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Fabcar Australian GT-R First Run at the Drags

February 21, 2008 Comments off

Fabcar in Perth Australia have taken their GT-R to the drags and produced a scorching time of 11.6 on it’s first run in the West Australian heat. Keep in mind this car still has it’s speed limiter which was holding it back by the end of the quarter mile.

Source: Skylines Australia Forums
Images: sidewayssam @ SAU

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UK Car Magazine: GTR vs 911 Super Car Battle Part 2

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Impressive stuff with the GT-R proving more than a match to the Porsche. UK Car Magazine have lived up to their promised and provided part 2 of their battle between the Porsche and GT-R around Rockingham Circuit.

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Mine’s R35 GT-R Breaks Into the 59’s @ Tsukuba

February 20, 2008 Comments off

Mines’s have solidly broken into the 59’s around Tsukuba by posting a 59.367 with their modified R35 GT-R last Friday (15th). Modifications include full Mine’s Spec III suspension (Sachs dampers, Eibach springs), Mine’s VX ROM ECU, Mine’s Silence-VX Pro Titan II exhaust and upgraded Mine’s brake rotor kit (400mm front rotors). Driving the GT-R was Tetsuya Yamano.

To compare against standard GT-Rs, the best we have seen is 1.01.9 posted by MCR when their car was still standard. Other quick times for modified cars have been a 1.00.2 by Amuse with their modified GT-R.

Source: GT Channel
Link: Mine’s and Amuse Photo Gallery from TAS 2008
Link: Mine’s GT-R at Osaka AutoMesse with current carbon components

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UK Car Magazine: GTR vs 911 Super Car Battle Part 1

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UK Car Magazine with co-operation of first UK GT-R owner Ben Linney have track tested the new R35 GT-R at Rockingham Circuit about 2 hours from London. Pitting it against the Porsche 997 911 Turbo it should be interesting to see the results. Part 1 video is up and shows the 911 running a best of 83.10 seconds around the track.

Source: Car Magazine

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US Cobb Tuning Import R35 GT-R

February 18, 2008 Comments off

US based tuning firm Cobb Tuning, widely known for their efforts tuning Subaru WRXs and Mitsubishi Evo’s as well as their successful AccessPORT system which is resold in Japan by big names like Cusco, have imported their own white base model R35 GT-R.

Plans for the GTR are development of the AccessPORT system for the ECU as well as suspension, exhaust, intake and intercooler upgrades.

Cobb have purchased this GTR to get a head start on tuning and product development and judging by the quality of their previous work we can’t wait to see what they do with the new GTR.

Link: Cobb Tuning Homepage

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Photo Gallery: Garage Saurus Colour Coded R35 GT-R

February 16, 2008 Comments off
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Sunline Racing De-Cat Front Pipes

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Sunline racing are testing some prototype de-cat titanium front pipes for their red R35 GT-R. Expected power with this modification plus their existing rear exhaust section is 520 – 530ps and should be tested this weekend.

According to a translation from Spider Godwin of the UK GTR-Register forums the car is sound more “racy” now with a “dry” note that only titanium can give. If you have ever heard a GT-R with a titanium exhaust you will know that it is one of the most amazing sounds. The exhaust is apparently still within legal decibel limits however it of course would not pass shaken inspection due to the removal of the catalytic converters.

Link: Checkout the rest of Sunline’s exhaust here in our Sunline exhaust photo gallery

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Photo Gallery: Sunline Racing R35 GT-R Titanium Exhaust

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Standard Exhaust:

Sunline’s Exhaust:

Garage Saurus’s GT-R Looking Good Colour Coded

February 15, 2008 Comments off

Garage Saurus have taken their white GT-R and colour coded the front lip, side skirts and rear lip sections. Results look great, I wasn’t convinced this would look so good but I’m now a convert.

Link: Checkout the photo gallery of Garage Saurus’s R35 GT-R Colour Coded

Link: Garage Saurus’s car before

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Australian R35 GT-R On the Verge of Road Registration?

February 14, 2008 Comments off

Posted over at is a story today on one of the first R35 GT-R’s which landed in Australia a few weeks back. This car was import approved under the low volume import new vehicles regulations and was recently spotted undergoing emissions testing at Ford down in Melbourne. has spoken to the importer and workshop performing the compliance and we are extremely excited at these developments and will be posting more details as soon as all the puzzle pieces fall into place. Suffice to say it is extremely likely an Australian road registered GT-R is in the not-too-distant future.

Images and Source:

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