the NAGTROC thread linked below. Suffice to say some things are still costly but overall not as bad as expected.

Link:NAGTROC Post Track Maintenance Thread

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Feature Car: VQMotoring’s R35 GT-R

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We’ve posted a few photos of this VQMotoring US R35 GT-R as well as videos before but recently they’ve posted up a whole heap of photos of it in it’s current state including a nice big close up of the wheels a few of our readers have been commenting on.

VQMotoring received this car back in July and have so far done the following modifications:

Check out the load of photos and video after the jump!

Got a unique GT-R or some great photos of your GT-R? Send in a sample and we may feature your GT-R and/or workshop on


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HKS Legamax Premium Exhaust – R35 GT-R

August 27, 2008 Comments off

One of the more creative designs for a an exhaust we’ve seen so far is this new release from HKS is a full 304 grade stainless exhaust. The main pipe section is 85mm in diameter and opens to four 119mm tips at the rear.

While this exhaust manages a huge improvement in flow, careful selection of materials and mufflers keep the noise in check managing to come in only 1dB louder than the standard exhaust.

Part number 31021-AN009, this exhaust will retail for 304,500 yen in Japan.

Images: SHH ProShop Blog via NAGTROC
Source: Ben Linney from

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R35 GT-R Ing Magazine

August 26, 2008 Comments off

R35 GT-R Ing – Japanese Tuner magazine is out today. We told you about this magazine earlier in the month although back then the title was Tune+Ing magazine. Either way it’s out today and has a load of Japanese tuner information in it. Our copy will arrive soon and we’ll update you guys with how to order as well as more details of what’s inside soon.

Update: R35 GT-R ing reviewed, link to how to buy it online over in our review article

Images: Zele International

Motor Trend: America’s Best Handling Car

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Never before have I seen such a fastidious dissection of the handling characteristics of a car than in this Motor Trend article. A heavy 10 pages in just part one but if you’re at all interested to know down to the finest detail just how good the new Nissan GT-R is check it out.

Some of the more surprising results are the fact that the GT-R rides better than many of the cars on test (despite all the moaning by motoring journo’s of the west) and so far it handles better than most (measured several different and maybe confusing ways).

Part two is due out on Wednesday 27th August so we’ll update you then. Until then follow the links below to read part 1 and see the photos.

Link: Motor Trend – America’s Best Handling Car Competition: Contenders and Instrument Testing
Link: Motor Trend Article Photo Gallery

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Mine’s Carbon Grille and Exhaust Outlet Surrounds for GT-R

August 25, 2008 Comments off

Mine’s have extended their range of decorative carbon parts this week with the release of their carbon grille and carbon exhaust outlet surrounds. Competing tuners already have parts similar so Mine’s will distinguish themselves as normal by creating exception top level quality parts.

Pricing is 59,850 yen for the grille and 98,700 for the exhaust outlet surrounds. These will be available at all international Mine’s distributors shortly.

Source/Link: Mine’s

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Broken GT-R … Damn That Sucks

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Pains me to see this… so I’m showing it to you!

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Up Close With the Ebbro 1/43rd Scale SuperGT Model

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Ebbro have a history of producing great, detailed models of the Japanese GTC SuperGT cars and this GT500 Nissan GT-R is no exception. Something about this level of detail just makes me want to buy them all. Sold complete with base it’d look great on your desk.

This particular one is available now through Hobby Link Japan for 4,500 yen plus shipping to your country. They have stock right now so it’s only a few day wait for EMS shipping.

Link: Buy this now at Hobby Link Japan
Link: R35 GT-R Models @ Hobby Link Japan

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SuperGT: Round 6 – Pokka 1000km – Results – Victory for GT-R!

August 24, 2008 Comments off

A great result today as the #12 Calsonic IMPUL Nissan GT-R overcame the odds and pulled off an outright victory in round 6 of SuperGT series 2008, the 37th annual Pokka 1000km. GT-Rs had a good day all round filling out much of the top 10 finishing 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th!

The day started off well as well, after super lap and qualifying problems yesterday due to heavy rain, the grid positions were determined by the times in the final practice session. The #22 Nissan GT-R had scored the second best time so was set to start second on the grid. The #10 Raybrig NSX on pole however was having engine troubles and had to swap out the engine overnight. According to the rules of the GTA this lost them 10 spots on the grid forcing them to start 11th and bumping the #22 GT-R into pole.

An exciting race followed and when the official reports come out we will have another post with as usual a video wrapup will follow. For now enjoy a few of these photos from today and also check out for their own photos.

UPDATED: Click the Read more link below to read the whole race report from Nissan.

Link: SuperGT Round 6 – Practice
Link: SuperGT Round 6 – Mid Race Report

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Heavy Rain Dampens Customised Street GT-R Event

August 23, 2008 Comments off

Not much puts a downer on a well planned event like no-one turning up because of a minor (ok, likely) flood warning! Like the SuperGT race, the Customised Street event today was suffering from being a bit damp over all. Oh well, the tuner cars were still there but pretty much everyone else was trying to stay dry. As such not too many great photos out today. The event runs tomorrow as well so lets see some sunshine hey?

Image Sources: Zele International, MCR, Garage Saurus

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