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Motul Nismo Nissan GT-R to Compete in Tokachi 24hr Race

June 30, 2008 Comments off

Coming up in July is the annual Tokachi 24hr held at Tokachi Speedway near Obihiro, Hokkaido – the northernmost island of Japan. This is Japan’s only 24hr endurance race and this year Nissan is fielding a standard R35 Nissan GT-R sponsored by Nismo, Motul and among others. Driving the car will be Masami Kageyama, Tetsuya Tanaka and Kazuki Hoshino. The GT-R is entered into the International Production class.

This is an important race for the GT-R to show the world that it has the stamina it takes to compete in endurance events against some serious race cars. Hoping for a class win, good luck guys. The race is held over the 20th – 21st of July 2008.

Update: From Nismo’s press release on this it appears Nismo will be testing a variety of Nismo GT-R tuning parts on the GT-R. We will update when we know exactly what Nismo has in mind.


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Zele Rays Gram Lights R57GT Black Edition Now Available for Order

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First seen on the Zele International GT-R the Rays Gram Lights R57GT are now available to buy pre-painted in the high gloss black colour that looks so good on the Zele car. These Black Edition wheels will be available for delivery starting 25th July and come in 20″ x 9.5 +35 offset front and 20″ x 10.5 +15 offset rear.

Prices are 129,000 yen ($1,200 USD) per front and 134,000 ($1,300 USD) per rear wheel. Not many wheels are looking this good on an R35 so far so these are right up there with my top choices. I still love the standard wheel but gotta appreciate this unique look.

Source: and Zele International

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GT-R Owners Club: Kobe R35 GT-R Meet

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GTROC Japan has held a meetup of R35 Nissan GT-R owners on Sunday the 29th. Despite the rainy conditions (again) about thirty R35’s were in attendance. This meetup was primarily for those in the western reaches of Japan and was held in the city of Kobe – most famous worldwide for its quality wagyu beef!

That’s a lot of GT-Rs and you can see how popular the red colour is(n’t)…

Check out the rest of the photos after the jump. Thanks to the GTROC Japan for the photos!

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Best Motoring DVD & Option Magazine August 08: Available Now

June 29, 2008 Comments off

Best Motoring DVD and Option Magazine for August are out now and available online as per usual. Both packing features and articles on the R35 GT-R. You can get these online from Amazon at the links below.

Link: Best Motoring and Option Magazine @ Amazon Japan
Link: Howto: Buying online from Amazon Japan

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Nissan GT-R Electronic Quick Reference Guide

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This DVD ships with every new Nissan GT-R in the US region and is a brief overview of the cars features broken down into six parts. Vehicle controls, convenience, special features, safety features, vehicle info and navigation. Chuck from NAGTROC has gotten hold of it early and has uploaded it to Viddler for everyone to watch.

A great way to pass the time between now and your delivery date. Thanks Chuck! Check the link below for parts 2-6 also on Viddler.

Link: Nissan EQRG @ Viddler

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June 28, 2008 Comments off

Michael Krumm is the genius driver behind the recent pole position at Sepang Circuit in Mayalsia during round four of Super GT 2008. Sepang is widely known as one of the most difficult and challenging races of the year as it’s technical track must be driven at temperatures eclipsing 45 degrees and higher inside the cars.

Michael with his co-driver Yanagida-san are driving the MOTUL AUTECH #22 GT-R and got a few moments of his time recently when he was on their home soil in Malaysia.

Check out the interview over on their website linked below.

Link: – Interview with Super GT’s Michael Krumm

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Nissan North America Official Delivery Date

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Nissan North America have officially announced that deliveries of the 2009 Nissan GT-R will start on July 7th 2008. Additionally Nissan have said that the first years allocation is 70% sold already. This last part is quite interesting. I would have expected a little more to have been sold but I guess the high mark ups are turning people away. It will be interesting to see how things progress now that the car is officially on sale in the USA.

Will they sell well, will the remaining allotment get snapped up? Will the markups continue to be applied liberally? Time will tell.

Click the read more link below for the press release from Nissan.

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Zele Carbon Radiator Shroud Release Date Set, Priced

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The carbon fiber radiator shroud for Nissan R35 GT-R that we gave the heads up on first earlier this month has been completed and priced for sale. Available from August 2008 the radiator shroud can be had worldwide for 48,000 yen plus shipping.

Nissan GT-R US Owners Manual Scanned

June 27, 2008 Comments off

Extremely industrious NAGTROC member KKR75 has scanned the entire Nissan R35 GT-R US owners manual and formatted it into a PDF file for download! This comes not long after he scanned in the Warranty manual as well. A lot of guys were quite eager to get their hands on this to pass the time until their GT-Rs arrived so here it is. Enjoy.

Link: US Owners Manual download thread @ NAGTROC

Source: KKR75 and Chuck from NAGTROC

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Corvette ZR-1 Stirs the Pot – Comes Close to GT-R V-Spec Time Around Nurburgring

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Far be it for us to discount just how good the new Corvetter ZR-1 is. Even if it does look a bit silly with some kind of bonnet window (to keep an eye on your oil leaks?) and is made of recycled Pepsi bottles. It certainly can lap Nurburgring fast that’s for damn sure as today GM have announced they’ve managed a 7 minute 26 lap of the ‘Ring. Congratulations to those folk and I hope they keep at it and bring the time down even further.

It’s beginning to be extremely clear that you no longer need $250,000 to drive insanely fast and that $100,000 or even $70,000 will cut it these days.

Source: Autoblog

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