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Widebody GT-Rs Part II: Abflug

April 7th, 2011

In the last post, we brought you the new widebody aero from Axell Auto.  In this next installment of GT-R Blog’s feature on widebody GT-Rs, we have the second wide aero kit that debuted at TAS 2011.

This second kit comes from Abflug, a Japanese tuner renowned for their creative and revolutionary aero designs.  Their GT-R kit keeps that reputation alive with its large-mouth front bumper, wide blister fenders and R8-style ducting in the rear bumper.

The “kit” is currently being sold piece-by-piece, with FRP and carbon variations, depending on the part.  Also available is a new high-mount rear wing that replaces the OEM wing, but retains the side base mounts.

For more photos of the car and information regarding all the individual pieces, please visit Abflug’s website.

Link: Abflug Website


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PowerCraft Hybrid Exhaust Version II for Nissan GT-R

March 16th, 2010

Not content to let the matter rest after their first foray into the Nissan GT-R exhaust market, PowerCraft have revised their Hybrid Catback Exhaust system to this bigger and better version.

Using a setup of user controlled valves, the exhaust can operate in tame daily driver mode when you need it to be. At a flick of the switch though you can instantly be as obnoxious as your right foot wants.

The system includes a 90mm straight pipe main section into the rear muffler set up. The exhaust then branches into 70mm piping to feed 4x 115mm titanium outlets. This is a 10mm increase over the previous version which seemed quite restrictive in comparison.

Price is 388,500 yen inc tax in Japan.

Link: Power Craft Japan


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PowerCraft Exhaust Parts for the Nissan GT-R

September 17th, 2009


It takes a lot to stand out from the crowded Nissan GT-R exhaust market these days with a new system release just about every week. PowerCraft have something a little different here though which makes it more newsworthy. Their Hybrid Exhaust System is designed to unleash the engine note when you want it but keep it quiet when you dont. The electronically activated valve system can be engaged to bypass the main muffler.

Manufactured in SUS304 stainless steel it features a 80mm main pipe diameter feeding 60.5mm tail sections with 115mm titanium outlets. The price from the cat back system is 393,750 yen or thereabouts.

Powercraft also have released high flow cat converter mid-pipes (189,000 yen), straight de-cat mid-pipes (86,100 yen) and primary de-cat turbine outlet pipes (99,750 yen). Each is also manufactured in SUS304 stainless steel.

The PowerCraft exhaust systems should be available from any stockist of Abflug parts.


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Abflug Complete Controversial Front Bumper for Nissan GT-R

September 5th, 2009


Since the concept debuted at Tokyo AutoSalon 2008 I’ve been up and down on Abflug’s aero parts for the Nissan GT-R. I should say down, then up really though because I hated them at first. You really need only take a look at our post from January to quickly see why.

I don’t hold grudges though and Abflug made a pretty huge 180 degree flip when they actually brought parts to market by June 2009. The parts were simple and clean with nothing too obnoxious about them. We ended that story with “A full front bumper is planned for early 2010.” and left it at that.

Well the front bumper was finished early so we can get our first look at it. To start with, it’s miles better than the concept from January. That’s great. Is it good though? Would you buy it? I guess that is a very personal decision for people but I don’t see a huge number of people falling in love with this design.

Opinions? Let us know in the comments…

Link: Abflug Website
Images: Abflug and Option Magazine


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Abflug Complete Aero Kit for Nissan GT-R

June 18th, 2009


While I had my doubts after seeing the Abflug concept at Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 that this would ever come together, the styling masters at Abflug have done it.

They’ve built some unique pieces here. The front lip is my favorite part and the subtle sideskirts work in the car’s favor. The riskiest part – the rear diffuser and underspoiler ALMOST works but seems ultimately spoiled by the mesh sides and corners.

The full aero kit consists of the front lip spoiler, sideskirts, rear diffuser / underspoiler and rear wing. A full front bumper is planned for earl 2010.

Thanks to advan for the tip.

Link: Abflug Website


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TAS2009: Abflug Nissan GT-R Aero Kit Prototype Debut

January 9th, 2009

Abflug made their prototype of their new R35 GT-R aero package public today at the beginning of Tokyo AutoSalon 2009. The Abflug kit consists of a aero front bumper, side skirts, rear underspoiler, rear diffuser and carbon fibre rear wing element.

Considering the last minute nature of the kit it’s understandable it’s not in a finished state yet and looks to be more of a mock up than a prototype. Nonetheless it certainly is a unique aero kit.

Other points to note with the Abflug GT-R are the 20″ Neez EI8HT wheels with GT-R center caps.

Whether Abflug will continue to refine and eventually produce this kit for sale is not known.


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Tokyo AutoSalon 2009: Abflug to Debut Nissan GT-R Aero

January 4th, 2009

Abflug have flow under the radar until this month as they develop their new aero kit in secret. We have some really bad shots from Option magazine of the kit in development but we’d rather hold the rest of them back until Friday when we can see the finished product.

From what we can tell it will be one of the more mild kits Abflug have created in their time. Part of being on a very tight schedule I’d say.

Abflug will debut the Nissan GT-R body kit with their new Toyota MR-S kit at their booth at Tokyo AutoSalon starting this Friday.

Link: Abflug Home Page


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