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Garage Saurus Mid Pipes Released

October 18th, 2008

Completing the Garage Saurus full exhaust system is the new mid pipe range released this week.

These mid pipes are available in several flavours but all delete the secondary catalytic converters. The range includes:

  • 35R Power-EX No.2 Pipe-76S: A stainless steel mid pipe. Available with th an optional center muffler. Pipe diameter is 76.3mm x 2 into a single 80mm pipe. Retail price is 108,000 yen with no muffler.
  • 35R Power-EX No.2 Pipe-76T: Full titanium version of the mid pipes available with a optional center muffler. Retail price is 138,000 yen excluding the recommended center muffler.

As with other Garage Saurus exhaust parts these are all hand built and hand tig welded to a high standard.

Link: Garage Saurus Home Page

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Garage Saurus Dump Pipes Released

October 15th, 2008

Following up the release from earlier of Garage Saurus’ new center exit exhaust, they have now put their dump pipes on sale as of this week.

These front pipes are 76mm in diameter, fully hand tig welded and manufactured from stainless steel. These dump pipes delete the primary catalytic converters which are normally positioned directly after the turbochargers.

Officially named the 35R Power-EX EX-Fr Pipe it’s priced at 128,000 yen.

Link: Garage Saurus Home Page

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Garage Saurus Center Exit Exhaust Released

October 13th, 2008

Garage Saurus’s famous center exit exhaust was a bit of a question mark during it’s development but upon completion my opinion of it quickly changed. Now the exhaust is completed, Garage Saurus are putting it into production now and making it available to customers. Made in stainless steel the exhaust is officially named the 35R Power-EX Type Center.

The exhaust is priced at a reasonable 168,000 yen and optionally for a little more Garage Saurus will supply mesh to replace the gaping holes in your rear bumper left by removing the original exhaust. These could ideally be then filled down the track with diff and transmission coolers.

For those with a taste for the more exotic a titanium version is currently in development.

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Garage Saurus Working on Fuel System Upgrade

October 4th, 2008

What better way to spend the weekend then ripping out the fuel system of your GT-R. Garage Saurus have begun the groundwork for a fuel system upgrade by pulling out the stock injectors to see what can be done. They’re making over 600hp in their GT-R now and to move ahead much further fuel supply is going to be an issue very soon.

The Nissan GT-R looks to have Denso 600cc injectors from the factory. Currently they’re hunting down options for upgrades. We’ll keep you posted on this one.

Link: Garage Saurus Home Page

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Garage Saurus Trans Cooler Adapter Priced

September 26th, 2008

Garage Saurus are now taking pre-orders/enquiries for the Nissan GT-R DSG (GR6) transmission cooler adapter plate.

Tentatively priced around the 32,000 yen mark it includes the adaptor plate and Earls fittings. The cooler and lines are not supplied but should be simple to source anywhere.

Place your order through any of the standard channels for this kind of thing., and could all work with Japan on sourcing this for you.

Source: Garage Saurus

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Garage Saurus Drag Video – 11.2 @ 127mph

September 25th, 2008

Video from Tuesday’s drag racing outing from Garage Saurus. Nice work guys. 11.2 @ 127 mph.

Second video below is of an 11.3 pass.


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Garage Saurus Results – 11.28 sec 1/4 Mile

September 23rd, 2008

As we mentioned the other day, Garage Saurus had completed a bunch of modifications to their GT-R and we’re extremely pleased with the power output and the way it was running. They jokingly call this, the Saurus GT605 kit named after the HKS GT570 kit.

So today they put it to the test down the drag strip and managed a 11.28 second ET. Well done guys.

Link: Garage Saurus Home Page


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Garage Saurus Update

September 15th, 2008

A few updates on how Garage Saurus are going with the tuning of their R35 GT-R. Yesterday we posted that they had completed development of their new GR6 DSG GT-R transmission cooler. This was actually the last of a line of mods completed recently including:

Today the car is back together and running, by Wednesday they plan on putting the car through it’s paces. Apparently the exhaust sounds amazing and a video is on it’s way for those who can’t be in Japan to see it. More updates on that later in the week.

You can just see the new transmission cooler through the grille at the rear above.

Click through the jump for more photos of the latest part additions.

Link: Garage Saurus Home Page

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Garage Saurus Complete Transmission Oil Cooler

September 14th, 2008

Garage Saurus have completed the prototype of their new Nissan GT-R transmission oil cooler which we first posted about last week. A short development time frame for such an important part will hopefully now be followed up with a lot of testing.

As you can see Garage Saurus have found a good use for the empty space left when they moved their exhaust to the center outlet type. The transmission cooler is mounted where the old exhaust tips went.

The transmission cooler uses stainless braided lines and Earls quality fittings. The standard transmission oil cooler is removed and a custom billet aluminium adapter plate is bolted on in it’s place.

Link: Garage Saurus Home Page

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Garage Saurus GT-R Transmission Cooler Development Begins

September 10th, 2008

Unhappy with transmissions temps over 135° C when driving the GT-R on the track, Garage Saurus have set about development of a prototype Nissan GT-R transmission cooler. The GT-R transmission is fitted with a rather diminutive cooler from the factory standard. Garage Saurus plan to replace this with lines to a larger cooler. As yet the size, mounting location and design of which is still up in the air.

What is done so far is design and fabrication of the first GT-R transmission oil cooler adapter plate from billet aluminium. This will eventually connect to a cooler using quality Earls fittings.

Quite a few GT-R owners have already expressed concern over various oil temps at the track so I’m sure many of us will be following the development of this.

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