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Nissan GT-R Choro-Q Production Model Up Close

June 27, 2008 Comments off

The production versions of the new Nissan GT-R Choro-Q mini car are now getting around and this should now be officially available inside Japan. They come with a small but attractive stand to go with them. Just another one for the collection I think.

These toys are made by Tomy – the same company responsible for the upcoming Nissan GT-R Transformers toy. Will this ever end? Not for now that’s for sure. Thanks to reader Rshackleford for the Transformers link!

Source: GT-R Magazine

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Godzilla: Coming to a Nissan Dealership Near You

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Couldn’t resist posting this. Spotted at a Nissan dealership in Elk Grove California. Have they taken marketing the imminent GT-R release to new heights? Maybe or maybe not but it makes a good photo op. Not something you’d see outside a Porsche or Lamborghini dealership that’s for sure.

Source: s1nned @ NAGTROC

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Video: Nissan R35 GT-R vs. Lexus IS-F Comparison

June 26, 2008 Comments off

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I began watching this video. Firstly it starts off great. Real good shot of the GT-R and how bad could it get when you’re talking two of the finest cars to ever come out of the land of the rising sun.

Well about 2 hours later when I awoke from my boredom induced coma I decided to post it anyway because let’s face it knowing this mundane day to day stuff might be good for those of us who choose to daily drive our R35 GT-Rs. How one man makes comparing two such awesome cars so dull is just amazing.

Oh and is that the same track from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie at the beginning?

Cheers to Mindlessoath from CBA-R35 blog for originally linking this to me.

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Best Motoring August 2008: Europe + GT-R

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Best Motoring (Japan this time) has gotten their hands on a GT-R in Europe and had a go on the autobahn and Nurburgring themselves. The issue will be out soon but check out the preview video above and the image gallery below to get you started.

In the mean time you can buy all this years Best Motoring DVDs online at Amazon! Howto guide on buying these from Japan below.

Link: Buy Best Motoring DVDs online
Link: HOWTO: Buying books, magazines and DVDs from Amazon Japan

Link: Best Motoring

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Woodone Advan Clarion Nissan GT-R

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After a seriously hard fought win on the weekend in Malaysia during round 4 of the 2008 SuperGT series this standard R35 GT-R has been decked out in full team graphics.

Funny story we’ve heard about the race on Sunday actually. Apparently the Motul Autech #22 GT-R was a sure bet to win when co-driver Yanagida-san accidentally hit the pit speed limiter instead of the drink button on his steering wheel. Pretty sure he wanted to kick himself in the nuts after that one but what can you do. That’s racing.

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Best Motoring International: GT-R Loaded

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Best Motoring International, the English language arm of the Best Motoring DVD producer has announced this week that it will release a DVD dedicated to the Nissan R35 GT-R shortly. Called “GT-R Loaded” the DVD is likely to contain many of the scenes from this years many Best Motoring Japan DVD issues dubbed into English for the international buyer.

Should definitely be one to put on the wish list. Best Motoring International DVDs are available at many worldwide retailers like, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Borders, Fry’s, Tower Records and Virgin stores.

Link: Best Motoring International
Source: Live Sockets via NAGTROC

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Motor Trend: Road Trippin’ the GT-R

June 25, 2008 Comments off

Matt Stone from Motor Trend was recently lucky enough to live with a brand new R35 GT-R for a few days. He’s taken it on a road trip the long way from central California to LA covering a fair few miles and garnering a fair few rock star like receptions.

He has a few choice things to say about the car including the now cliched complaint about how he felt there was too much computer control. I guess there’s just not enough spots in NASCAR for all these awesome race-driver-cum-motoring-journalists who really know how to drive. Said with maximum eye-rolling possible.

Cheers to Chuck from NAGTROC for the heads up.

Link: Road trippin’ the Nissan GT-R

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Nextech CARMAN SCAN: Nissan GT-R OBD-II Diagnostic Computer

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From what I can tell this is interesting news for a lot of guys outside Japan who took a risk and grey imported their Nissan R35 GT-R’s only to have annoying warning lamps on whenever they do something relatively normal like change a tire. Without a Nissan dealer to back you and Consult III extremely out-of-reach this may make your day.

Nextech have released an updated Carman Scan Lite enabled for Nissan R35 GT-R. This versatile tool is OBD-II compliant with the ability to read and reset diagnostic/error codes on supported cars.

This is great because it now means you don’t have to visit the dealership every time your battery runs flat because the bonnet warning light wont go off or the TPMS warning won’t let up. The downside is the unit costs close to $4,000 USD… Fortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg and shortly other, more reasonably priced units will popup on the market given time to develop them.


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Win a GT-R Photo Album Book from – Winners Announced

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1st Prize of the GTR Photo Album Book goes to:

Member: lingeringsoul. Congratulations!!!

2nd Prize winner of the Option/RevSpeed Magazines is:
Member: sebevo. Congratulations!!!

I have sent you both an email with details!

Thanks to EVERYONE for entering. I’m thinking about doing a lot of giveaways as I have a lot of this GT-R stuff cluttering up the office that I think you guys might appreciate.

Stay tuned for the next one then and keep reading!

To celebrate the imminent release of the Nissan R35 GT-R in the United States (which we hear is right around the corner!) is giving away to one lucky subscriber a brand new, still shrink-wrapped, GT-R Photo Album Book published by Gakken Mook just like the one featured in our review back in May. There is also a second prize consisting of Rev Speed July 2008 and Option Magazine July 2008 together.

All you have to do to enter is be a registered member (registration link is at the top left of the page) and post a comment on this post and you are automatically in the running! Winner will be drawn on Monday, July 7th 2008 when the Nissan GT-R is said to be officially on sale in the USA!

Post Away!

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MCR GT-R Paddle Shift Kit Demo Videos

June 24, 2008 Comments off

The MCR paddle shift kit has been featured a number of times already on this blog including a video before from on it’s use. These videos are from MCR however and focus simply on the paddle shifters while Kobayashi-san gives the GT-R a bit of a work out on the back roads.

Check them out over on the GTRBlog Viddler channel. Video two embedded after the jump…

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