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2012 Nissan GT-R Posts Amazing 0 – 62 Mph Time

November 16th, 2010

A few days ago we saw a teaser video of Nissan testing the new GT-R out at Sendai Highland racetrack in Japan. Nissan was in attendance in full force including Chief Engineer for the GT-R project Kazutoshi Mizuno-san.

The testing was focussed on one thing, off-the-line acceleration of the new DBA-R35 GT-R and determining what will be the official 0 – 100km/h (0 – 62 mph) time.

Above is the finally posted results video and with a track temp of just 13 degrees C (55.4 degrees F) and utilising the upgraded and tweaked new launch control featured on the DBA-R35, the GT-R reeled off a 3.046s run to 62 mph as measured by a V-Box measuring device.

To put that in perspective it is quicker than not only the new Porsch 911.2 Turbo it’s quicker than what Porsche rates their own 911 Turbo S special edition.

Not content with a three second flat 0-62mph, during analysis of the run afterwards, Mizuno mentions that with a warmer track temp and hence, warmer, stickier tyre contact, the new GT-R could very well dip into the 2.9’s.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Nissan GT-R EGOIST is Here – Official Launch Day With Photos

October 18th, 2010

Some scoffed when we broke the news that Nissan’s luxury pinnacle model of the Nissan GT-R would bear the moniker “EGOIST”. There it is though stuck firmly on the trunk of what was called the GT-R Spec-M through it’s development lifecycle.

It’s a nice looking badge ain’t it? Take a closer look at the one on the inside now because each EGOIST steering wheel GT-R emblem is hand crafted Maki-e by Wajimi lacquerware artist Mr. Sakae Kubota in Japan. This basically means it’s hand made lacquerware sprinkled with silver dust to bring out that silver coloring. The look of the badge will change as it ages which I’m told is one of it’s desirable qualities.

The same principals that are shown with the small details like that are applied throughout the car and are described by Nissan as follows:

EGOIST is the first and only Nissan GT-R in the world exclusively created by Takumi, or “master with greatest skills.” Each customer can choose a combination of interior colors among 20 choices. In addition, the Bose® sound system is exclusively tuned according to the driving position of each driver to meet every customer’s needs. This is the ultimate expression of the Nissan GT-R.

So artisanship and making the car your own are the big themes here. Mentioned is the color choices available, up to 20 different combinations in fact made up of 10 lower area colors (seats, passenger dash, doors, center console and so on) and 4 upper colors (roof lining, steering wheel, upper dash, carpet). You can see one such combination in the Nissan press photos of a Muelheim Brown lower and Muelheim Brown upper interior finished with brown stitching. The EGOIST’s leather is not only colorful but it’s hand selected and sewn by Seton Company in Germany by master craftsmen.

Other colors combinations EGOIST owners will have to choose from are:

In terms of performance changes, the EGOIST doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table. Yes there are some crossover components taken directly from the SpecV including:

  • 20″ Rays forged aluminium wheels in a new Blue Sword Chrome color
  • Titanium Exhaust system with those classic dual tips
  • Carbon Fibre rear spoiler manufactured by Challenge

Apart from these however there’s very little to differentiate it from the Pure Edition GT-R, no carbon brakes, no mention of the SpecV turbochargers, fancy suspension, or even the special high-gear boost mode available on the SpecV.

There is a really special BOSE sound system to enjoy your favorite tracks on featuring carbon composite woofers and custom tweaking for every owner. If I had one though I can’t help but think I would enjoy the titanium exhaust note a whole lot more than a set of BOSE speakers.

Where the Nissan GT-R EGOIST is priced at launch, which is fair and square in SpecV territory of 15,000,300 yen, I can’t help think that they might have spent a little too much time improving on things that really weren’t broken to begin with and too little on making the EGOIST as special as it needed to be to command the premium.

It’s really a compliment to Nissan in that they’ve done such an amazing job on the basic Pure Edition at not much under half the EGOIST’s pricetag.

I’ll reserve final judgment until I see it in the flesh but since it won’t launch outside Japan for quite some time I think I might be waiting a while.

Images: Nissan Japan

Update: Nissan GT-R EGOIST concept and construction video added.


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Paris 2010: Nissan GT-R Spec-M / Egoist First Video

September 30th, 2010

As predicted by many, the brand new 2012 GT-R has most certainly turned up at the 2010 Paris Motorshow which starts October 2nd. Debuting in Paris is also evidently the luxury Nissan GT-R Egoist (aka SpecM). One lucky member of was able to get in early and scope it out in advance.

The GT-R in the video is fully decked out in R-Red leather interior, Rays SpecV wheels and SpecV carbon rear spoiler. Also visible in the engine bay is that new red engine cover. Absent though is any badge of any kind denoting the official model though it’s expected to keep it’s SpecM name in Europe.

We’ve run a post with a full list of SpecM / Egoist interior color options, head here to check it out…

Source: / Youtube


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2012 Nissan GT-R: NAGTROC Scoop First Unmasked Real World 2012 GT-R Photos

September 28th, 2010

Well while we were able to bring you the first unmasked prettied up brochure pics of the 2012 GT-R, we’ve been beaten to the punch of the first real world unmasked photos of the next GT-R. Especially important are the photos of the new Aurora Flare Blue Pearl color seen above and on NAGTROC.

NAGTROC also scooped photos of black, white and Dark Metal Grey GT-R’s out and about at the Nurburgring on a miserable looking afternoon. Toshio Suzuki evidently at the wheel.

Nissan have fully uncovered the car now including it’s LED running lights, hopefully the publication of our earlier photos had something to do with that…

Thanks to Matt MC for the heads up.

More pics at the link below…

Source/Link: NAGTROC Full Photo Gallery


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Breaking News: 2012 GT-R Leaks, More Confirmed Info on Upcoming GT-R

August 23rd, 2010

The 2012 GT-R (2011 JDM) is in the final stages of pre-launch preparation and we’ve received tips from sources close to Nissan regarding the final look of the new GT-R. Above you can see many of the GT-Rs new cosmetic external updates that we’ve already noticed while pouring over spy shots from Nurburgring. It’s finally confirmed though that the new GT-R will feature LED driving lights/daytime running lights integrated into the front fascia. Yes these are not photoshops.

Along with the driving lights you can see the shape of the canards themselves is different to previous model years this change plus other changes from a reworking and restyling of the front bumper have improved the GT-R’s already stunning aerodynamic performance. By the numbers, the GT-R’s coefficient of drag (Cd) drops from 0.272 to 0.268. Combine that with a rear downforce improvement of 10% thanks to a redesigned rear diffuser and the GT-R continues to redefine what is possible for today’s supercar.

Most noticible on the photos though is the new blue. The official (tentative still) name for the blue is Aurora Flare Blue Pearl (color code RAY) but what you can’t tell from this photo is that the GT-R gets a new black too. The updated black is officially (but again, tentatively) called Nebula Opal Black (color code GAG). These two colors represent the only body color changes for the 2012 GT-R base and premium models.

Speaking of base and premium models, earlier speculation that the base model goes away was partly true, the base model GT-R is now named the Pure Edition, but the features remain the same. To go with the changes comes a small increase in pricing. Starting with the Pure edition which is hit with a 80,000 yen bump to 8,694,000 yen. The Premium edition receives a larger bump of 210,000 yen to 9,450,000 yen in Japan.

Let’s try not to get too distracted by those minor negatives though because there’s a wealth of positives going on here. Take the new wheels for example, each new Rays forged aluminium wheel cuts 3 kg (6.6lbs) off the GT-R’s unsprung weight – a total of 12 kg (26.4 lbs) around the car. So they’re lighter but they also manage to be stiffer too to improve steering response and feedback. Lastly, the wheels are available in two colors starting next year, an attractive 3 layer ultra deep paint process known as Hyper Blue Black and a Hyper Titanium color (which looks bronze to me).

On the inside GT-R owners will get treated to a couple of updates too as well as some engine bay goodness. For more information on that stay tuned for part II of the GT-R Blog 2012 Nissan R35 GT-R info dump!


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Nissan GT-R Club Track Edition Debut, Photos and Specs from GTR-World

August 1st, 2010

Well Nissan weren’t messing around when they committed to having a cup car launched this summer. Here, in all her glory is the 2011 Nissan GT-R Club Track Edition – a joint venture between Nissan, NISMO, Nova Engineering and Nordring in Japan. This special edition GT-R will be available to a special owners / racing club setup in Japan known as The Prestige Club of GT-R. Launching at a inc-tax price of 10,479,000 yen, the Club Track Edition will also require a membership to the aforementioned club, which also comes with its own entrance fee. 2 million yen gets you entry, a assigned car number, two official track meets per year and entry into the annual get-together. The annual renewal fee for your membership is 1 million yen. If you’re still keen after hearing the price tag, you better get in soon because memberships are open now and the closing date is September 20th.

If you’re still reading after all that you’re probably more interested in the specs of the car than the membership fees so let’s see what you get for your 10.5 million yen. Firstly, Nismo are quick to point out, this is NOT a street car normally and while a dual function street/track Club Track Edition is not completely out of the question, they’d prefer you kept this car strictly for track to avoid having to switch out the specific race components.

Five colour options are available when ordering, Brilliant White, Black Pearl, Vibrant Red, Dark Metal Grey and Blue Pearl yep I guess this confirms Nissan WILL be offering a blue on the 2012 Nissan GT-R.

The car comes standard with a 4 point roll cage but an optional 6 point roll cage is available and bumps the price up to 11,130,000 yen.

In terms of upgrades over the standard GT-R, here’s a high level run down…

Safety Equipment Automatic fire suppression system
Bonnet Pins (Hood and Trunk)
Tow Hooks
Suspension 2 Way adjustable Bilstein dampers
Upgraded front upper links
Brakes Brake Air Guides
Management Custom ECM Upgrades
Custom TCM Upgrades
Custom ABS / VCD Upgrades
Electronics NISMO MFD Lap Sensor Kit
NISMO MFD Data Logging Kit
Cooling Front Differential Cooler w/NACA Duct
NISMO Rear Differential Cooler
Exterior Front Lip Spoiler
Front Under Cover
Wheels Front: Rays Forged Aluminum 20×9.5J + 45
Rear: Rays Forged Aluminum 20×10.5J + 25
Tyres Front: Dunlop Direzza Long Life Slick 260/710R20
Rear: Dunlop Direzza Long Life Slick 290/710R20
Engine Power Over 500ps power (over 493 hp)
Over 588 Nm torque (over 434 lb/ft)

So there you have it, as well as being interesting by itself, this Club Track Edition also gives us an interesting look at the 2012 GT-R aero upgrades, so check out the photos in the gallery below…

Source: (Japanese)


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Nissan Japan Announce Seperate Sales of GR6 Transmission Parts

July 30th, 2010

Nissan Japan have recently announced updates to the GT-R Owners Loyalty Plan including a revised certified used GT-R program and a special GT-R “Fresh-Up Kit” for those certified used cars. The “Fresh-Up Kit” takes care of a number of items that used GT-R owners might look at being in prime condition when they take over ownership of their pre-loved GT-R like new shocks, springs, engine mounts, transmissions mounts and brake lines.

What might really make used GT-R owners feel more comfortable though is the announcement that Nissan will begin to offer replacement parts for the GT-R’s Borgwarner GR6 Dual Clutch Transmission. At this time, parts will only be offered for sale though three specific GT-R specialist service centers; these are Nismo Omori Factory, Nova Engineering and Nordring.

This policy of selling transmission parts means that what previously would have been deemed an entire transmission replacement worthy fault may now be fixed at a much lower price by Nissan authorized repair centres.

What Nissan’s plans are to take this philosophy overseas into Europe and North America are yet to be seen but we’d love for Nissan to let us know…

Source: Nissan Japan
Images: Nissan and BorgWarner


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2012 Nissan GT-R Spied With Updated Wheel Design

June 29th, 2010

Edmunds has scooped a few new photos of the 2012 GT-R at Nurburgring again today. This time shes wearing even less camouflage than before so we can start to properly appreciate the new curves up front.

What’s most surprising and what they failed to comment on was the completely new wheel design. It’s long been predicted that Nissan will also need to refresh the wheel design to complete a facelift and it looks like they have. Not a huge departure from the original design which is a good thing because the original wheels were great. These are expected to be slightly lighter than the 2009 versions.

Link: Edmunds Straightline Website


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MotorTrend: 2012 Nissan GT-R Unmasked Spied at Nurburgring

June 23rd, 2010

There’s been a lot of the masked / camouflaged GT-R photos on various sites around the net this week. Unfortunately most of them gave us even less of an idea than we already had about what the facelifted 2012 GT-R was going to look like.

MotorTrend has changed that with the publication of some much more juicy photos clearly showing the front double canards and the rear diffuser updates.

It’s certainly a big departure from what I was expecting up front, I was assuming a more subdued front canard look. Nevertheless the rear end look appeals to me a lot.

Lots more photos at the MotorTrend website linked below…

Link/Source: MotorTrend: Nissan GT-R Prototype Spied


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NISMO to Debut Super Taikyu ST-1 Spec GT-R this Month!

June 1st, 2010

NISMO has just announced their intention to field a ST1 specification Nissan GT-R at round 4 of the 2010 Super Taikyu series at Fuji Speedway on the 26th – 27th of June! The drivers will be Masemi Kageyama, Tetsuya Tanaka and Kazuki Hoshino and the car will wear the legendary #23.

This is great news as until now we’ve had barely any official acknowledgment of the ST1 spec car until now except that we had photos of it from Nismo Festival in December 2009.

Update: NISMO have release images of the livery the car will wear. See the image below!

Link: NISMO News Release (Japanese)
Link: Super Taikyu Website

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