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Time to Go Back to School: Nissan Technical College Yokohama

May 31, 2008 Comments off

Unsure what you want to do with your life? Interested in cars but not sure how to pursue your dream career? Nissan Technical College in Yokohama might be a way to combine your study with your passion. Here we have some photos of the brochure for the college. I think I could get through the day knowing next lesson was VR38DETT 101.

Few more pics of the brochure after the jump.

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Car Festa 2008 – Fukushima Japan – This Weekend

May 30, 2008 Comments off

Car Festa 2008 in Fukushima kicks off tomorrow and should be a decent one for Nissan GT-R fans. At the show will be GT-R’s from MCR, YellowHat and others. The show runs on Saturday and Sunday and will feature loads of modified and custom cars from all spectrums as well as live music and drifting exhibitions and tonnes and tonnes of girls.

MCR have already setup for the show, here’s a sneak peak at their stand at Car Festa 2008.

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Nissan GT-R Police Car Model

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It’s been a few days now I can post a model story again without feeling too guilty. One Japanese hobbyist has taken a more creative approach to building his Tamiya 1/24th scale GT-R and painted it up in Japanese Police car style.

I’d sign up if these cars were real.

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Zele International ECU Upgrades Officially Announced

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Zele have been developing these for some time now and today they have announced pricing, availability and details on their FZ-ROM Type I and FZ-ROM Type-II ECU upgrades.


The type I upgrade modifies the fuel, timing and ignition maps as well as a slight boost increase (0.1 kg/cm² – 1.5 PSI). The speed limiter is raised to 260 km/h. The best thing is that these come with a 20,000 km engine warranty.

Price: 189,000 yen ($1,800 USD)


The type II performs all of the changes of the type I but completely removes the speed limiter and raises the rev limiter to 7,200 rpm. This type comes with no warranty and a price drop to match.

Price: 136,000 yen

These ECU’s are available for pre-order now and will be officially released on July 4th.

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Get Your Daily COBB Tuning Fix

May 29, 2008 Comments off

COBB Tuning have been making a daily appearance on this blog lately for good reason. Lot’s of info is coming out of them over on their forums and again today more of the Modified Tuner Shootout story has come out including some of COBB’s own photographs from the day.

It’s a long story with a lot of photo’s so head on over and read the whole thing. I will leave you with this video however (click the Read More link below to view it) of the COBB Tuning R35 GT-R on the dyno. Be sure to checkout our other videos on the GTRBlog Youtube channel.

Source: COBB Tuning via NAGTROC

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Top Gear Season 11: GT-R vs Bullet Train Coming Soon

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It’s been going around for a little while now that in Top Gear season 11 Clarkson, Hammond and May head to Japan for the best race yet but until now it has only been speculation of what they actually race. It was published by BBC news on Tuesday that Jeremey Clarkson has revealed that the advesary this season is the reknowned shinkansen – bullet trains – of Japan.

One can guess which car they chose to pit it against, the one and only Nissan GT-R is the most likely candidate. Season 11 begins June 22nd on BBC in the UK.

Source: Final Gear forums

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ECUTek GT-R Breaks all the Rules

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Well … not ALL of them, just the parking related ones in Germany. ECUTek boss Dave Power has had his GT-R towed after parking across the white line outside Nurburgring while attending the Nurburgring 24 Hours race.

According the Dave the towie could not have been nicer about the offence and was extremely sorry but had to do his job. At least they took care of it in the process.

Source: Piston Heads via GT-R Register Forums

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Option and RevSpeed Mags July 2008

May 28, 2008 Comments off

It’s that time of the month again. Option magazine July 2008 issue is out with an R35 GT-R tuning update from Japan. RevSpeed July is also offering an R35 GT-R special focussing on MCR‘s red time attack GT-R.

Pick both of these up for cheap from today!

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COBB Tuning: Update Post Modified Mag Shootout

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After the Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout on the weekend COBB tuning have been the focus of quite a bit of attention around the various internet forums and blogs with people wanting to know the details. Justin from COBB has come out and confessed to some (not all) of the details about what they ran on the day and what they’ve been up to lately.

The rundown on the modifications to the car that it ran at the shootout are:

  • COBB test pipes (decat pipes as predicted)
  • COBB cat back exhaust
  • COBB coilover sleeves
  • COBB ECU reflash including speed limit cut
  • Sparco Pro 2000 CF seats w/ Bride rails
  • Takata Harnesses
  • Volk Progressive ME’s in 19×9.5J front and 19×10.5J rear)
  • Toyo R888 tires (295/30/19 front and 305/30/19 rear)

The drag race at the event was run with the standard wheels and tires and the 11.39 ET than ran was at 125mph. This is a good indication that the ET should have been closer to 11.0 given a better surface.

Check out the COBB Tuning forums for the full rundown.

Link: COBB Tuning forums

Source: COBB Forums

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Edmunds: 2008 Ultimate Performance Car Test: 2009 GT-R vs. the World

May 27, 2008 Comments off

Edmunds have again got their hands on an new US Spec Nissan GT-R to put to the test. This time against some of its rivals on the track and on the street as they close off some of California’s best mountain roads to even out any advantage any car may have at the track.

The cars tested against the GT-R were the Audi R8, Mitsubishi EVO X MR, Porsche 911 Carrera, Lotus Elise SC and the Subaru WRX STi. While some may be re-reading that sentence to find where they missed the Corvette or Viper it seems Chevy and Dodge would not come to the party… Why try when you’re only gonna get beat down?

Anyways stop reading now if you don’t want to know who wins without reading the whole article. The GT-R of course conquers all competitors coming first in both the track test and the street test.

While the results are one thing, don’t forget to checkout the video below. One part in particular when an R8 find out what happens when it tries to hang with the GT-R.


Link: Edmunds: 2008 Ultimate Performance Car Test: 2009 GT-R vs. the World

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