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GT-R Transformer Model Photographed

August 31, 2008 Comments off

Looks like the development of the new Nissan GT-R transformers toy is coming along nicely. These photos were taken at the Chara Hobby 2008 show which ran this weekend out at Makuhari Messe (the same venue as Tokyo Auto Salon!) in Chiba, Japan. Looking still very much pre-production I think Tomy Takara intend to put this model into production over the coming months.

Thanks to reader Guy101 for the tip! More photos after the jump.

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Trust Exhaust for R35 GT-R

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Trust have long been in the exhaust game building extremely good value for money exhausts for a wide range of cars. I’ve personally had Trust exhausts on many of my cars including my R34 GT-R. We saw a prototype Trust PE Ti titanium exhaust at Tokyo Autosalon 2008 and have been awaiting the release of a Trust exhaust ever since.

This week Garage Saurus have got hold of just such an exhaust for a customer. As you can see there is a significant difference in design vs. the exhaust we saw at TAS2008 down to the materials used. A much more traditional stainless steel exhaust with titanium tips.

Exhaust pipe diameter is on the large side with 80mm diameter piping branching out to 4x115mm tips. Price is 378,000 yen.

More photos after the jump.

Source: Garage Saurus

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Alcon Rotors for R35 GT-R

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Alcon have produced a range of front and rear brake rotors for R35 GT-R designed with a higher heat capacity than the standard items. They come with crescent grooves as opposed to being drilled which most people find more durable for track work. Other features of these rotors are:

  • Alloy bell, slightly lighter than standard
  • Curved vanes, versus standard straight vanes to provide better cooling
  • Alloy rotors, provide higher durability with a lighter weight
  • Standard size for bolt on fitment

Overall these rotors save a total of 1kg (2.2lbs) per front rotor. Since this is unsprung and rotational mass this is a significant saving. Prices are around the $2000 USD inc shipping per front rotor set or $3900 for a full set of front and rear rotors.

Source: GTROC UK Forums

Busy Day – Great Photos – NAGTROC Forums

August 30, 2008 Comments off

Been so busy today with offline stuff that I haven’t had a chance to post any updates. Sorry guys. I did catch these three threads over at NAGTROC forums with some great photos. Check them out if you get a chance.

I might also take this opportunity to let you all know of the growing partnership we have going between NAGTROC and GTRBlog. As the GT-R scene really kicks off internationally it’s going to be really important to find a community where you can meet, chat with and hear from folks with GT-Rs in their blood. This community over at NAGTROC is established and it has a great feel already. I know Chuck and the guys are also well into organising their first (of many) meetups.

We also now have a GTRBlog feed direct into NAGTROC’s own blog section/forum home page. If you’re not already a member there I think signing up and posting a introduction thread way to start off having your input into the growing global GT-R community.

As for the blog, don’t worry!! I have a queue forming out the door of updates to write up. Need to post that “wanted ad” for blogging staff who work for peanuts I think. Apply Within!

Link: NAGTROC Photo Threads: [1] [2] [3]

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Rabin Co – Carbon Front Bar – GT-R Proto DNA?!

August 29, 2008 Comments off

Just an update on how the new Rabin Co carbon front bar is coming along. Well they’re test fitting the prototype now and yep it sure does resemble a GT-R Proto front bar in many ways. Going to be interesting to see a finished product here.

Rabin are also working on a carbon rear spoiler seen below in development.

Link: Related posts on Rabin Co

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Motor Trend: America’s Best Handling Car – Part 2

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Following on from their instrument test a few days back in this test Motor Trend now head over to Laguna Seca to put the various cars through their paces with some hot laps.

Equipped with their own “tame racing driver” Randy Pobst they drove each car flat out and then ranked them in order subjectively and also by laptime. Again lots of data and again interesting to read. GT-R does well in terms of laptimes but is ranked only midfield in terms of the drivers opinion after a few laps.

Link: Motor Trend: America’s Best Handling Car: Track Testing

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Nismo GT-R Tuning Parts – Packaged Parts Specifications

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While you can opt for the Nismo Club Sport package at 5,460,000 yen there is also the an option to go with the sub packages themselves. Especially handy if you don’t have the full $50k lying around. There are three packages that make up the greater Club Sport Package. These are explained below:

First up is the Chassis Package which includes Nismo developed Bilstein Damptronic suspension and the Rays forged aluminium 20″ monoblock wheels and Bridgestone Tires. This package cannot be split down any further unfortunately unlike the Club Sport package itself. Specifications are as follows:


  • Size: Front 255/40 ZRF20 – Rear 285/35 ZRF20
  • Manufacturer/Model: Bridgestone RE070R (Runflat)


  • Manufacturer: Rays Wheels
  • Construction: One piece forged aluminium
  • Size: Front 20 x 9.5J +45 – Rear 20 x 10.5J +25
  • PCD: 114.3, 5 hole
  • Weight: Front 10.3 Kg (-1.6kg) – Rear 10.8Kg (-1.4kg)
  • Appearance: Gunmetal Grey, Nismo Logo, Nismo valve caps


  • Dampers: Bilstein Damptronic (3 mode switch compatible)
  • Appearance: Black, Nismo logo
  • Springs: 18.5kg/mm front spring rate, 9.6kg/mm rear spring rate
  • Appearance: Red, Nismo logo

Price: 2,205,000 yen

More specs and photos after the jump.

Source: Nismo
Images: Nismo via

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Nismo Club Sports Package for R35 GT-R Revealed

August 28, 2008 Comments off

From under a thick veil of secrecy, Nissan’s motorsport division, Nismo announced today details of the Club Sports tuning package for the Nissan R35 GT-R. This tuning package has been designed to enhance the GT-R’s already great power, response and handling. With this package, Nismo are not selling parts individually but instead selling it as a total upgrade solution. For 5,460,000 yen the Club Sports package will get you the following upgrades:

  • Nismo 20 inch Rays lightweight forged aluminium wheels
  • Nismo Bilstein Damptronic Suspension
  • Nismo Recaro Carbon/Leather seats
  • Nismo Titanium Exhaust System
  • Nismo Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser
  • Nismo Badging

The catch is that, at the moment, the Nismo Club Sports package is only available installed within Japan at one of their 12 certified and trained Nismo ExpertShops plus two additional certified workshops countrywide. What does that mean for international Nismo fans? Right now it means there is a delays on getting these parts individually and then shipped to you.

The Club Sports Package is available from 30th September 2008. The Nismo Club Sports package comes with a 3 year, 60,000km warranty.

Source: Nismo
Image Source: Nismo via

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ARC Intercoolers for R35 GT-R Set for September Release

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While the release date is still a couple of weeks away, we just had to post this photo up now. Damn this looks tough even without the front bar. Or maybe because there’s no front bar…

Either way ARC’s coolers are suitable for anyone looking to improve the response of the already responsive VR38. Check out our ARC intercooler category for more details on this upcoming product.

Link: ARC Category

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Best Motoring: October 2008 Out Now – Preview

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Best Motoring 2008 Volume 10 is out now and what an issue it promises to be for Nissan GT-R fans! First we have a Porsche 911 GT2 vs Nissan GT-R Super Battle at Tsukuba circuit. Tsukuba is a tight short circuit, is it a match for the Porsche’s lighter weight and superior horsepower?!

Next is a circuit performance check by Tsuchiya comparing the Porsche with the GT-R and his own NSX-R. This is followed by a report from the recent Nissan driving performance meeting for new GT-R owners.

Last but not least is another Super Battle. This time AWD vs RWD with GT3RS, Ferrari F360 Modena, NSX-R challenging the GT2 and the Nissan GT-R.

This DVD is currently on sale at a discounted price of 1,500 yen off RRP so check it out. Also there’s few more still photos after the jump. Don’t forget our guide on how to use in English which is also linked below.

Link: Buy this DVD online NOW @
Link: Best Motoring back issue DVD’s from 2008 –
Link: HowTo: GTRBlog’s guide on buying online @

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