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STILLEN to Tackle the Spectre 341 Challenge Hillclimb

June 23rd, 2010

Steve Millen and Team STILLEN are gunning for a record this weekend. A record that has stood since 2002 for the Highway 341 hillclimb challenge in Virginia City, Nevada. This normally public road will be shutdown so competitors can stretch their legs up it’s 22 turns, 5.2 miles and over 1,200 feet of elevation. The current record belongs to Amir Rosenbaum in his Ferrari F40 and is 3m10s, but Steve wants to smash that and break the 3minute mark with the help of his tarmac rally prepped Nissan GT-R.

The car has been tweaked a little since racing last and now sports the gamut of GReddy intake and cooling products including hard pipe kits and intercoolers. They’re also planning on running more boost for a bit more top end horsepower.

Good luck guys and we look forward to seeing you kicking some prancing horsetail this weekend…

Link: STILLEN Blog
Link: Spectre 341 Challenge Website

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STILLEN Targa Newfoundland In Car Footage Now Online

October 4th, 2009

Just got the heads up from STILLEN on these being posted to Youtube. Some really great videos from the action at Targa Newfoundland 2009. The guys finished first in the Modern Class in the rally which has some suprisingly large number of suburban stages. In the wet they seem pretty hairy.

Great driving from Steve in these, check the rest out after the jump below…

Link: STILLEN Website

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STILLEN Targa Newfoundland: Winners of Targa Newfoundland Modern Division 2009

September 19th, 2009


Legs 3, 4 and 5 have wrapped up and after 2,200 km of targa the team STILLEN Nissan GT-R driven by Steve Millen and Mike Monticello has finished first in the modern class for 2009. The team incurred just 1:20 of penalties through the course of the five days of racing which placed them sixth in the overall standings.

The car itself seems to have held up extremely well suffering really only a tiny CV boot failure which was patched and then finally replaced for day 4. Considering the rules requiring a maximum average speed of 135km/h over each leg, maybe it was even too fast as the guys had to consider backing off for stages.

Congratulations to team STILLEN and big thanks to the guys manning the STILLEN blog and taking photos / video for Road & Track for keeping us in the loop through the rally.

Link: Targa Newfoundland Results
Link: STILLEN Blog
Link: Road & Track STILLEN Site



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STILLEN Targa Newfoundland: Still Leading Modern Division After Leg 2

September 16th, 2009


No major problems to report as the team STILLEN GT-R held up great through the 7 stages of Leg 2 in the 2009 Targa Newfoundland. The schedule called for 8 stages originally but one was canceled. The CV boot repair is still holding up to punishment and has not leaked.

Steve has managed to pilot every stage without penalty except for the last of the day where they actually caught up to the competitor in front. The inability to pass caused them to be held up and incur a 6 second penalty for the stage.

The overall results for day 2 leave STILLEN in fourth position but first in the Modern Division.

Head on over to the STILLEN blog and the Road & Track STILLEN microsite for more images and videos of the days racing.

Images: Formulaphoto and Marc Urbano (R&T)
Link: STILLEN Blog
Link: Road & Track STILLEN Site


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STILLEN Targa Newfoundland: Competitive Day 1 of Racing – Photos and Wrapup

September 15th, 2009


A fairly ordinary weather outlook greeted team STILLEN this morning for the kickoff of competitive racing for Targa Newfoundland 2009. Fortunately it didn’t manage to dampen their spirits too much and they laid into the first 8 stages of day 1 of 5 total days of racing.

Today they scored zero penalties for each stage, meaning they finished each inside the goal time and consequently, are in equal first position with three other top teams. That is, amongst two Subaru STis and a Porsche GT3RS in the Modern division.

It was not all rainbows however as the team spotted a micro hole in one of the CV boots that could cause a lubrication failure. When changing out the CV boot they found the part they received was the wrong type. They plugged the hole and the boot has so far been ok the entire day so fingers crossed they either receive the right boot and change it out or it holds together in a plugged state. No doubt they’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

Thanks to Kyle Millen for keeping us up to date, follow the STILLEN twitter to get more regular updates and head over to the STILLEN blog for a more detailed update including more photos and video from the Road & Track team…

Link: STILLEN Blog
Twitter: Follow STILLEN
Link: Road & Track Magazine
Link: Targa Newfoundland – Day 1 Results

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STILLEN Targa Newfoundland Coverage: Tech Inspection Day

September 13th, 2009


Well can you believe it’s mid-September already? I can’t but it is so that must mean team STILLEN are in Newfoundland prepping for Targa. The car spent today on the lifts / hoists having it’s suspension worked on. Steve was not happy with the ride height and softness settings on their GT-R’s Penske/STILLEN suspension so they’ve adjusted the height and stiffness and put the car back together for tech inspection.

Head over to STILLEN’s blog to check the video and other info from Kyle Millen who’ll be live-blogging from Newfoundland throughout the race.

Sunday’s leg is the Prologue so we shall see how the GT-R fares!

Update from Targa Newfoundland – Prologue leg: The car went well today and the team is satisfied with the pace, reaching 196km/h at one point. The prologue event does not count towards the Targa itself so Steve did not push it to the limit today.

Competitive racing begins tomorrow so stay tuned for Leg 1 of racing updates soon…

Link: STILLEN Blog: Targa Newfoundland: Saturday Day 1

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STILLEN: Final Specs and Targa Teaser Video for Targa Newfoundland GT-R

August 29th, 2009


Zero to Sixty in 2.9 seconds with cornering and stopping performance to match sound like fun? Well thrashing the STILLEN GT-R targa car around Targa Newfoundland is going to be one hell of an experience.

The car is now completed including pre-race testing and tuning and is shipped out. Now it’s fully cooked the guys at STILLEN have photographed it and put a teaser video together.

Getting so close now, hit up the STILLEN blog for more details and pics…

Link: STILLEN Blog

  • Horsepower: ~620 @ 15psi (91 Octane Pump Gas)
  • 0-60mph: 2.9 seconds **
  • 1/4 Mile: 11.0 seconds at 127.9mph **
  • 0-130mph: 11.4 seconds **
  • Lateral Grip: 1.1G+ **
    ** (as tested by Road & Track)


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STILLEN and AP Racing: More Carbon-Ceramic Brake Details for Nissan GT-R

August 22nd, 2009


As the Targa Newfoundland rapidly approaches, STILLEN are wrapping up their own first tests of the AP Racing Carbon Ceramic Matrix (CCM) brake kit for the R35 GT-R. While STILLEN FedEx their car across country for the race they also posted a bit more on their website regarding the upcoming product release.

The STILLEN-AP Racing CCM brake upgrade kit will consist of the following:

  • Front & Rear CCM brake disc/hat assemblies
  • Front & Rear CCM-specific street & light track use brake pads
  • Caliper spacers
  • Active brake cooling package

There’s also a couple of new photos of the brakes, closeup and fitted to the STILLEN Targa GT-R (below). While there’s no pricing just yet, you can give STILLEN a call to reserve your place in line to find out as soon as it’s set. For now, check out the STILLEN site for updates regularly.

Link: STILLEN-AP Racing Carbon-Ceramic Matrix (CCM) Brake Kit



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Road & Track: STILLEN GT-R Vids With AP Racing Carbon Brakes

July 31st, 2009


Picked this up off STILLEN’s twitter feed today. Road & Track have published a few new videos on their STILLEN GT-R video minisite of the car’s prep for the Targa Newfoundland. Some of these showing the fitting up of the new AP Racing Carbon Ceramic brakes for the GT-R as well as the bed-in procedure.

The car looks amazing and can’t wait to see more details on the carbon brakes.

Link: R&T: STILLEN GT-R Videos

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STILLEN Targa Newfoundland GT-R Setup and Testing

July 20th, 2009

Preview video of the Steve Millen’s Targa Newfoundland race car Nissan GT-R in trademark orange with Password:JDM dry carbon aplenty. Sounds and goes very nicely it seems… Hit the HD button!

Don’t forget to check out the Road & Track video website devoted to this car, it’s recently had an update regarding the paint and carbon parts. Hit it up at this link.

Update: Snagged a few pics off the STILLEN blog of the car at a recent meetup.

Link: STILLEN Website
Videos: R&T: STILLEN Targa Newfoundland GT-R Prep Videos


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