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The Real JDM Explain The Power House Amuse Exhaust Range

July 31, 2008 Comments off

As we know from early July Power House Amuse has been offering a large range of titanium exhaust systems for the Nissan R35 GT-R. There’s a lot on offer and it’s not immediately obvious when ordering exactly which exhaust goes with what and exactly how loud or street legal it’s going to be when your done.

The Real JDM have been getting some data straight from Power House Amuse on which exhausts suit which people. You can then go on from there to order it online at Check it out if the Amuse exhaust is something you’re thinking of doing when you pickup your new GT-R.

Link: The Real JDM Blog Explains the Amuse Exhaust Options

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Gran Turismo TV Debuts August 1st

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If you own a PS3 and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (and what self respecting GT-R enthusiast doesn’t!) you’ll be keen to hear that come August 1st you’ll be able to download an update enabling you to watch pay-per-download episodes of some of your favourite GT-R and motoring related TV shows in SD and Full HD directly on your PS3.

There’s some awesome content coming like Best Motoring, Option Video, Top Gear, SuperGT as well as original GT TV content like interview’s and such. Some we’ve seen already on internet video sites but new stuff will be coming soon.

Downloads are 99c for the first two weeks and after that $1.99. Pretty cheap if the content is there. We shall see!

Source: Playstation Blog

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RDD Big Brake Rotor Kit for R35 GT-R

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Garage Saurus are testing out the new RDD big brake rotor kit. Similar in looks and in size to the Mine’s big brake rotor kit there’s no big surprise to find out they are in fact the same hardware.

Yep these are massive two piece rotors. 400mm front and 400mm rear units they ship with required mounting hardware to ensure the correct fit of the brake calipers.

Priced at 230,000 yen for the front kit and 245,000 yen for the rear kit it’s only very slightly cheaper than the Mine’s kit.

Updated with new images after the jump.

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SuperGT: Twin Ring Motegi Official Test

July 30, 2008 Comments off

The SuperGT governing body (GTA) is holding an official test today and tomorrow out at Twin Ring Motegi circuit with the GT300 and GT500 racing teams. In preperation for round 7 of the SuperGT 2008 series to be held at Motegi in mid September.

The Toyota SC430 and Honda NSXs continued to show their strength over the Nissan GT-R teams in the GT500 class and turn the best time with the fastest GT-R only managing a 10th place time. Not a great result but of course this is not a points round just a test and perhaps the GTA will see the need to re-evaluate the blanket 75kg weight handicap on all GT-R teams after recent performance.

We still have round 6 to face before the race at Motegi however, the 37th Annual International POKKA 1000km race at Suzuka circuit on the 24th of August. More on that as we come closer to the date.

More photos from Motegi after the jump.

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Photo Gallery: Daikoku R35 GT-R Club Meet Up Close

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Well as we reported the other day, the biggest monthly meetup of Japan’s R35 GT-R Club was held on Sunday 27th July and 40 GT-Rs turned up. Some people are sporting some minor modifications on their GT-Rs already and we now have a bunch of photos of those guys up close.

Click through the jump to see the rest of the photo gallery from Daikoku parking area.

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R35 GT-R: Tune+Ing Magazine – Debut Issue This August

July 29, 2008 Comments off

An exciting new magazine has been secretly photographing and testing with Japan’s top tuners lately right under our noses. Mistaken for Option Magazine photo shoots earlier in the month I have been digging up what I can find bit by bit.

The good news is it’s a completely new magazine, so we haven’t missed something obvious. Called “R35 GT-R: Tune+Ing” the inaugural issue is due to hit book stores in Japan around the 26th of August.

In this first issue we should get to find out the results of the shootout between Mine’s, MCR, Midori Seibi, HKS Technical Factory, Zele International and Power House Amuse. Yes – it’s huge! has a sneak preview of some of the scenes behind the upcoming magazine as we tag along with Zele International to the photo shoots (well in spirit anyway!). Click through the jump for the photos!

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Spec-V Specs – Confirmations, More Rumours

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We’ve certainly seen an explosion in media attention surrounding the specifications of the upcoming Nissan R35 GT-R Spec-V following a Road & Track online article over the past few days. I’ve been meaning to post an update too I just wanted to verify the source and claims as best I could. This is a post I started typing three days ago but checking details is slow…

A lot of this info we’ve of course seen before over at CBA-R35 blog when mindlessoath posted it over a month ago. In fact this information dates back to around June 10th when it first started being reported in Japan:

  • The Spec-V is due for release in October 2008
  • Rays Forged Aluminium Six Spoke 20″ Wheels
  • Carbon Rear Wing
  • Carbon Front Seats
  • No rear seats, carbon storage area replaces rear seats
  • Rear strut tower bar
  • Updated carbon rear diffuser
  • Carbon Ceramic brake rotors were made optional
  • GR6 Transmission tweaked
  • Power output: 520ps
  • Torque increased to: 61kg/m²
  • Boost increased to 0.85 bar
  • Weight: 1640kg

Since this information has come out I’ve chased down a few more facts and a few rumours.

Brakes are upgraded but the carbon ceramic rotors that were being tested are options. The standard spec brake callipers are also different to what we’ve seen so far testing at Nurburgring.

The seats are similar to the Recaro SP-X CL100 which normally retail close to $7k each. The Spec-V’s seats are made by Recaro so it makes sense they are GT-R trimmed SP-X shells.

Of course the bad news rumour is that the Spec-V may be delayed past it’s October launch. It’s unknown when it will be released but best guesses are January 2009. Hopefully before Tokyo AutoSalon. I’m secretly hoping this is true so I can be in Japan for the media event.

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Tire Rack Update Wheel Selection – Not Doing It Right

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Not sure what they were thinking here. OZ make some decent wheels but this combination of a red USDM 2009 Nissan GT-R and chrome 20″s featured on the latest Tire Rack wholesale catalog is certainly not something I would do. Anyway if you were at all interested in other wheels by O.Z, Tire Rack have updated their website with a selection of three new wheels to suit.

Those shown above are the cast 3 piece O.Z. Raffaello III in 20″ weighing in around 29 lbs each. Next there is the cast 3 piece O.Z Botticelli in 20″ (available in chrome and black) weighing in over 31 lbs each. Finally there is the forged 3 piece O.Z. Superleggera in 20″ also 29lbs each but look probably the best of the bunch.

Source: Forums

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SpeedForSale Begin GT-R Development – Step 1: Acquisition

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Jeremy from NissanGTRClub and SpeedForSale, a sponsor of our site, emailed me some photos the other day to let us know he had picked up a brand new black on black premium 2009 Nissan GT-R.

Eager to begin development Jeremy decided to jump the gun and purchase this GT-R locally while their Dark Metal Grey GT-R is still on order. I certainly can empathise with that.

While the GT-R is literally brand new and they haven’t even run it in yet SpeedForSale are currently data logging the ECU to learn more about the inner workings of the car for developments planned down the track.

We’ll keep a close eye on the development of Jeremy’s GT-R and update along the way.

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Link: Discussion thread on
Link: SpeedForSale – R35 GT-R Parts for Sale Online Now

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GT-R To Be Parted Out

July 28, 2008 Comments off

This GT-R suffered a serious front end collision destroying all of the front end panel work, the cooling systems and carbon fibre structural components. Front wheels and tires look to be damaged and the airbags are gone also. Still the owner wants $38k+ for the wreck at auction. Repair estimates would be in the $20 – $25k region but the car will never be the same and will never hold resale value.

GT-R for parts? Maybe but at a lower price certainly. Makes me wonder what he bought this back from the insurance company for.

Source: Yahoo Auctions Japan via NAGTROC

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