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Realdrive Nismo Motul 1/28th Scale RC Car

October 8th, 2008

Introducing the Realdrive Mini Premium 1/28th scale radio controlled GT-R decked out in Nismo Motul GT-R graphics and bright red paint job. This model is based on the production based race car built by Nismo that participated in the Tokachi 24hrs endurance race earlier in the year. This was the car that turned out to be the proving ground for technologies that Nismo took and late turned into the Nismo Club Sport Package.

Now you too can own the legend – in mini form…

Tentatively scheduled for late October release this should come in around the 3,480 yen mark and be available online at all good hobby retailers.



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HPI Racing Nurburgring Test Car Model

October 4th, 2008

Spotted this over at 2009gtr blog and looked around for some more info. This 1/43rd scale resin model from HPI Racing is Super Silver with Nurburgring scale camouflage installed as well as markings. I love the attention to detail here.

The model is due for release for pre-order in mid October and will be available to customers in Japan and around the world shortly after that. Price is around the 15,800 yen mark.

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More GT-R “Alternity Convoy” Transformers Photographs

October 1st, 2008

A Chinese internet forum has dug up a few new photos of the upcoming Nissan GT-R Transformers Alternity Convoy (Alternate Optimus Prime to us) toys due for release in January 2009.

The photos show the Vibrant Red and Ultimate Silver versions of this upcoming model in what looks like an a close to production form. Click the “Read more” link below for the photo gallery.

Source: Transformers News via Autoblog

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GT-R/Nissan Collections Add New Models To Their Lineup

September 18th, 2008

Three new GT-R related products added to the GT-R/Nissan collection lineup this week. For those who aren’t regular readers, the Nissan Collection and the GT-R Collection are Nissan’s merchandise range available from their Japanese online store, Galleries, and some dealerships in Japan.

First up we have a new SuperGT GT500 GT-R with LED light up feature in a special Nismo packaging/display. These are available in #23 XANAVI Nismo type, #22 MOTUL AUTECH type and black Nismo test car type and retail at 1,500 yen. So it’s a cheap way to get into owning a SuperGT model.

Next is this vertical display unit for your GT-R Minicar Collection. Cars sold separately but this does a good job showing them off if you bought a bunch of them. Each slot has a mirror to show the rear end of the car off as well. The stand goes for 13,500 yen.

Lastly is this unique, and huge, 1/8th scale GT-R model (pictured at the top). This is a hand made model, 55cm in length and if you order now the hand crafting process takes about a month. So you can probably guess what the price will be like. At 320,000 yen (about $3000 USD) you’d have to be pretty enthusiastic.

The SuperGT car and the Model Car Showcase are on sale at the online store now but the 1/8th scale model goes on sale mid October.

Click the read more link below for the photo of the model showcase.

Source: Nissan
Link: Nissan Online Store

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Transformers Alternity GT-R Gets Release Date

September 9th, 2008

Quite a few people emailed after our last story on this to ask where to get this one and how and most importantly when! Well now we can at least attempt to answer some of these. The Transformer GT-R has been set for a release date of January 29th 2009.

Priced at 4,725 yen RRP this 1/32 scale GT-R model should be available at that time from regular Japanese model stockists such as Hobby Link Japan.

Source: via

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GT-R Models and RC SuperGT GT-R Memorial Model Set – Pre-Orders Available

September 2nd, 2008

In spring 2008, five years after the last of the R34s raced in Japan, the GT-R once again returned to Japanese touring car racing. At the innagural race of the season, the Suzuka 300km, the Nissan R35 GT-Rs demonstrated overwhelming speed to secure pole position and then go on to win in first and second place.

In commemoration of the debut 1-2 win of the Nissan GT-R in the 2008 SuperGT series, have put together this memorial model set. Featuring the GT500 Nissan GT-Rs of teams XANAVI NISMO and MOTUL AUTECH, modelled by Ebbro in 1/43rd scale and mounted in a clear display case. The display also features the autographed plates of the drivers Satoshi Motoyama, Benoit Treluyer, Michael Krumm and Masataka Yanagida.

Due out at the end of September the model set is limited to 2000 units and is likely to retail around the 15,500 yen mark plus shipping.

Link: Pre-Order online at Zele Online Store

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GT-R Transformer Model Photographed

August 31st, 2008

Looks like the development of the new Nissan GT-R transformers toy is coming along nicely. These photos were taken at the Chara Hobby 2008 show which ran this weekend out at Makuhari Messe (the same venue as Tokyo Auto Salon!) in Chiba, Japan. Looking still very much pre-production I think Tomy Takara intend to put this model into production over the coming months.

Thanks to reader Guy101 for the tip! More photos after the jump.

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Up Close With the Ebbro 1/43rd Scale SuperGT Model

August 25th, 2008

Ebbro have a history of producing great, detailed models of the Japanese GTC SuperGT cars and this GT500 Nissan GT-R is no exception. Something about this level of detail just makes me want to buy them all. Sold complete with base it’d look great on your desk.

This particular one is available now through Hobby Link Japan for 4,500 yen plus shipping to your country. They have stock right now so it’s only a few day wait for EMS shipping.

Link: Buy this now at Hobby Link Japan
Link: R35 GT-R Models @ Hobby Link Japan

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Tobu Tamiya Model Gallery 2008

August 4th, 2008

Tobu Department Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo has been having their Tamiya Model Gallery event over the past week. It didn’t click with me just how cool this is until I saw some of these photos today.

Tamiya put a lot of effort in here sticking a real GT-R inside the department store but further to that they have built a couple of special displays. This first one is a 1/24th scale GT-R manufacturing plant model.

That’s cool but it pretty much has nothing on the 1/24th scale model cutaway GT-R that did the rounds of the motor shows in 2007 to early 2008. Kind of puts my modeling efforts to shame! The Tamiya model gallery ends tomorrow sadly but you might be able to see these models on display at the Tamiya Plamodel Factory in Yokohama soon after. More pics after the jump…

Link: Buy Tamiya GT-R models online at Hobby Link Japan!

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Fujimi 1/24th Scale Nissan GT-R Released

July 24th, 2008

Fujimi’s new R35 GT-R 1/24th scale model joins the ranks of models on offer across Japan this week as hobby shops began receiving their first stocks of the product. Officially released today, 24th of July, the model retails around the 2,900 yen mark.

Looking slightly less perfect than the Tamiya model in these pics but still should prove interesting. Mine has been shipped from Japan also so I will be posting up a big 1/24th scale model roundup soon comparing the quality and finish of the three models from Tamiya, Aoshima and Fujimi.

Check out the rest of the pics after the jump…

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